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Name: Julius Jones

Alias: Secretary of Defense, JJ, The Wall, The Shadow of D.C, The Original Operative, The Equalizer

Alignment: Utilitarianism

Height: 6'0

Age: 44

Species: Human

Birthplace: Unites States of America.

Gender: Male

Occupation: Leader of the The Equalizers, United States of America Secretary of Defense

Julius Jones; The Shadow of D.C

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Julius Jones, known to his foes as the Shadow of D.C. Having held more than one title within the U.S government, the previous Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was renowned internationally for his ability to keep cool in the face of unbridled threat. Mr Jones is a man of elusive trait, regardless of the high-nature of his positions, it had been of absurd complexity for any of this enemies to ever locate or even attack him. Only a single assassination attempt in over thirty years of working in government succeeded; leading to the loss of his left eye. Mr Jones has served the United States of America in multiple intelligence agencies and field operations, having ones been a special operative within the FBI in his younger years and ascended to a top field-role, his skill, valor, and pure stubbornness to abort a mission resulting in a high success rate of ninety four percent, something almost unheard of within the FBI. Julius has been serving his country and the world for over thirty years, in that time, thwarting foes that would have crippled the entire country and even the world if left unchecked. Dubbed as the Shadow of D.C, he is a very hard man to escape from.

A lifetime of intelligence, a lifetime of skill.

Mr Julius Jones is one of the greatest strategic minds in the world, a born leader and a master of espionage. A lifetimes worth of experience in dealing with all manner's of counter-terrorist related activities, meta-human related evils, and generally anyone wishing to wreck harm upon the world. Some have referred to him simply as "The Wall", a man which has stood to protect all, until his last dying breath. He has an astounding array of connections all over the world, this is possibly what makes him the most dangerous. Hiding from Mr Jones is incredibly hard, having asset's all around the world, ready to report back to him at a moment's notice. He knows every trick in the trade, every tool within the proverbial toolbox, and has a will of hardened steel.

The Original Operative: Combat finesse

Special Agent Julius Jones
Special Agent Julius Jones

A soldier of unparalleled degree, Mr Jones originally served within the US Special Forces division known as the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, a division responsible for operating independently behind enemy lines performing unconventional special operations, in support of conventional warfare. This training facilitated and aided Mr Jones into attaining an incredible amount of tactical and strategic skill, undertaking missions that contravene all and every safety regulation within the US Military.

Undertaking a particularly dangerous operation and receiving a Medal of Honor for his work, Mr Jones subsequently joined the FBI as a Special Agent on a temporary secondment, prior to joining full-time as a Special Agent. Within his time in the FBI Mr Jones further honed his skills both physically and mentally, being commended various times for different acts of valor and pure genius within the field.

It only took a minuscule two years of field work for his aptitude in espionage to be noted, working up the ranks to eventually attain the rank of Deputy Director of the FBI -- A rank which, in all honesty, bored Julius. He craved the heart of battle, the thrill of the investigation and the euphoria of catching the enemy; not, as it were, political bureaucracy.

Eventually leaving the FBI and becoming an agent within the Central Intelligence Agency, once again furthering his already revered aptitude for all things espionage, he found himself the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and continued on that position for over fifteen years. Working with or against some of the most influential men and women of the past century, such as Orpheus Ziev and Anthony Stark. However, in the past year, since Gothic City: No Man's Land become official, Julius found it increasingly hard to work for an Administration and Congress that allowed such an atrocity to take place, almost resigning on thirteen separate occasions.

If not for President Stark vanishing without a trace, Mr Julius jones official career serving the United States of America may have come to an abrupt end.

