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Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale...
Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale...

Name: Kurt Pendragon

Alias: The Gothic Knight, Special Agent Pendragon, The Emerald Archer, Verdant Knight, Paragon of Power, Apex Archer, Earth's Mightiest Marksman

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 5'7

Age: 35

Affiliation: Formerly: League of Shadows, U.S.A. Goverment (Donn Administration)

Species: Mutant

Occupation: Formerly: Gothic City Commissioner, former affiliate Equalizer & founding member of the Paragons, leader of the MVP Superhero Team

Species: Mutant

Birthplace: Australia

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Atticus (Father) Percival (Brother) Naomi (Adopted daughter)

Kurt Pendragon, biography

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Kurt Pendragon, a man of many faces. To some, seen as the prowling Gothic Knight and to others, a capricious friend, often victim to his once overwhelming emotions and mercurial behaviors. But above all, Kurt Pendragon had tried to be a beacon of light, shining through the darkness of his own life, and others, to help and inspire all. The Emerald Archer in his iconic green suit and illustrious glowing bow is not perfect, falling short of his heroic duties multiple times, and often due to his own selfishness and immoral desires.

His path had taken many different directions, some of which had simply been impossible to account for. From a normal teenager, to becoming a war prisoner and escapee, to rookie archer and hero within Gothic City, to illustrious hero one moment and then it all coming crashing down, having to regain lost footing, learn from mistakes, and somehow, ascertaining greatness again, becoming Commissioner of Gothic City was an unbelievable accomplishment for the Pendragon.

There was a time the world looked up to him, he was a role model, inspiring heroes from around the world; leader of the superhero team, the MVP's. And yet in the background, chugging away as it ever did, hidden insecurities nicked away at him, until it all came crashing down again. Nevertheless, Kurt tried to shine bright, defending his friends and loved ones until ultimately... It led to his death, Charlemagne seemingly his executioner. Somehow, he was found by the unlikeliest of saviors. Raysh Al Shaytan. An old friend gifted Kurt safe haven within the League of Shadows, helping the archer build up and even surpass his previous strength, both physically and psychologically, high away from the torment of the worlds in the desolate mountains, he felt far more powerful than ever before... He felt it pulsing through his veins.

But it was only a temporary sanctuary, Kurt's life had taken him far, and it was time to return to Gothic City, where his journey had begun, and where it would continue...

Paragon of Power

Since the emergence of his abilities within Venezuela, it was discovered that the Emerald Archer was imbued with an immeasurable amount of raw, undifferentiated energy within his body. This energy has been so vast, and unlimited, that Kurt has often gone many weeks without eating or drinking and solely relying upon his stored energy to survive. This has all often been done whilst fighting in Gothic, and luckily enough, his body is able to function (and repair) at an accelerated rate. Kurt doesn't have to eat nor drink in reality, doing so is only indulging himself for fun. He has often had sporadic sugar-rushes when exposed to sugary drinks hence his preference being water whenever in a social setting, unwanting to become too invigorated by his energy levels. Although these days, Kurt is able to control his energy levels quite easily.

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It was discovered by the Brainchild that Kurt's mutation allows him to somehow access a dimension of pure energy. The energy from this dimension is constantly radiating through him, capable of sustaining him as a being of energy, allowing him to go without food, water, or sleep for many weeks on end, and even heal himself from physical wounds at an accelerated rate. The energy is also able to be manifested physically via thought, and can be formed into concrete objects, channeled through his body. His corrupted mutant gene formerly inhibited him from tapping into this energy and projecting it out into this world without the help of a compensating ring constructed with his genetics, although since training with the League of Shadows and Quintus Knightfall, he no longer needs the ring.

Due to his nigh-infinite energy, his strength, now no longer limited by standard physics, allows his to virtually exert as much force as necessary, he can simply grow stronger to accommodate his need. His speed and perception times have also been vastly improved, due to the fact he can channel an infinite amount of resources into any part of his body and amplify them, somewhat like an adrenaline rush can give an individual a boost of awareness due to the body and brain being given more resources due to the stress, Kurt has an infinite amount of resources. He can quite literally watch the world in slow motion, almost paused. Kurt is also gifted with the ability to never succumb to physical exhaustion no matter how hard, or long, he trains or fights. Potentially, allowing him to track enemies, and then fight them for weeks on end, without break whatsoever.

Since his training with the League of Shadows and with Raysh (Quintus Knightfall) he is also able control each and every atom within his body and move them to a desired location, similar to teleportation. This is done via weakening his molecular bonds which hold his body together until he becomes a gas, and then reforming in a desired destination. He becomes a green midst when this happens, and it recuperates him from all damages upon rearranging his body back together.

