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Time Keeper Bio [25/02/2021]

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"I am old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one. In the end you just get tired. Tired of the struggle. Tired of losing everyone that matters to you. Tired of watching everything turn to dust. If you live long enough, the only certainty left is that you'll end up alone."

Real name: ... Lost in time...

Aliases: The Watcher, Lonely God, Eternal Knight, Wanderer, the Time Keeper

Height: 6'2

Age: 235,863

Species: Time Keeper

Alignment: Neutral good

Birthplace: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Unknown

The Lonely God is a Time Keeper, and so possesses all the traits inherent to his race. He has two hearts, and internally does not much resemble a human, though his exterior form, to date, always does. His strength and speed are at the peak of metahuman standards, and his durability have been shown to be beyond superhuman. He has an extremely long lifespan that has been implied to theoretically last forever.

He appears to possess increased stamina, and has been shown to withstand extreme external damage, such as electricity and some types of radiation and chemicals, that would kill even the toughest metahuman. He possesses telepathic and psychic abilities that allow for the sharing of memories and some mental communication, particularly with other psychics, as well as having a limited ability to perform mental attacks. He is very immune to many forms of telepathy, including mind control, and is shown to be resistant to physical possession. He has the ability to perceive time, and can tell when he is able to alter the flow of events and when they must be allowed to occur, as well as a limited ability to see the past, present and future. The Eternal Knight, as with most Time Keepers, has the limited ability to see all potential future timelines of what could happen, although he cannot tell what is actually going to happen.

His most prominent ability is that he is incredibly intelligent to a point literally beyond human comprehension and has displayed a facility for science, medicine, and history, among many other areas. He is capable of speaking some five billion languages. He can also read a number of these languages. He is a quick talker and an exceptionally skilled strategist. Although he prefers to outsmart his enemies and disapproves of most weaponry, especially guns, he has shown himself capable of using weapons successfully when the need arises.

Time Keepers aged unlike humans. On the verge of death, be it natural or otherwise, they would regenerate. This would cause a complete physical and often psychological change within the Time Keeper but saved them from demise. Their DNA was interlocked with their own timeline also - one of the many reasons Time Keepers could see into the future.

The Hammer

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A hammer, at first glance.

A magical hammer, at second?

But no. It is far more than a mere instrument of death.

It is many things, a relic of a species long since forgotten, a home, to it's wielder, a weapon of awesome power and potential and the truly extraordinary means to transverse all of time and space. It should not be thought of as a weapon made of a magical metal; rather, a finely crafted piece of otherworldly technology far beyond natural comprehension.

It is the one of the last pieces of ancient Time Keeper technology still in existence - there are few things as mystical in design.

Specific abilities

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The Time Keepers inherent mode of transport is locked within his unique hammer. Due to it's nature, as well as it's precious properties, it is timelocked. This simply means that the hammer acts as a fixed point in all of time - unable to be altered or destroyed by literally anything. As a result, the hammer is truly unbreakable.

Secondly, it's existence only corresponds to a Time Keepers touch. If touched by another being in any way whatsoever it would fix itself in space-time until the isomorphic lock was commanded to be broken by a Time Keeper of true genetic accuracy. It is theoretically impossible to mimic the DNA of a Time Keeper - due to their timelocked DNA.

Furthermore, there is no amount of strength of powers which is capable of breaking it's genetic timelock. All of the energy in the universe could be used to lift the hammer and still fail. Likewise, a being capable of manipulating time or reality would be unable to interfere with it.

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Atmospheric manipulation

A byproduct of a misfortunate teleportation by a Time Keeper lost to the ages; a man who happened to travel to a harsh world and died due to the climate. Since then, all Time Keeper devices were equipped with the ability to terraform worlds in the very unlikely event they would have to protect their important existence.

The Time Keeper in layman terms is capable of altering the weather - specifically, the atmosphere. Using simple thoughts and gestures he can manipulate the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental and planetary) areas. Interestingly enough, storms can also be generated whilst in the vacuum of space due to their unnatural nature.

The atmosphere of Earth is composed of nitrogen (about 78%), oxygen (about 21%), argon (about 0.9%) with carbon dioxide and other gases in trace amounts. The hammer allows it's wielder to manipulate any of these. In addition, more sophisticated effects in combat, such as removing all of the air molecules around an adversary, effectively confining them to an improvised vacuum. Additionally the hammer is capable of manipulating constituent gases such as causing methane to react with oxygen to generate a violent combustion or removing oxygen and choking an unlucky enemy.

Flight (and Time Keeper relative perception)

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With a mere thought, the Time Keeper is able to summon his hammer into a desired location. Lacking the natural ability of flight (without manipulating weather or electromagnetic fields) the Lonely God has a more obvious way of using the hammer, simply, as a flying aid.

Because he can control the speed and movement of the device as easily as one can control the speed and movement of their own hands, he can quite easily reach superluminal speeds without adverse effects or crashing - this is achieved due to two reasons, primarily, the Eternal Knight is capable of perceiving time unlike how a normal human, instead it is all relative to his vision.

There is no faster than the eye when talking about a Time Keeper - how a human eye adjusts focus, a Time Keeper brain adjusts focus relative to whatever is required. It means they could hold a conversation with a speedster one moment and then a sluggish individual the next, without going crazy due to how some speedsters are stuck in constant slow-motion.

A Time Keeper is bred in all ways with Time on their side. From their timelocked DNA to relative perception. Whilst he cannot observe the world in slow motion like a true speedster he would never perceive it as too fast as time bends for him.


Due to it's entangled state with the Time Keeper, regardless of distance or time, it will always seek to return to his preferred palm exactly at seventeen times the speed of sound unless directed otherwise via thought.

The advanced technologies within the hammer allow it to nullify any external forces damaging surrounding areas so if it travelled between two trees, it wouldn't tear them apart because of the shockwave.

However, if there is an obstruction - the hammer will cleave through this obstruction, be it living or otherwise. If it meets an immovable object like itself, it will simply teleport itself through or go intangible. There is no feasible way to prevent it from returning to it's owners palm.

Other abilities - Untamed Power

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There are many methods the Time Keeper is able to travel. He could simply teleport himself by vanishing - this is dangerous due to the fact once you arrive, it may be anywhere.

A safer and more advisable means of transport is within a stasis field. This is a rainbow/white-like structure which totally encapsulates the Time Keeper and allies as he teleports. Say, for instance, he was attempting to transport himself into the sun - if he were with an ally that would die there, they would be safe within the field. If he had simply teleported there without the shielding they would die instantelously.

