Joint-Task Force R.E.D [CVnU US Military Division]

Joint-Task Force R.E.D

Swiftness. Bravery -- Victory.
Swiftness. Bravery -- Victory.

A project conceptualized by the United States Secretary of Defense, Julius Jones and STRIKE in the winter of 2015, later endorsed by the President Quentin and top US Military Commanders. Joint Task Force R.E.D (Rapid Engagement Division) is an elite task-force funded by the US Government, spearheaded and run by the US Secretary of State, Julius Jones.

In simplest terms, the Rapid Engagement Division was created and birthed by a need to protect United States citizens both at home and abroad, as well as protecting the world in a larger scale, not relying on private businesses such as Maverick Incorporated. Joint Task Force R.E.D (Rapid Engagement Division) is authorized by the Commander and Chief of the United States at the highest political and legal level to intervene in any national or international conflict the current Secretary of State sees fit, yet are also accountable to the public in certain disclosable situations.

The Rapid Engagement Division hosts a number of different soldiers within it's ranked, most of which come from the US Military under various divisions and other's from international members, such as the United Kingdom, Israel, and other NATO member's which seek to help the world. Although, each soldier has to apply individually and is not accepted via mass recruitment, even if they are from another ally country. Due to the volatile nature of the role, the R.E.D's are unable to accept even a single member which would be unable to complete a special forces selection process. An average member of the team would have spent over three years in any special forces squad in the world, most have come from squads such as the Navy Seals, Delta Force and Force Recon. Other international military allies come from the likes of the Special Air Service, and even the Israeli Sayeret Matkal.

The selection process has a pass rate of a minuscule five percent, additionally, each and every member (all 5000 of them) has been hand picked by the Secretary of Defense himself.

Force strength

  • The force has a revolving membership of precisely five thousand combatants ready to be deployed anywhere within the world at a moment's notice, and are stationed within various NATO bases around the world. The maximum time it would take for the task force to be deployed is twenty minutes. When a member is confirmed as killed in action, another is instantly recruited from a huge waiting list, bolstering the numbers back to five thousand instantly.
  • The Rapid Engagement Division is financed by the United States Government and any member countries which participate. Each soldier within the R.E.D has the latest in combat gear and attire, some say that they are the most resourced division of the US Military (and this has even caused jealously within other ranks of the US Military).
  • They have access to multiple land, sea, and air vehicles which are all state of the art. Next-Generation technology is also within their grasp, having been supplied by various contractors.
The world is under my protect, signed-- Mr Julius Jones
The world is under my protect, signed-- Mr Julius Jones
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