Dealing with significant others who aren't into comics

Dealing with partners who aren’t into comics

Over the past few weeks I’ve been catching up on a small portion of the many comics I missed during my 15 year absence. Scary, I know. My local library has come quite in handy with this as I just check out trades, HCs, Essentials, etc. and have at it. Given that I work at a dormitory that doesn’t have many kids I have a lot of time to read these stories so that’s what I do for most of my shift. Unfortunately, try as I might, I’ve not been able to win my fiancée over. She likes to write rather creepy short stories but can’t get into comics.

This weekend I tried getting her to read Batwoman: Elegy, not only because of the awesome character that Katherine Kane is (traditional alliteration notwithstanding), but also because of the jaw-droppingly gorgeous artwork. Alas, due to her general lack of interest and our wedding planning, she did not. A few months ago when we were collectively less busy, I tried getting her to read Aquaman Vol 7 #6 as I found Mera’s treatment of the groping, scumbag boss to be utterly satisfying but she kept “forgetting.” Perhaps she truly did or maybe it was motivated forgetting. Who knows?

To her credit, whenever I discuss comic things she will both honestly and seriously engage me in conversation, and we do have fairly frequent comic book based discussions. A few days ago I brought up Colossus’ betrayal in UCXM Vol. 1 #304 (remember when getting holographic covers got you really psyched?) for some reason other than the fact that her brother in law is Russian, I think.

The point of all this is to get others’ input as to how they deal or don’t deal with being with a significant other who isn’t into comics the way you are, or at all? This blog was sparked by jloneblackheart's "A Milestone" blog as I've been wondering about this for a while now.