A third method of traversing time and space is vortex generation. In essence it opens up a window in the metaphysical grid of reality and you can step through. By doing this you can see your intended location before even arriving. The only downside is your arrival would be telegraphed due to a vortex opening on the other side. The portals can also be used offensively and defensively to redirect an attack or throw his hammer through to surprise an opponent.

Barriers: The hammer can conjure force-fields made of an unknown 'energy' of some type.

Translation: The Hammer automatically translates all languages in the universe (two ways) to the Time Keeper and any friends.

Chameleon Ark: Within the first hundredth of a nanosecond of landing in a new timezone the hammers chameleon properties analyse the surrounding area, calculated a twelve-dimensional data map of all objects within a hundred thousand-mile radius and then determines which look would best blend in with the environment. It changes the outfit and look of the hammers barer (if desired) and any companions.

Tracking: It can track someone or act as clairvoyance, and can also be used to dispel any illusions, be it telepathic or otherwise.

---- For other Time Keepers technology, go here! ---

Timeline - Chronological Canon
Timeline - Chronological Canon

- Regenerates = change of IC look due to IC reasons -

Start the Conversation

The Time Keepers Technology

- To be continuously updated -

Vortex Manipulator

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The main function of a vortex manipulator is to transport the user through time and space. The exact range of a vortex manipulator is uncertain. One model has allowed the Time Keeper to travel nearly 200,000 years into the future (although in this instance, said manipulator burned out after doing so). It can transport multiple people if necessary, so long as they had some sort of physical contact with it (or the person wearing it). Manipulators can be seen as an extremely precise form of time travel when properly used - although painful, as it is a crude form of teleportation. Multiple time jumps in a row can cause adverse effect to it's user. Transporting three people appears to result in severe discomfort for the users, possibly slightly overloading the manipulator's capabilities. Originally Vortex Manipulators stem from the 53rd Century (Earth Timeline).

In addition to transportation, vortex manipulators have several other functions. These included:

  • Communication between users, including storage of messages, and listening to radio broadcasts.
  • Projection of holograms.
  • Tracking of life signs.
  • Remote control of electronic devices.
  • As a "front door key" to locations.
  • Playing music.
  • Scanning of physical makeup of almost anything down to an atomic level.
  • Scanning and alteration of printed texts.
  • Unlocking combination-locked vaults.
  • Acting as a beacon.
  • Able to reverse time in isolated instances.
  • It has a chameleon feature where it can "blend" in with it's owners current attire.
  • Isomorphic controls could only be operated by one user. Such controls ostensibly worked only after identifying the allowed user through genetics or other uniquely identifying properties, such as their biological morphic field, of which the name "isomorphic" was derived from.

The wrist-strap is DNA coded to it's owner, but can be reset. They are constructed from an unidentified, but extremely durable metal. Easily able to survive the detonation of a bomb which would obliterate the one wearing it, albeit at the cost of the leather wrist-strap housing the vortex manipulator itself.


Kurt Pendragon biography updated 30/06/2017

Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale...
Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale...

Name: Kurt Pendragon

Alias: The Gothic Knight, Special Agent Pendragon, The Emerald Archer, Verdant Knight, Paragon of Power, Apex Archer, Earth's Mightiest Marksman

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 5'7

Age: 28

Affiliation: N/A

Official occupation: Formerly; CIA 'Special Agent', Gothic City Commissioner, operative working directly for the United States Government

Species: Mutant

Birthplace: Australia

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Forgotten

Kurt Pendragon, biography

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Kurt Pendragon, a man of many faces. To some, seen as the prowling Gothic Knight and to others, a capricious friend, often victim to his once overwhelming emotions and mercurial behaviors. But above all, Kurt Pendragon had tried to be a beacon of light, shining through the darkness of his own life, and others, to help and inspire all. The Emerald Archer in his iconic green suit and illustrious glowing bow is not perfect, falling short of his heroic duties multiple times, and often due to his own selfishness and immoral desires.

His path had taken many different directions, some of which had simply been impossible to account for. From a normal teenager, to becoming a war prisoner and escapee, to rookie archer and hero within Gothic City, to illustrious hero one moment and then it all coming crashing down, having to regain lost footing, learn from mistakes, and somehow, ascertaining greatness again, becoming Commissioner of Gothic City was an unbelievable accomplishment for the Pendragon.

There was a time the world looked up to him, he was a role model, inspiring heroes from around the world; leader of the superhero team, the MVP's. And yet in the background, chugging away as it ever did, hidden insecurities nicked away at him, until it all came crashing down again. Nevertheless, Kurt tried to shine bright, defending his friends and loved ones until ultimately... It led to his death, Charlemagne seemingly his executioner. Somehow, he was found by the unlikeliest of saviors. Raysh Al Shaytan. An old friend gifted Kurt safe haven within the League of Shadows, helping the archer build up and even surpass his previous strength, both physically and psychologically, high away from the torment of the worlds in the desolate mountains, he felt far more powerful than ever before... He felt it pulsing through his veins.

But it was only a temporary sanctuary, Kurt's life had taken him far, and it was time to return to Gothic City, where his journey had begun, and where it would continue...

Paragon of Power

Since the emergence of his abilities within Venezuela, it was discovered that the Emerald Archer was imbued with an immeasurable amount of raw, undifferentiated energy within his body. This energy has been so vast, and unlimited, that Kurt has often gone many weeks without eating or drinking and solely relying upon his stored energy to survive. This has all often been done whilst fighting in Gothic, and luckily enough, his body is able to function (and repair) at an accelerated rate. Kurt doesn't have to eat nor drink in reality, doing so is only indulging himself for fun. He has often had sporadic sugar-rushes when exposed to sugary drinks hence his preference being water whenever in a social setting, unwanting to become too invigorated by his energy levels. Although these days, Kurt is able to control his energy levels quite easily.

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It was discovered by the Brainchild that Kurt's mutation allows him to somehow access a dimension of pure energy. The energy from this dimension is constantly radiating through him, capable of sustaining him as a being of energy, allowing him to go without food, water, or sleep for many weeks on end, and even heal himself from physical wounds at an accelerated rate. The energy is also able to be manifested physically via thought, and can be formed into concrete objects, channeled through his body. His corrupted mutant gene currently inhibits him from tapping into this energy and projecting it out into this world without the help of a compensating ring constructed with his genetics.

Due to his nigh-infinite energy, his strength, now no longer limited by standard physics, allows his to virtually exert as much force as necessary, he can simply grow stronger to accommodate his need. His speed and perception times have also been vastly improved, due to the fact he can channel an infinite amount of resources into any part of his body and amplify them, somewhat like an adrenaline rush can give an individual a boost of awareness due to the body and brain being given more resources due to the stress, Kurt has an infinite amount of resources. He can quite literally watch the world in slow motion, almost paused. Kurt is also gifted with the ability to never succumb to physical exhaustion no matter how hard, or long, he trains or fights. Potentially, allowing him to track enemies, and then fight them for weeks on end, without break whatsoever.

