Kickstarter Conundrum

Opening remarks:

None this time. You have been spared.

Meat and potatoes:

By now, I'm sure that all of you awesomely rabid (I mean that in the best possible sense) comic readers have heard of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other sites I don't know about, that are used to crowdfund creative projects. My best friend turned me onto Kickstarter in August of last year and my life, financial life in particular, has never been the same since.

Why, you ask? Well, it's mostly because there are so many good looking projects out there I end up backing quite a few of them. Let's not kid ourselves here, I tend to go overboard with them. If you're a subscriber/regular visitor at your lcs, this could pose a potential "conflict of interest." How do you balance keeping up with your pull list and these unknowns? Well, for those of you smarter than me (i.e. everyone), you'd just set aside a small portion of available funds, limit your pledge amount and number of projects you can back, and move along. Not so for this one. I find it hard to withhold support from potentially promising titles, and I do love trying new things. I can't stand people who singularly adhere to a single brand or publisher-they're just missing out on so much other goodness out there. What do you all do? Do you find it easy to turn off the funding urge, can't control it, are independently wealthy so this doesn't apply or has never occurred to you?

Closing remarks:

This doesn't even address other classes of comic readers such as those who mostly buy digital books, wait for trades, etc. Everyone's story/input is welcome. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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