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Round One: She Clears. Too much power and no one other than the Cuckoos have enough established skill to argue that their skill can pull them past the cosmic amp. And though Psylocke could be just as arguable, her style in psychic fights keeps me from making a case for her.

Round 2: Other than 90’s Jean (who has arguably the strongest Telekinetic shields even around this time), this really doesn’t change the outcome of the battle. I’d argue that aside from 90’s Jean, Dark Phoenix sweeps a lot quicker due to her molecular tk hax.

Bonus: Now this could change the outcome. 4 Cuckoos, Karma, Dani, 90’s Jean, And Psylocke. I could actually argue a strategy for the team to win. They still have a very small chance of winning, but the odds are a lot better for them than individually.

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I would still back Dark Phoenix personally. She literally was unconscious when Xavier on Cerebro tries to access her mind and she stomps him as she is waking up.

A base Jean Grey already stomps Apocalypse on the mental and physical Plane.

Emma Frost is around base Xavier in First Class before his amp and I am guessing Selene is as well (maybe slightly higher), making them non-factors.

Bonus: The Stepford sisters don’t add much and neither does Mastermind.

I think a more debatable battle is Xavier, Apocalypse, Legion, and Shadow King vs Dark Phoenix. That I would have to think about.

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@termiteone4ever: 1) “Its not like the phoenix cant be hit”

Under certain circumstances, it can, but you’d be hard pressed to do so with a host, depending on hosts skill level. Given that we are talking about Jean Grey, we are dealing with the best of the Phoenix hosts.

Even if the Phoenix were technically hit, the damage wouldn’t be permanent and could be rectified by multiple sources of power at its disposal.

2) “Even when he fought against the Monarch he was drastically weaken to survive a universal buster blast”

Impressive, but the Phoenix does have other sources of power to depend on beyond the universe. Though under normal circumstances it would be hard pressed to allow such strategies, we aren’t exactly in a normal situation with a bloodlusted Phoenix. Therefore, the M’Kraan Crystal (and by extension, the White Hot Room) and all life that exists at any time would be taken into consideration in addition to the Phoenix own power. Though I won’t expect Jean to be White Phoenix levels, the tools above could be factored.

3) “I am not sure if you get how much power it takes to erase an entire universe instantly not just a blast that took weeks or months or traveling at or barely beyond light speed over time it was done instantly. Its even faster than when Thanos snapped his fingers”

No, but I’m pretty sure I have an idea. That said, the Phoenix can be reborn within the destruction. Can’t say the same for Superman once the universe is rebuilt. Once he is gone, he is gone.

4) “Superman prime was amped on guardian powers as well. These beings or high telepaths as well”

Impressive, but I am doubtful that these telepaths would trump a nexus for all psionic energy.

It isn’t as clear-cut as I thought it would be now, but I’m still pretty confident that while the heralds are non-factors, the fight with Phoenix and Superman will be drawn out with Phoenix as victor.

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@samhmd1: “The IG Blast was after he got all the Stones, it was a full power blast and SB wasn't even slowed down. That puts SB on Universal level of power.”

In which Thanos was hit promptly after just getting the last piece, thereby staggering him. If Thanos were to use the gauntlets full power, he could have easily put up a portal and closed it for Stormbreaker to be taken out of the fight temporarily, or teleport himself, or literally anything.

Like I said, Thanos wasn’t using the gauntlets full capabilities, so cut the crap.

2) “They don't need to make a statement, the evidence is on screen.”

And the evidence on-screen displays a Thanos not using the gauntlets full capabilities.

3) “It No-Sold a shot from a full power IG”

It no-sold Thanos caught off-guard and trying to counter.

4) “If it can negate the Reality Stone then Magneto isn't doing anything to it.”

It wasn’t negating the Reality Stone and it isn’t negating Magneto. If Thanos waved his hand and we see the axe still intact after Thanos tries to wipe it away, then I would agree. Thanos didn’t. He shot a random concussive blast, that’s it.

5) “SB only got used for proper battle usage in that one scene and there were no IG blasts for it to deflect in Endgame.”

Thereby, it was an outlier.

We don’t even need to see it destroy a universe. Maybe simply a section of a universe. Something to hint at it being that powerful, but no. It is virtually featless, scaled only by an outlier, Mjolnir’s feats, and the fight with Thanos without the gauntlet. End of story.

6) “Magneto has no chance. This is a guy who went down to a plastic bullet.”

Last time I checked, that was around the time he only displayed ferrokinesis. Try feats with him after Apocalypse. Maybe you can actually have a case.

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@pyrofn: It’s not just Vuk they couldn’t control all of her minions were also immune to telepathy and just so happen to nit be human that’s how Xaviar knew they were aliens he couldn’t read or influence their minds

What are you talking about? No one was mind-controlling anybody. If they were immune to telepathy, Xavier wouldn't have figured out that Vuk wasn't human. She looks like a normal human being, so Xavier should have had no reason to believe her to be anything but human, showing that he scanned her mind and saw what she was. Having psychic defenses doesn't equate to them not being human. They equate to a strong mind, Xavier would have to specifically see or know something to come to the conclusion that Vuk wasn't human.

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@destinyman75: I haven’t seen EMH in a long time, so forgive my ignorance, but do you mean when the Cabal took over the Avengers base and Amora tried to do the same trick she did on the Hulk on Thor?

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@thevvitchking: If Xavier can read the mind of an alien, surely Jean could. The statement about Vuk not being like the other humans was towards a Jean who was doing an illusion casually, not tapping into her Phoenix powers, which not even Xavier with Cerebro could penetrate and subdue Phoenix mind.

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Many mention Terrax as a regular jobber. I can’t exactly say for sure personally.

Phoenix Thane is a disappointment. He isn’t even supposed to be herald tier either with the Phoenix Force at his disposal, but ‘lo and behold, he not only measures that far by feats, but they pale in comparison to a Phoenix user with a sliver of the amount of power Thane had at his disposal. By far the worst host of the Phoenix.

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@noone1996: 1) “Magneto bends her blood and his shields block everything she throws at him while he does it (like he's done to 616 Thor)”

Which Jean will heal and resurrect from if it actually works. She has molecular level tk with power on a planetary level, so she can debatably stalemate Magneto and eventually overwhelm him. Even Classic Magneto succumbs to Charles without Cerebro, so while its debatable, it’s a certainty that Magneto ain’t soloing even at his classic levels.

2) “Xavier and Emma have planetary level telepathy feats”

So does Fox Xavier without Cerebro and yet he couldn’t subdue her with Cerebro’s settings almost maxed out. She wasn’t even conscious when she did it. Neither Xavier or Emma will solo. If they work together though, that could be a different story depending on whether Dark Phoenix has any imperfections with her psi-shields.

3) “Quicksilver is not touched by her and his striking power actually isn't a joke unlike the live action version”

He can’t put her down permanently.

It is definitely taking a team effort.