Since his training with the League of Shadows and with Raysh (Quintus Knightfall) he is also able control each and every atom within his body and move them to a desired location, similar to teleportation. This is done via weakening his molecular bonds which hold his body together until he becomes a gas, and then reforming in a desired destination. He becomes a green midst when this happens, and it recuperates him from all damages upon rearranging his body back together.

This energy surplus give him an astounding array of abilities, or simply enhance his performance, some of these include;

Complete mental and physical control

The Emerald Archer's first ability ever unlocked was his capacity to completely and utterly control every iota of his body. This has been used for a variety of purposes, such as utilizing 100% of his bodies muscle fibers resulting in a greatly increase strength and speed, or increasing the amount of ATP and adrenaline his body produces to have nigh limitless stamina. Another method employed, taught by Andres Knightfall, was to decrease of increase the density of his body via manipulating his atomic structure (but this was only unlocked through training in the League of Shadows). There are, as his other construct abilities follows, an almost endless amount of ways Kurt can use his powers. Thought, is indeed, the limit.

Field of vitality

Kurt discovered his forcefield had changed as he trained with League members. Normally, it is an extension of his energy abilities permeating through his physical body, the light forcefield radiated approximately just off of the edge of his skin, no more than a millimeter. Emitting a faint green glow when flying, but typically unnoticeable, the forcefield usually envelopes his body as a type of autonomic response to danger as a form of danger sense, to threats (to a limit of 10 meters). It is completely undetectable and is unable to be turned off even by thought. The field acts to stabilize Kurt to any environment no matter how harsh, for example, if he was within the vacuum of space, it would somehow protect him from the harmful radiation, the extremely low temperature, and speeding dust particles etc, likewise, within deep sea, it would protect him from the pressures and take in oxygen from the water, instead of needing oxygen from the air. In space, it fuels his cells with energy, not needing oxygen to breath.


Projecting his energy outwards, Kurt is able to manifest it into the form of constructs. The constructs are made from an unknown form of pure energy and are as strong as the Emerald Archer desires, manifesting simple wood to adamantium at the will of his thoughts. He can create simple constructs like a arrow or a complex construct, his imagination and creativity is the limit. Typically, Kurt conjures a bow and arrow and uses an assortment of manifested arrows, meaning he has an infinite number of trick arrows to play around with, to tailor to any situation. One of Kurt's iconic countermeasures against opponents which try to grab or grapple him is to manifest multiple, deadly spikes all around his body, this has warded off many foes. His power can also be used more crudely, by simply discharging his energy outwards and firing beams of energy towards targets, even through his eyes on some occasions.


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Archery: Regarded as one of the globes most skilled archers, Kurt Pendragon is capable of using his bow and arrow in ways which seem impossible. Shots which baffle crowds and stun even the most intelligent scientists as his emerald arrows bypass the laws of physics time and time again even in the most high-pressured circumstances. Extensively trained and experienced in the antiqued ability of archery, the Gothic Knight is not only a peerless, superlative shot, his entire physiology through his abilities has slowly adapted to using the bow and arrow in the way a mind would create strong and stronger neurological pathways, this is through his internal energy shifting abilities slowly crafting each nerve, tendon, and muscle within his body to respond to wielding the bow was surgical care. There has been no scientific method to measure which hand Kurt prefers to use with the bow, able to use his left as good as his right, and his right as good as his left. His eyes are also ambidextrous, having no preferred shooting eye, and can effortlessly switch from eye-to-eye. He is also able to forsake the standard forms, and can fire from virtually any angle, no matter how crude, in uncanny time. [Arrows can be found here.]

Martial Arts Master: A highly distinguished and capable fighter, the Gothic Knight has forged himself into one of the world’s toughest and most experienced combatants over the years, following his arduous lifestyle. He had much experience, be it within Gothic City, evading an army and escaping Venezuela, or surviving in the Ronin's Rest. Kurt was trained by Andres Knightfall, and tutored by his brother, Quintus Knightfall, during his time in the League of Shadows. He has consolidated all of his training, and has truly become one of the worlds true elite.


Through multiple friendships, ventures, and sources, the Gothic Knight has amassed an almighty armory which even some of the worlds top heroes would be jealous of. Stored underneath his personal estate within Gothic, and only accessible via authorization from his metal palm, it's largely secure from most threats save for forced entry. Housing weaponry built by the likes of the illustrious Andres Knightfall and even the infamous President Anthony Stark.

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Trion arm: During an intense battle, the Gothic Knight lost his arm, and through the help of a friend and acquired Stark/Andres technology, he was able to construct himself a new limb. Trion is a metal, as strong as adamantium, and can absorb energy like vibranium. The arm gifts Kurt superhuman strength and provides an almost impenetrable barrier of protection against all caliber of gunshot. The arm was formed via a combination of technology derived by Anthony Stark and Andres Knightfall -- It also boasts the ability to thermally superheat itself or discharge electrical currents to incapacitate opponents, or even, electrify the arm whilst punching. The arm’s forearm contains a compartment which houses a number of items, including an assortment of medical supplies, and can act as a radio, and other things as required.

Suit: Due to the Gothic Knight's acrobatic movements and swift fighting style, Kurt required a lightweight, yet effective armor to help defend his body, used in conjunction with his natural durability, conjuration abilities, and healing factor, it can render Kurt a very hard opponent to truly put down. Over a year ago, Santiago Porthos was commissioned by Kurt to craft him a suit made up of a material called Graphene, this is a one-atom thick sheet of carbon organized in a repeating hexane pattern, which makes this exotic material so remarkable, is it's structural fortitude, graphene is one of the strongest materials ever manufactured in human history which is around one hundred times greater than steel and weights over ten thousand times less. Kurt's outfit is flexible, strong, and can take shots from even a high caliber rifle without being penetrated, stabbing motions with blades are thwarted unless the blade is very sharp, and slashes are rendered highly ineffective unless going against the grain of the material.

Dual daggers: A close quarters weapon, used in conjunction with his abilities. These are constructed trion blades, thirty centimeters long and sharp enough to cut through nearly anything due to their makeup, they can be charged with electricity, heated up, anything which Kurt desires. The fighting style is very quick, going for instant kill shots with almost every strike. He was trained by the League of Shadows.

