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A joke Movie, Nothing more.... 2

SPOILER HEAVYThis movie started of brilliantly, the comedy and serious was well balanced, at the start. The Mandarin was done AMAZINGLY, He was a real foe. It was going to be amazing...then.. The whole movie became a joke when they totally disgraced the character The Mandarin..In the comics The Mandarin was Iron Mans biggest foe and arch nemesis.. They had a great chance to give that character justice but instead they decide to go through the comedy route and make this whole movie totally hollow...

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Love Harley. 1

For a start...This was an amazing issue, I loved the scene with Harley and Green Arrow talking, I was laughing the entire way, this really made me want to read more Harley now to be honest. She was written so well and for all the crazy she has..she has something about her that is just saddening, youThis wan an amazing issue and showed a lot about Harley and I thought it was very nice. Green arrow even agreed that she named his "cave" better. The talking between them to was just..done so well.A m...

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Joker...superman..Punch! 0

Ekk, where to start? This issue was packed with awesome. The joker telling Batman how this was "easy mode" and he was bored of Batman beating him constantly, so he decides to easily do some damage to superman. Batman was annoyed at this - He had no idea why he would go after somebody like superman. It confused him.You can FEEL the upset and anger in Superman when he is fighting Green lantern, humiliating him by taking the ring and instantly regretting it. This is a must read for DC fans. Easily....

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Young Thor... 0

This gave a very good depth into Young Thor. It showed us him trying to pick up the hammer.SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.It gives us a good insight into This Thor, It does not do much for Future Thor but that can be forgotten as it mainly resides in Past Thor.The Plot was good, maybe not as engaging as Part 1. But it served its purpose. Again, this was good establishment for Young Thor and we see him have a few fight scenes, The Beautiful art helped to capture these. Very ...

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Best Marvel Now yet. 2

This was by far the best Marvel NOW comic in my opinion so far.Spider-man was presented amazingly, he was written superb. You could feel what he was thinking with the narration, it was VERY engaging.The Actual story was hooking, I have not wanted to turn the pages faster with any comic recently, it was amazing.Thor was presented so well in this it was unreal, he was better in this then his Solo comics in my opinion, the interactions between him and Spock proved to be the best. The writer did wel...

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Epic 0

This was a superb issue, we learn about Gorr's motives and how he perceives the gods , We Learn Thor has very strong willpower to not give up while be tortured. The story just made you want to read through it as quick as possible to know the next phase, it was brilliant. The story-line following 3 different Thor's was done perfectly, it cut to a different Thor just at the correct moments, The art was amazing, it is a unique style that in the first issue was a little hard to get used to , but now...

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