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The Time Keepers Technology

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Vortex Manipulator

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The main function of a vortex manipulator is to transport the user through time and space. The exact range of a vortex manipulator is uncertain. One model has allowed the Time Keeper to travel nearly 200,000 years into the future (although in this instance, said manipulator burned out after doing so). It can transport multiple people if necessary, so long as they had some sort of physical contact with it (or the person wearing it). Manipulators can be seen as an extremely precise form of time travel when properly used - although painful, as it is a crude form of teleportation. Multiple time jumps in a row can cause adverse effect to it's user. Transporting three people appears to result in severe discomfort for the users, possibly slightly overloading the manipulator's capabilities. Originally Vortex Manipulators stem from the 53rd Century (Earth Timeline).

In addition to transportation, vortex manipulators have several other functions. These included:

  • Communication between users, including storage of messages, and listening to radio broadcasts.
  • Projection of holograms.
  • Tracking of life signs.
  • Remote control of electronic devices.
  • As a "front door key" to locations.
  • Playing music.
  • Scanning of physical makeup of almost anything down to an atomic level.
  • Scanning and alteration of printed texts.
  • Unlocking combination-locked vaults.
  • Acting as a beacon.
  • Able to reverse time in isolated instances.
  • It has a chameleon feature where it can "blend" in with it's owners current attire.
  • Isomorphic controls could only be operated by one user. Such controls ostensibly worked only after identifying the allowed user through genetics or other uniquely identifying properties, such as their biological morphic field, of which the name "isomorphic" was derived from.

The wrist-strap is DNA coded to it's owner, but can be reset. They are constructed from an unidentified, but extremely durable metal. Easily able to survive the detonation of a bomb which would obliterate the one wearing it, albeit at the cost of the leather wrist-strap housing the vortex manipulator itself.