Project K: Developed by the CIA for Kurt during his time as an agent, the pill works by enhancing the Gothic Knight's original abilities and drastically improving the amount of control he has over his brain function. The pill is a nitrogen-based psychotropic that impacts specific brain activity in several ways but most significantly by elevating receptivity and synaptic sharing between the hippocampus, the amygdale and the striatum.

"Project K"

In controlled doses, taken over the course of a relatively short period of time, it significantly improves both Kurt's short-term and long-term memory, memory capacity, and the analytical purposing of memory. Because it also impacts the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, it can improve higher brain function, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and even the body’s immune system. In effect, the pill enables Kurt to attain a type of total recall with any event in his life, simply by recalling previous pathways within his brain. It is so precise, the Emerald Archer can now accurately recall a smell, sound, taste, or sight from his days as an infant as though he was there today.

Although not a straight intelligence enhancer, it allows Kurt to effortlessly digest an gigantic amount of knowledge daily and retain the information as well as rewiring and using his current intelligence 97% more efficiently, spotting trends that even a mathematical genius or a top police detective would miss. Kurt has to take the pill every 12 hours because his immune regeneration abilities fight it off the effects like a foreign poison. Without having a regeneration factor, a normal human would see side-effects after three days of taking the pill, which would eventually lead to death.


The Scars of War

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.... And that we survived.”

A blog detailing the major scars upon the Emerald Archers body.

  • Thirteen different knife laceration scars located upon his chest, thigh, and back, from his time imprisoned within Venezuela.
  • A single "stab" type scar where a rib from his rib-cage popped out of his torso from being squeezed by the Brahma Bull.
  • During the Comic Vine Vs Anime Vice invasion - Kurt sustained a scar to his right thigh from Kuma when deflecting a knife blow to his chest.
  • A coin-sized puncture scar in his left shoulder when stabbed by Drake.
  • A bullet wound below his right shoulder, shot with a carbonadium laced bullet by Quietus.
  • Hidden from view, underneath his hair on the left side of his head, lies a scar from when Charles hit him with Kratesis' shield.
  • A large X scar in the center of his chest, where Ivana shot an arrow through him.
  • A slash mark cutting across his left forearm, a self-inflicted injury when torturing Jean with his blood.
  • Has two fang marks from where Xandra bit his neck.

And a million I forgot.


Mistress Sangria and The Emerald Archer - A night tale...

He shuddered. Sweat dripped from his brow, hair stood on end, and his green eyes widened in alarm. The soft voice of Sangria lingered in his head as he slept, images of both redheads fought for control as the Lady in Red brandished a knife, plunging the blade deep into Augie’s stomach as Kurt gasped and woke up with a pant. “Uhh…” He quivered, shaky hands slid his white duvet away as he slithered out of bed, too afraid to even dream.

He stood there, silent, a raging storm bellowed outside of the apartment as the winds battered the door. He wore nothing save for some black shorts, his chest baring various scars as they decorated his chest as though a criminal had once sliced away at him like he was an apple. They had.

The door creaked open. “Kurt?”

“Kurt, are you there, sweetie?” He didn't respond. Backing away, the Gothic Knight gasped and closed the door to their room, placing his bare body against the wood and holding it shut. It was too much. Too much, Sangria, was too much. She had infected him her words, her body, and her intoxicating presence. Driven away his friends and driven away Augie. He cowered as his body pressed back harder, knocking the door onto the frame and causing it to make noise.

Sangria heard – She approached.

“Hm?” She mumbled, placing a smooth palm onto the handle as she tried to open the door, only to find it not budging. “What’s the matter, sweetie, is everything alright?” Her words were alarmingly disarming. Caring, an irresistible, peerless softness emanated from her red lips. She grew worried.

What had Kurt done? Her face scowled, her eyes glared, but her voice remained loving, like she genuinely cared for Kurt beyond an obsessive addiction. “Come on, darling, open the door. I promised you a fun night, remember?” She grinned. He whimpered. He opened the door, backing away and looking at his feet, the Gothic Knight was helpless. Like a child being scolded by a mother. Like a man being abused by a partner. Like he was nothing more than a plaything. He wasn't.

“Kurt…” Manicured fingers were outstretched as a potent nail was placed under his soft chin. Teasing at the skin and causing him to shudder, digging her nail up as his head was raised, she forced him to look up, into those emerald, feminine eyes. “…What’s happened? What’s the matter? I was only gone for a few hours…” She frowned, taking a single step forward as she placed soft palms onto his shaky shoulders, forcing him onto the wall with a quick spin as it made a thud, she pressed him there – Speaking. Dominating, bullying. Controlling.

“You do remember what I said, hm?” Poisonous eyes drained the Gothic Knight’s soul as she stared, as though he had lost his abilities. As though he was not a hero, not the commissioner of Gothic City nor a fighter. He was simply a man, a man too scared to even speak. “If you get yourself into trouble, I'll beat your ass, remember? – I thought you understood.” Her sharp nails dug into his shoulders. Blood was drawn, but Kurt merely whimpered again, looking away in repulsion and clenching his eyes closed in utter fear. He didn't want this.

He wanted a friend. Abigail. Augie. Noah. Higgins. Somebody. His breathing grew and grew, and her hunger grew all the same.“Kurt!” She snapped, grasping his cheeks with her hand, forcing him to look her in the eyes again. Staring him down.“Stop acting so ridiculous.” She let go and sauntered back, throwing off her red jacket as Kurt slouched back onto the wall and buried his emotion behind of a mental brick wall.

Head hanging, arms drooping, the Gothic Knight had never looked so vulnerable and defeated. Not by Charlemagne, not by the Brahma Bull, nobody – But Sangria? She had taken everything from him. Most of all, his will. Neatly placing her red jacket into the wardrobe and tying her hair back, she sauntered back over, her hips swayed rhythmically before that same nail was dug onto his chest – Onto his heart. She looked at him, licking her wicked lips.

“So, did you want to have fun, or are you just going to stand there? And anyways,” She said, flicking his nose and turning away, lying on the bed as she stretched out, taking comfort in the mattress’ softness as though her “partner” was not cowering just a foot away. “I’m glad you ditched Augie. You’re not hers, you’re mine. MINE.” She giggled. “Now, come here...” She flashed him a wicked smile, riveted by the sight of his helplessness, by his cowering – By him.

  • Special thanks to Psy for allowing me to write Mistress Sangria on her behalf.
  • This story involved Blood's character Augie. If anyone was wondering, not all know of the current story.
  • Thanks for reading! ^_^ And now you know what Kurt goes through :P

Kurt's IC training

This blog is just a few details (basic for some) of what Kurt has been taught or has learnt through experience.