Close Quarter Combat Specialist

Possessing an intimate understanding of CQC, Julius holds a Black Belt Sixth Degree in the United States Military Marine Combat Martial Art's Program, the highest possible accolade one could achieve. The Marine Combat Program draws influences from several disciplines including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Savate, Jujutsu, Judo, Sambo, Krav Maga, Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai, Eskrima, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing. Julius does not hold a mastery of each of these arts individually, however, utilizing his training undertaken within various combat roles and trained in the top-degree of the Marine Art's program, Julius Jones is a formidable opponent, capable of overwhelming even a master martial artist through sheer explosive ferocity and combat experience. The techniques used by MCMAP vary in degrees of lethality, allowing the user to select the most appropriate amount of force. For example, a fighter facing a nonviolent but noncompliant subject can use an unarmed restraint to force compliance with minimal damage and pain. A more aggressive subject could be met with a choke, hold, or a strike. Lethal force can be used on a subject if the situations requires. The majority of techniques can be defensive or offensive in use, with or without a weapon; allowing fighters flexibility in combat. Julius prides himself on his capacity to incapacitate an opponent before the fight has properly begun (for his opponent at least) opting to utilize an explosive start, finishing his enemy swiftly and almost as though he has seen the battle prior to it commencing, previous opponent's document his movements as almost precognitive in response and his blows as superhuman (although he possess no such powers, simply knowing where to hit suffices).

Uniforms and accessories

Standard attire
Standard attire

The Secretary of Defense has two typical uniforms, his standard day-to-day attire which consists of his iconic leather trench coat, dark top, trousers, and trusty eye-patch. All of which are bespoke and perfectly tailored. They are able to conceal his day carry weaponry without giving anyways away, holstering two Smith & Wesson 4506 pistol's under his jacket, a classified high-tech covertly worn bodyarmor capable of stopping most rounds including armor penetration rounds, and a watch with an in-built artificial intelligence (gifted to his by Anthony Stark, despite their differences. Won in a game of chess). The artificial intelligence is unnamed, and only responds to Julius himself, partly due to security features, secondly, barely anyone knows of it's existence. His typical day-to-day jacket is flame and acid retardant, slash and stab resistant and capable of thwarting low-caliber gunshots, clearly not designed to stop an actual assassination attempt, merely small firefights. His belt buckle serves a dual purpose, sophisticated and highly classified radar jamming technology, and simply to keep his trousers up.

Combat attire
Combat attire

Sometimes intelligence gathering and espionage has to be done away from the office, and Julius is not afraid to engage in combat himself, despite being forty four years old and counting.

Utilizing state of the art technology only accessible to the very select few able to persuade the US Government to depart with so much money, it enables Julius to stand toe-to-toe with even the mightiest of meta-human or terrorist threat. Weaved from an almost indistinguishable fabric akin to that of vibranium, his suit is capable of absorbing the kinetic energy of gunfire, punches, stabs, and even slashes. Although compared to true, genuine vibranium, it lacks the necessary parts to truly compare; it deteriorates far faster than vibranium and is not a fault-proof replacement. The suit also acts as a secondary skin or a second set of muscles for the Secretary of Defense, enhancing his natrual strength to that of a super soldier, capable of easily lifting five tons, and running at phenomenal speeds of 60MPH.

The star on his chest, and two shoulders all act as a trio of sensors for the Secretary, monitoring his vital signs and feeding them back to an entire team of sophisticated analysts back at Operations Control, advising him how to self-heal or what medicine to take (of which he carries) where applicable. It means that Mr Jones does not have to think when fighting and injured, his team simply do so for him. The suit is completely insulated and pressurized when required, a face-mask can provide him optimal oxygen for around twenty five minutes when fighting. Operations Control can also heat the suit up, or cool it down, depending on which is required.

His gloves can be electrified to attack opponent's in Close Quarter Combat, and his knuckles are lined with a reactive material which upon a registered amount of pressure (a typical punch) they expel a telekinetic punch, this is strong enough even for a standard, unsuited human to crack concrete. Very useful against those with heightened durability.

Perhaps the most useful part of the suit is it's espionage functions, rendering his footsteps and nearly all other bodily functions are completely silenced and it serves to make him invisible on conventional radar, capable of also projecting false signals.

Team - Operations Command

There ain't nothin' better than a room full of hardened badass' willing to die to save your ass. I call them my team, but truth be told, there're my family.

Julius and Cole
Julius and Cole

Name: Cole

Rank: Special Agent within the CIA.

Height: 5'9

Age: 27

Species: Classified

Birthplace: United States of America

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Unknown however power grid knowledge available;

Agility - 5

Durability - 3

Energy Projection - 3

Fighting Ability - 5

Intelligence - 3

Mental Power - 3

Speed - 3

Stamina - 4

Strength - 4

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