This energy surplus give him an astounding array of abilities, or simply enhance his performance, some of these include;

Complete mental and physical control

The Emerald Archer's first ability ever unlocked was his capacity to completely and utterly control every iota of his body. He can manipulate both energy and mass within his body, powering the changes via the dimension of pure energy. He can alter his body (and DNA, in theory), to perform feats far beyond his natrual capacity if required. Once, he constructed a synthetic heart for himself when his biological one was ripped out by Ivana Strigidae, using it to survive until he regenerated a new one. His complete control has been used for a variety of purposes, such as utilizing 100% of his bodies muscle fibers resulting in a greatly increase strength and speed, or increasing the amount of ATP and adrenaline his body produces to have nigh limitless stamina. Another method employed, taught by Andres Knightfall, was to decrease of increase the density of his body via manipulating his atomic structure (but this was only unlocked through training in the League of Shadows). There are, as his other construct abilities follows, an almost endless amount of ways Kurt can use his powers. Thought, is indeed, the limit. A sentiment once echoed across to him by his then mentor, Andres Knightfall.

Field of vitality

Kurt discovered his forcefield had changed as he trained with League members. Normally, it is an extension of his energy abilities permeating through his physical body, the light forcefield radiated approximately just off of the edge of his skin, no more than a millimeter. Emitting a faint green glow when flying, but typically unnoticeable, the forcefield usually envelopes his body as a type of autonomic response to danger as a form of danger sense, to threats (to a limit of 10 meters). It is completely undetectable and is unable to be turned off even by thought. The field acts to stabilize Kurt to any environment no matter how harsh, for example, if he was within the vacuum of space, it would somehow protect him from the harmful radiation, the extremely low temperature, and speeding dust particles etc, likewise, within deep sea, it would protect him from the pressures and take in oxygen from the water, instead of needing oxygen from the air. In space, it fuels his cells with energy, not needing oxygen to breath.


Projecting his energy outwards, Kurt is able to manifest it into the form of constructs. The constructs are made from an unknown form of pure energy and are as strong as the Emerald Archer desires, manifesting simple wood to adamantium at the will of his thoughts. He can create simple constructs like a arrow or a complex construct, his imagination and creativity is the limit. Typically, Kurt conjures a bow and arrow and uses an assortment of manifested arrows, meaning he has an infinite number of trick arrows to play around with, to tailor to any situation. One of Kurt's iconic countermeasures against opponents which try to grab or grapple him is to manifest multiple, deadly spikes all around his body, this has warded off many foes. His power can also be used more crudely, by simply discharging his energy outwards and firing beams of energy towards targets, even through his eyes on some occasions.

Non-superhuman abilities

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Archery: Regarded as one of the globes most skilled archers, Kurt Pendragon is capable of using his bow and arrow in ways which seem impossible. Shots which baffle crowds and stun even the most intelligent scientists as his emerald arrows bypass the laws of physics time and time again even in the most high-pressured circumstances. Extensively trained and experienced in the antiqued ability of archery, the Gothic Knight is not only a peerless, superlative shot, his entire physiology through his abilities has slowly adapted to using the bow and arrow in the way a mind would create strong and stronger neurological pathways, this is through his internal energy shifting abilities slowly crafting each nerve, tendon, and muscle within his body to respond to wielding the bow was surgical care. There has been no scientific method to measure which hand Kurt prefers to use with the bow, able to use his left as good as his right, and his right as good as his left. His eyes are also ambidextrous, having no preferred shooting eye, and can effortlessly switch from eye-to-eye. He is also able to forsake the standard forms, and can fire from virtually any angle, no matter how crude, in uncanny time. [Arrows can be found here.]

Martial Arts Master: A highly distinguished and capable fighter, the Gothic Knight has forged himself into one of the world’s toughest and most experienced combatants over the years, following his arduous lifestyle. He had much experience, be it within Gothic City, evading an army and escaping Venezuela, or surviving in the Ronin's Rest. Kurt was trained by Andres Knightfall, and tutored by his brother, Quintus Knightfall, during his time in the League of Shadows. Kurt was also aided in his rise to heroism by the third Knightfall brother, Cassius, instructed in close quarter combat fighting specifically, knife fighting, taught by the lethal Knightfall. Over the many years, Kurt has consolidated all of his training, and has truly become one of the worlds superhuman elite.


Through multiple friendships, ventures, and sources, the Gothic Knight has amassed an almighty armory which even some of the worlds top heroes would be jealous of. Stored underneath his personal estate within Gothic, and only accessible via authorization from his metal palm, it's largely secure from most threats save for forced entry. Housing weaponry built by the likes of the illustrious Andres Knightfall and even the infamous President Anthony Stark.

