Retro Review

In the interests of more writing practice, I figured I'd review some older (pre 90's) back issues that I have. As an added bonus I get to re-read some old comics which is generally a treat. I have a list that's a work in progress here that I'll be updating with more back issues as I go through the ones I already have and buy new ones. If you all have a preference for which issue you'd like to be reviewed just let me know and said issue(s) will take priority. I've already done three and will keep going more or less randomly unless you all give me some guiding feedback.

For the time being I'd like to restrict these to books I actually have in stock, but it'd be great if I could hunt down issues you all recommend in the future and do those as well. That's a ways off but is something that would be pretty sweet.

Thanks for reading!

  1. Retro Review 1
  2. Retro Review 2
  3. Retro Review 3

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