[CVnU encrypted database]

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This unnamed, unofficial database does not technically exist. Using information gathered from various sources (both openly given or simply taken) such as the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, NATO member European Intelligence agencies, and independent intelligence agents, this database, restricted at the highest level and only accessible from a single computer (the whereabouts unknown to even top-US officials) and run by an artificial intelligence rivaling that of the world's best, contains details of some of the most elusive and dangerous individuals within the world. Mr Julius Jones often looks at the files; both for intelligence, and to remind himself that threats exist to this planet that could annihilate us all. Current files on display;

Subject files; Dr Jean Quentin

Subject files; Damian Aurelius "Nobody"

Subject files; The Noir Rose "Valencia Knightfall"

Subject files; Garrison Grail

Subject files; Orion Savage

Just assume Julius Jones has these files for every single character, the information however will vary and if I ever needed to use it IC I will message you OOC first and ask for permission.

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