Archery training from Assault: Contrary to popular belief, archery was not always the combat style of the Gothic Knight. In fact, it was only after being trapped within the mutant utopia known as Venezuela that Kurt originally opted to using the bow as a means of survival. Swiftly travelling back to the United States, and a short while after, running into contact with Anthony Stark's brother, Assault, who training Kurt how to properly use a bow and arrow in the urban jungle known as Gothic. The training lasted for a substantiate amount of time rendering Kurt one of the worlds foremost archers, his natural aptitude for the bow had been revealed. His secret talent unlocked, a gift which is constantly refined and perfected through continuous experience as one of the worlds most prominent and iconic heroes.

Intermediate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training from Andres Knightfall: Trained to an intermediate standard by the A-List Knightfall in the technical art of BJJ, the Gothic Knight is able to defend himself against most attackers, trained and untrained, without feeling out of place. Although he is not the strongest nor the best grapple fighter in the world, having an understanding of the techniques and moves performed allows him to escape, or utilize other forms of weaponry to counter other artists. He rarely uses these moves in battle as an offensive, merely having an understanding of the art as a way to defend against an attack, rather than press on with an assault.

Stand up fighting from Andres Knightfall: Trained nearer the start of his heroic life, Kurt was taught how properly fight by Andres Knightfall, utilizing somewhat of an improvised Karate Stance, although he rarely uses any of the actual authentic styles of Karate or even the moves, Kurt often turns his body sideways in combat to lessen the exposure to a hand-to-hand opponent, or making it harder for a grappler to perform a single or double leg takedown, meaning he could easily withdraw a knife or other weapons before a chance to perform a move his been executed. The Knightfall taught Kurt how to defend himself against even some of the worlds best fighters, having personally fought the likes of Charles a few times and survived to tell the tale, Kurt is an experienced combatant, often integrating his weaponry into combat too, rendering him far more deadly than a normal stand-up fighter, and often unpredictable.

Taught how to control fire by Feral Nova: During his time in Gothic Kurt met and approached a woman known as Zoe, quickly befriending the woman and learning that she was a fire user (something which he had been struggling with for some time) made him want to learn how to utilize his own powers in the form of fire. Zoe agreed to teach Kurt and showed him to how to fire to his advantage, without injuring himself or others. Kurt is now able (when he has powers) to use fire in an effective manner. Currently unable to use fire due to a lack of powers >.>

Close Combat Knife fighting taught by Cassius Knightfall: During the time of Kamelot and when it was prosperous, the Gothic Knight took advantage of the fact so many Knightfalls were located within such a confined area, seeking teachings from Cassius on how to effectively use a blade and defeat an opponent as quickly as possible without telegraphing his attacks and making his intentions obvious.

Expert survivalist/tracker/escape and evade artist: While he was falsely imprisoned in Venezuela by the Supreme Chancellor, Kurt had to teach himself many things to survive in such a hostile environment. Many people are unaware that Kurt is one of the worlds most experienced and skilled survivalists, having escaped a heavily guarded mutant prison and subsequently avoided rearrest and evading the Venezuelan army for many months while learning how to track down animals (and sometimes people) and setting up ambushes against enemy troops in preemptive attacks to sustain his survival and escape. He also rallied some other escapees and learnt how to properly use guerrilla warfare against a highly potent mutant army. Kurt rarely uses any of this knowledge in Gothic though, due to Gothic (in his experience) being nowhere near as bad as Venezuela during the peak of the unrest.


Archery capabilities and bow

No Caption Provided

Since having his X-Gene vehemently stripped from his genetic code by Charlemagne during an ambush in Britain after visiting his dear friend known as Abigail, Kurt returned to the United States with the desire to valiantly continue his heroic crusade regardless of the loss of his powers, priding himself on being able to adapt to any and all situations. Upon returning to the United States Kurt quickly located and initiated talks with Anthony Stark regarding the acquisition of some specialized weaponry wanting to make sure he was adequately prepared to tackle heroic life even without his once prized and vaunted powers. Trying to talk with Stark and negotiate his way into being bestowed these desirable weapons, he used his past affiliation with the almost clandestinely kept government initiative known as The Blacklist as a persuasion technique. Luckily, Anthony did not only agree to helping the Gothic Knight but in turn, he offered the Guardian of Gothic something which he had never anticipated.

Without Kurt's knowledge (due to his friendship with her) Stark had recently kidnapped Antonia and temporarily confiscated a book known as the Palabra Del Dios, this book contained an overwhelming magnitude of knowledge written by the now deceased A-Lister know as Andres Knightfall and most specifically, it contained the secretive information on how to synthesize the unique metallic compound known as Trion. Utilizing his extensive resources and his personal understanding of science Stark was successful in flawlessly recreating the almost inimitable compound, although he did not create a large quantity of the substance and wholly respecting it's exclusivity. Supplementing the compound with his own technology, Stark awarded Kurt a sum of Trion and Stark-Tech personally tailored to perfectly compliment the young archers natural aptitude and inclination to use the bow. The majority of the technology being allocated to him being a numerous number of exotic arrows with an extensive array of versatile "trick" arrows to combat the more unorthodox foe. His standard armor was also recreated and reinforced out of Trion due to the compounds uncanny durability and energy absorption properties making it the ideal material for his dangerous lifestyle.

The majority of arrows the which he now possess are stored within his specially crafted bow in a liquid Trion state for ease of access, upon drawing on the strings of the bow the liquid Trion would instantly be released and transform itself into a solidified state ready to be fired. This reaction happens without delay and allows Kurt to rapidly fire arrows without having to actually withdraw an arrow from the standard method of using a quiver, the only prerequisite being he pulls upon the string. Although, in case his bows internal stores of Trion have been depleted the Paragon does possess a numerous amount of collapsible arrows which can perform exactly the same functions as the other arrows, only these are telescopic and start of in a solid state.

The following arrows are the items which he has used. Not an exhaustive list as he can conjure up anything with a mere thought.