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Suit: Due to the Gothic Knight's acrobatic movements and swift fighting style, Kurt required a lightweight, yet effective armor to help defend his body, used in conjunction with his natural durability, conjuration abilities, and healing factor, it can render Kurt a very hard opponent to truly put down. Over a year ago, Santiago Porthos was commissioned by Kurt to craft him a suit made up of a material called Graphene, this is a one-atom thick sheet of carbon organized in a repeating hexane pattern, which makes this exotic material so remarkable, is it's structural fortitude, graphene is one of the strongest materials ever manufactured in human history which is around one hundred times greater than steel and weights over ten thousand times less. Kurt's outfit is flexible, strong, and can take shots from even a high caliber rifle without being penetrated, stabbing motions with blades are thwarted unless the blade is very sharp, and slashes are rendered highly ineffective unless going against the grain of the material.

Quantum Bracelet: Another gift from Santiago Porthos, the bracelet is designed to make sure that the wearer's clothes suffer no damage. This is accomplished through quantum shielding. It will structurally strengthen the subatomic makeup of clothing clothes without compromising their fabric's flexibility. According to Santiago, there is almost nothing that can overcome the shield - whilst a strong enough attack does break through, the bracelets technology has protected Kurt many times over.

Source Particles: Anthony Stark's final gift to the Emerald Archer in return for his participation within the now defunct Blacklist. Source particles are a unique, innovative piece of subatomic weaponry which are able to interact with the physical at a level which could easily, by some, be confused for magic. These particles are able to instantly alter the size of an objects physical mass thus, they can exponentially be used to increase or decrease an objects physical mass to scale without any adverse consequences. They have also been known to interact with their surroundings and flawlessly mimic the effects of intangibility, or even disrupt an opponents intangibility. The also have the capacity to disrupt most fields of energy and have even been known to infect an organic host and cripple their biological systems. In past, these have been used to disable Amaranth's intangibility and even more curiously, temporarily turn off Psyknight's x-gene.

Dual daggers: A close quarters weapon, used in conjunction with his abilities. These are constructed trion blades, thirty centimeters long and sharp enough to cut through nearly anything due to their makeup, they can be charged with electricity, heated up, anything which Kurt desires. The fighting style is very quick, going for instant kill shots with almost every strike. He was trained by the League of Shadows.

Project K: Developed by the CIA (Alexander Donn) for Kurt during his time as an agent, the pill works by enhancing the Gothic Knight's original abilities and drastically improving the amount of control he has over his brain function. The pill is a nitrogen-based psychotropic that impacts specific brain activity in several ways but most significantly by elevating receptivity and synaptic sharing between the hippocampus, the amygdale and the striatum.

"Project K"

In controlled doses, taken over the course of a relatively short period of time, it significantly improves both Kurt's short-term and long-term memory, memory capacity, and the analytical purposing of memory. Because it also impacts the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, it can improve higher brain function, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and even the body’s immune system. In effect, the pill enables Kurt to attain a type of total recall with any event in his life, simply by recalling previous pathways within his brain. It is so precise, the Emerald Archer can now accurately recall a smell, sound, taste, or sight from his days as an infant as though he was there today.

Although not a straight intelligence enhancer, it allows Kurt to effortlessly digest an gigantic amount of knowledge daily and retain the information as well as rewiring and using his current intelligence 97% more efficiently, spotting trends that even a mathematical genius or a top police detective would miss. Kurt has to take the pill every 12 hours because his immune regeneration abilities fight it off the effects like a foreign poison. Without having a regeneration factor, a normal human would see side-effects after three days of taking the pill, which would eventually lead to death.

The Scars of War

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.... And that we survived.
“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.... And that we survived."
  • Thirteen different knife laceration scars located upon his chest, thigh, and back, from his time imprisoned within Venezuela.
  • A single "stab" type scar where a rib from his rib-cage popped out of his torso from being squeezed by the Brahma Bull.
  • During the Comic Vine Vs Anime Vice invasion - Kurt sustained a scar to his right thigh from Kuma when deflecting a knife blow to his chest.
  • A coin-sized puncture scar in his left shoulder when stabbed by Drake.
  • A bullet wound below his right shoulder, shot with a carbonadium laced bullet by Quietus.
  • Hidden from view, underneath his hair on the left side of his head, lies a scar from when Charles hit him with Kratesis' shield.
  • A large X scar in the center of his chest, where Ivana shot an arrow through him.
  • A slash mark cutting across his left forearm, a self-inflicted injury when torturing Jean with his blood.
  • Has two fang marks from where Xandra bit his neck.