Subscriber Perks: Pros and Cons

Disclosure: As I've not been creative of late but still wanted to get some perspective on this topic, I re-posted an older blog of mine with appropriate updates

First off, let me say that I love being a subscriber as it is a great way to not only support your local comic shop and the titles you love, but also allows you to connect with other comic book geeks/fans. Social perks aside, there are also the discounts you can get if you subscribe to enough titles. Currently, I'm at 15% off which definitely helps financially (helps me to spend more, that is) but I wonder if that amount will/can go up as my "Master List" now contains 38 titles.

Also, because the majority of titles are ones you can't have access to ahead of time,there may come a moment when you will stumble upon one that really clicks with you. In other words, taking a chance with a subscription can certainly pay off if you find a series you like and expand your comic repertoire. In a forum, some members mentioned that their LCS gave them bags and boards for free, or even bagged and boarded their purchases. This is great.

Case in point #1: The Goon, Journey Into Mystery, Uncanny X-Force


On the other hand, what if you take a chance on a title and don't like it? And I just don't mean don't like it, maybe you ''hate'' it. What do you do? Do you cancel it? Surreptitiously slip the book back onto the shelf but quickly grab another title out of guilt (Edit-I've done this twice)? Buy it but rage about it to the online community/friends later?

Case in point #2: Batman: The Dark Knight- I've yet to remove this from my pull but will soon. Even the inclusion of Bane couldn't help this series.

Also, can you unwillingly of course, "go crazy" with subscriptions and end up eating cheap Ramen for a month or two? I haven't reached this point yet, but could (Edit- I've been there a few times this year). The requirements of physical storage also potentially apply to the cons but I'd be particularly interested in hearing about cons (if any) for those who do comics digitally that don't deal with sensory aspects of the reading experience.

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