  • Standard arrows: The standard arrow which the Emerald Archer, these are far more deadly than usual arrows due to their eerily sharp potency of the Trion compound they are crafted from. Being nigh-indestructible due to their nature, nearly or as strong as adamantium whilst having the shock absorbing capabilities of vibranium, it would take a considerable amount of force to damage them. Theoretically these arrows should be able to penetrate into virtually anything, due to their infinitely sharp points. Due to the rarity of the arrows they have been produced with a function to atomically deconstruct themselves after a short period of five minutes, meaning the compound does not fall into unwanted hands (although his process can be halted via a command from Kurt's bow) all of Kurt's arrows have a variety of interchangeable arrowheads, these include:
  1. Single point arrowhead: A single sharpened point which are mostly used to penetrate and go cleanly through an opponent. Most uses for these arrows could seem inconsequential due to them not actually being as dangerous as a broadhead and do not give any added benefit. The only reason Kurt would use these arrows against an opponent is to lessen the damage (as a Broadhead would usually cause life threatening harm) or for a more subtle kill or attack due to the quick entry and exit wound leaving less of a trail.
  2. Broadhead arrowhead: These are triangular shaped arrowheads and are mostly commonly used throughout history in wars and habitually preferred by hunters throughout the world. The function of these deadly arrows are to traumatically deliver a wide cutting edge as to kill an opponent as quickly as possible by cleanly cutting or severing major blood vessels and causing further internal trauma and bleeding within the target until the arrowhead is removed.
  3. JUDO tipped arrowhead: These arrowheads have a four pronged tip which are designed to penetrate into an opponent and not leave, but embed themselves into an opponents body and stop them escaping through a metal line being attached to the back of the arrow and the bow. An electrical current can be run through the electrical line in an attempt to electrocute an attacker who is stronger than usual.
  • Fragmentation arrows: Considerably more dangerous and malicious in thought, these arrows are made from the same Trion and upon departure from his weapon are instructed to deceptively take the appearance of a standard straight arrow being nothing out of the ordinary...Yet, upon command they would explode and fragment into a plethora of deadly Trion-Shrapnel in all directions .capable of totally annihilating even the strongest and most durable opponent with hundreds of miniature lacerations and punctures in under a second, rendering them torn apart from the inside out with only a single shot.
  • Flechette arrows: As per usual, upon departure from Kurt's bow these arrows look like the standard straight arrow posing no abnormal harm to an opponent. However, during flight these arrows are capable of dividing into dozens of miniature flechettes capable of dousing a large area with a single shot. Each flechette upon division travels at supersonic speeds (due to the bows powerful shot) and even a single cut could render an opponent defeated due to the forces imparted.
  • Energy absorption arrows: These arrows are capable of utilizing the energy absorption properties of Trion to render opponents significantly weaker upon contact or being near the presence of the metallic substance. These are strategically used against opponents who are not purely physical and rely on metaphysical, or ethereal means of existence and may be harder to combat. They are also capable of reducing the thermal energy of an object and rendering them frozen, or attempting to freeze the target if required during combat (by "stealing" the heat from an opponents body).
  • Pressure arrows (Written by Impero): These Trion arrows rapidly envelop the target in a specialized, spacial isolating field, specifically separating the enveloped target from the Earth's atmospheric pressure. As a result, the liquid that consists of seventy percent of the contents in the human body fails to remain in its liquid state, causing exponential expansion until the formation of water vapor. This violently causing severe internal swelling throughout the body, painfully swelling said target to approximately twice their body size. The swelling however, is insufficient to burst the skin. The absence of the Earth's pressure in this specific field possesses additional effects. The lack of pressure causes the oxygen in the bloodstream to reverse-dissolve and escape from the blood causing hypoxia, rendering the cardiovascular system useless, and no oxygen would be delivered to the muscles and vital organs. The lack of pressure affects the nitrogen in the body as well. It causes nitrogen bubbles to form throughout the circulatory system, leading to excruciating joint pain, blockages in the arteries and veins, strokes and seizures by bubble formation in the brain, and heart failure should a bubble form in the heart. Difficulty in maintaining blood pressure would be an existent dilemma as well. The final effect due to the lowered pressure is the lowering of the boiling point for bodily fluids because the lower the pressure in an environment, the lower the boiling point will be for any liquid in said environment. The nonexistent pressure enables easier movement for molecules, requiring less thermal energy to transform the molecules of a liquid into a less dense gas. Due the complete absence of pressure within the momentarily materialized field, theoretically the boiling point for of a target's own blood would drop to the same as the standard human body temperature causing fluids to boil.
  • Sonic disruption arrows: These arrows are specifically crafted to disrupt an enemy by giving off a dual pronged sonic attack in the form of a very high pitched and intense noise which can cause harm to most of the superhuman population who are highly adept at hearing, this alone could render the standard human crippled due to the agonizing pain pulsing through their ears. The secondary noise is a very loud, and sudden sonic boom which alone could rupture somebody's delicate eardrum and cause disorientation and confusion towards an opponent. To confuse a vehicle which may be using sonar as a means to locate Kurt, Stark further gifted him arrows which can deceptively use a transponder located within the arrowhead to mimic a radar echo with a delay to indicate incorrect range thus making it harder for him to be tracked.
  • Electroshock (taser) arrows: These electroshock arrows are an elegant approach to incapacitating violent opponents who wish to cause Kurt harm without ever needing to opt to lethal measures. These arrows carry an electronic pulse which perfectly mimics the electrical signals used within the human body to communicate between the brain and the muscles which are responsible for moving. The arrows interfere with these electrical impulses in order to tell (or force) the attackers muscles to perform a great deal of work within a very short space of time, and yet, the electroshock does not direct the work to any particular movement. In consequence, the shock depletes the attackers energy reserves and potentially leaves them too weak to continue fighting. In effect causing their entire body to cramp and become ideally incapacitated. Kurt could potentially perform these attacks and turn them lethal via upping the bodily instructions to expend more energy than the body actually has in it's reserves, causing the target to die of exhaustion. They are usually used against opponents who pose a non-lethal danger to Kurt, or a lethal opponent who needs to be weakened.
  • Thermally charged arrows: These Trion based arrows are able to fly through the air while their atomic structure frantically vibrates causing a rapid heating of the metal to degrees which is capable of burning through virtually any material on the earth. The thermal potency of these arrows is boosted by their energy absorption capabilities meaning they absorb the kinetic energy during flight and covert the energy into heat, rendering them thermally supercharged and extremely deadly. They are often used to burn holes through heavily armored opponents (and equipment/vehicles) with little to no effort.
  • Explosive arrows: Probably one of the most simple but effective weapons within the Emerald Archers expansive arrowed armory allowing him to fire an arrow which can detonate with an explosion capable of blasting through the strongest bank vaults doors.
  • Adhesive/acid/corrosive arrows: These arrows upon contact with a surface are able to discharge an acidic or adhesive corrosive substance for numerous purposes. The corrosive properties of the acid are able to easily corrode through solid concrete while the adhesive substance is able to bind together things with a maximum limit of five tons before the adhesion fails. The adhesive is also able to be saturated with corrosive properties rendering it a sticky and highly volatile attack.
  • Electrified Titanium/Trion alloy netting: A simple arrow yet effective trick arrow. These are used to ensnare an opponent within a titanium/trion alloy netting and averting them from causing harm to Kurt through non-lethal means. They are also able to give off an electric charge and further incapacitate an opponent. If the situation calls for it, Kurt would be able to activate a thermal supercharge and heat up the alloyed netting, causing vicious scolds and burns to an enemy which could potentially be fatal. The netting is almost unbreakable due to the Titanium/Trion compound used...Sadly, due to it being an alloy and not a pure for of Trion, it is breakable if enough force is exerted.
  • Source particle arrows: These Trion based arrows were atomically infused with a large quantity of source particles during the process of creation allowing for them to fully tap into the potential of which lies within the realms of source particles and their versatile combat use. Anthony Stark personally gave Kurt these arrows with the selfish motive of watching them be field tested. The particles correspond to a signal attached inside of Kurt's bow and works via an instantaneous communication link to the bow and the arrows allowing them continuous a connection. The unique source particles are able to instantly alter the size of anything at a subatomic level with seemingly no restriction on what they can alter. By altering an items size they can exponentially increase or decrease an objects physical mass to scale without any adverse consequences to organic matter. They have also been known to interact with their surroundings and flawlessly mimic the effects of intangibility. The also have the capacity to disrupt most fields of energy and have even been known to infect an organic hope with an inorganic virus to cripple their biological systems. These particles are very elusive and it has always been hard for even Anthony Stark to analyse and understand how they work exactly. The only knowledge which has been deciphered thus far is they effect nearly anything at an atomic level (or the "source" level) to which everything is created, and with instruction, these particles have limitless potential. Kurt is often seen using these Source Particle infused arrows to attack an enemy who may be hiding through a wall or he does not have clear access due to obstruction. They are quite possibly the deadliest arrow which Kurt possesses within his extensive armory.
  • Smoke screen/flash arrows: These arrows are simply a way for Kurt to escape and evade from an enemy without causing harm to himself or any onlookers. Upon detonation an emerald smoke screen is emitted which clouds the area in a thick haze of mist until it dissipates from the air after around fifteen or so minutes after being used. The arrows are also capable of sending out a vividly bright flash of light in all spectrum of light intended to temporarily blind/disorientate a normal human, this is also used to wreak havoc with unprotected visual devices (such as cameras) which are unable to adjust to the sudden brightness. The flash is often accompanied by a loud bang which in itself does not cause any harm to anybody, but can turn be used as a further distraction. These arrows are made from simple carbon fiber (stored within telescopic arrowheads) and are not intended to be lethal, hence being blunt and not actually capable of harming anybody (although, the sudden flash of light does emit a type of heat which could potentially burn or scold a target).
  • Power dampening arrows: Source Particles. Particles capable of almost any task given the correct programming, miniture nanites once used to disable Amaranth's intangibility. Often used by the Gothic Knight to dampen the abilities of foes, first developed to restrict Psyknight's abilities (which worked) the arrows are able to usually bypass an opponents immune system, and constantly adapt, disrupting their nervous system and hopefully dampening, or restricting access to a mutants X-Gene, regenerative factor, or a meta-humans powers.
  • Cryogenic freeze Arrows: Arrows which fire and upon contact, emit a highly sticky substance which instantly freezes any target it is placed upon, capable of reducing the temperature of anything almost instantly, causing a body to freeze, thus incapacitating an opponent.
  • Energy arrows: These arrows are constructs, made by Kurt, and can take the form of any other arrow in his armory, they are able to be directed during flight, and can effectively curve around surfaces and obstacles to target opponents.

Bow capacities - Does not use this anymore.

Kurt's technologically crafted bow was made by Anthony Stark to enable him to function in combat without the aid of his powers. The bow is made from an unknown metallic compound which Anthony Stark uses for his suits and has been made compatible to internally store a copious amount of Liquid Trion enabling Kurt to quickly access his arrows the instant he pulls back on the string. The specific functions of this bow;

  • An inbuilt 360* degree radar scanner which is able to detect foreign threats and comprehend if they would hold a probable harm to the bows wielder. Upon detection of a possible threat, the bow would alert Kurt to the foreign object allowing him a chance to evade. Due to the radar working with electromagnetic waves which are naturally going at near light-speed the detection of objects is nearly at instant speeds.
  • The bow is able to continually communicate with the arrows during their transit through the air and even after they have fallen onto the ground, this enables trick arrows such as explosives to be detonated from a safe distance.
  • All arrows (unless instructed otherwise) are fired from the bow at supersonic speeds.
  • The bow only works in Kurt's hands.

Eye mask

An eye-mask crafted by Anthony Stark for the Gothic Knight, made of an ultra-durable flexible substance which is virtually unbreakable due to it's tensile flexibility. The mask enables Kurt to see things in a full range of the EM Spectrum enabling him to see opponents who may be hidden from plain view by items of obstruction or dust. Kurt often uses the X-Ray vision to locate targets inner areas and fire at specific organs to impair etc... The mask works through thought, enabling Kurt to quickly switch between visual modes. It is also able to communicate with his bow and "mark" targets and select who may be the most dangerous, and can automatically mark strategic points of focus during battle. The mask inadvertently defends Kurt against airborne attacks which may try and inter his body through his eyes, or stop the effects of CS and Pepper spray gas.


The Gothic Warehouse...

Inside Gothic lies an unassuming almost forgotten warehouse. Deep within the desolate docks of the City of Sin, deep within the urban jungle of Gothic. Kurt harbors a warehouse full of extensive equipment enabling him to carry out his heroic duties to the best of his abilities for the safety of himself, and the safe guarding of the citizens. None would know that the Emerald Knight, or otherwise known as, the Gothic Knight, held his pantry of heroism inside a mere warehouse.

A warehouse still technically owned by the now defunct Peak Tower in their old era, an old program to rejuvenate Gothic City was terminated with Starks unfortunate and unexpected death, all warehouses pertaining to the mission simply left and allowed to rot and some, expectedly, looted once the illicit's caught whiff of what was inside.

Yet...Kurt found the one warehouse where Peak's influence had gone all but unscathed. The technology having been preserved within boxes, only now fitted and assembled after months and months of tediously tiring work. Nobody knew about the inner's of Kurt's location, save for Jack the living AI. Many knew of the "Iconic" Archers domain. But nothing regarding the technology nor accessories inside....

No Caption Provided

Down a secret passage towards the back of the warehouse. A trapped door only accessible with a highly sensitive finger scan would enable Kurt access. Once inside and the ladder had been descended, Kurt's armory would be the first somebody would view....Nothing special, right?...

...Turn on the light, and you'd see an assortment of beautifully laid out emerald suits. An exotic amount of arrows: The Knightfall A-Listers gifted "Pressure Arrows" peacefully resting inside holders and multiple spare physical bows on display never actually being used.

Nothing which a Gothic hero would be unable to attain - But, say, somebody managed to take a specific arrow out of the bunch, remove the tip and press a button, the entire room may change?

The voluminous wall would spin around unveiling the secondary part of this base, fitted with an extensive array of past Peak technology giving him an unrivaled insight into the Gothic Police Departments scanners, radios and personal files.

Tech which he seldom used, but if needed, he may take. Schematics (once used to get Animus's trust) are laid around, merely ready to be bartered with. The base however is fitted with holographic projections and 24/7 security ready to be used, and other technology too tedious to describe. Kurt had literally found a modern day goldmine.

...And nobody would ever know.
...And nobody would ever know.


Pyrograms Re-Written Origins

So yeah. Loads of people misunderstand his origins and such (well...I had only written like 2 paragraphs initially) so re-wrote it entirely ready for a revamp of his powers in the near near future, and he now has a name - Say hello to...


Born in the United States of America Kurt was an average teenager, straight out of high-school his passion in life was to take up a fond career in journalism after majoring in journalistic studies and Human Rights affairs. At the young age of 20, the future Paragon decided to visit the recently ruined country of Venezuela shortly after the devastatingly destructive PEAK/HALO industries war to progress a paper he was writing on human rights abuses inside of this intoxicated country.

Unluckily the Future Paragon was trapped inside of this country during the civil and militarized unrest, Kurt was luckily sheltered by a nice family who fed and housed him, the radioactive poisoning within the country however triggered a dormant X-Gene to manifest itself physically, resulting in an explosion which nearly killed the family he was sheltering with. For over three weeks the heroic enigma wandered around like a lost soul scavenging, secluding himself from further help knowing it was too risky to stay with the previous family. During his time alone in the cataclysmic aftermath of a country he learnt basic survival skills and dynamic risk assessments to asses when somebody would be deemed volatile, something which would help him greatly in his future heroic career.

Inevitably he was captured by the Venezuelan Response Squad (at the time, the "police" of the country). He was beaten and nearly murdered. Fortunately during a military takeover initiated by the mutant supremacist xenon and the Mutant Messiah known as Fukuro Zoku who was also Impero of the Reisho Monastery, the country was "saved" by the unison of two unstoppable figures leading the VLA (Venezuelan Liberation Army) which easily liberated the country from VRS hands. The country had previously been split into four quarters, the South, East, West and North.

Now under the rule of two of the most powerful mutants in existence Kurt was given citizenship into the new United Republic Of Venezuela and things were looking up, or so he thought. Who would have known this country founded on liberation and liberty would arrest and jail him for not being a true mutant (due to his corrupt X-Gene). Imprisoned and tested upon by the supreme chancellor established that the cause of his faulty DNA was down to his parents, one being a genetically altered mutant so it meant his mothers X-Gene was not correct however the fathers was perfect.

So this combined fact - meant he had an unstable, faulty X-Gene. The only reason he was gifted with his energetic abilities was the radioactive poisoning releasing the dormant X-Gene within his DNA. The Chancellor crafted the future Paragon a ring, this ring crafted with some of the highest forms of technology enabled for a full stabilization of his abilities.

The Chancellor however failed to mention the sole reason behind of his help for the future Paragon, in actuality he was only assisting Kurt in a preemptive attempt to attain a super warrior capable of sustaining a prolonged war with the United States of America for their hand in the destruction of the country before it was saved.

It was only upon overhearing a meeting between two VLA guards and the Chancellor which alerted Kurt to such deception, he quickly fled the country through an underground passage still to this day being one of, if not the only secret entrance in and out of the mutant utopia discounting the Bridge of Appeal. Fleeing to the United States of America once more he dedicated his life to heroism after establishing control of his abilities through the rings use.

There you have it. Kurt (Pyro's) origins.
There you have it. Kurt (Pyro's) origins.


Pyro's full powers

Now. I'm simply putting this blog up as I don't wanna clog up my bio with loads of powers which are not totally relevant, recently Pyro lost his power stabilizing ring to donara thus turning into an archer. His powers are the same. Yet hard to use, and dangerous. So I will hardly EVER use them, but when I do I don't want people thinking I'm pulling sh!t outta my ass so posting in a blog.


The Chancellor realized that the only way to fully harness his powers was through crafting an item which could stabilize his powers, and help him "channel" his inner strength into something usable. His powers now work through thought; thinking of green does nothing as this is his standard color and offensive/defensive power set. Thinking of blue means he can heal but not attack anybody. When thinking of red he is amplified in power slightly and gains faster reactionary speeds. Thinking of orange means he can find a target or objective though an inherent clairvoyance ability yet not actually be able to perform any physical or external attacks while in any state other than red or green. The power works through a subconscious link into his mind through the ring connecting to him, having no neurological delay the changes are instant in effect upon thought , however reverting back from one change to another can sometimes take time depending on how or why he changed.

His standard color, this allows him to harness his inner "energy" which is his natural powers. Normally, he is able to create a low level force-field around himself or shoot bolts of concussive "energy" towards people without the ring, so not really a power which is usable without harming others due to his destructive properties. However, the ring at its standard color is green - This allows his power to be harnessed and channeled through thought into any item he wishes without any limit, other than extreme tiredness if he exerts himself too much.

  • His Ring can store his physical body in a "memory" version of itself leaving an apparition or past version of himself somewhere else, once this is done the ring can transcend time/space and travel FTL. Once done, his body can exit the ring.
  • Can at standard travel just above super sonic speeds, yet his upper limit is unknown.
  • His physical strength level is nigh infinite, due to him always being able to amplify his strength through his rings "energy" , or in reality once he runs out of "power" he reverts to human strength.
  • His defensive aura/force field acts as a second set of muscles/bones even if his interior ones are broken/torn.


The ring whenever turned on emits itself and gives off a low level force-field which is capable of absorbing heat energy, kinetic energy and other forms of attack to help defend, it can also stop things like bullets and knives to an extent and can sometimes be extended to defend other people if needed, this aura or shielding also amplifies his natural abilities and senses. Whenever the force-field is in activation, he does not need to eat or sleep as his body feeds off his body's inner "energy" once harassed by the ring. It also negates the effect of outer space and allows him to travel at speeds beyond human comprehension without causing physical damage to his body. Gravitational changes which could cause injury are stabilized by the ring to avert Pyro from harm if planet jumping. The ring allow Pyro to render himself invisible by bending light waves around his physical body creating an illusion of invisibility however in this state he is blind.

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