"Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers."

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Cornered By The Beast Of Prey

Prisoners P4E330M, Cell Engravings.

Had I known the consequences of setting foot into his house was the same as welcoming yourself to hell, I would have locked myself inside a coffin 10 ft underground. That is heaven compared to this place. At least I would eventually take my final breaths knowing I died with my sanity. Seeing the state of other prisoners, their cries and hues is getting to me. I can already feel it slipping away.

Why are they still keeping me alive? I don’t deserve this. No one deserves this.

He calls me Subject Control. He’s saving me for something.. It's my ability to produce chemical pheromones.. They are experimenting on people here, using their powers for their own benefits. I just hope they aren't going to use mines for their own exploits.

I don't remember my name anymore..Only 37A24L. It hurts.

This will be my last written words. I can’t take it anymore. My jaw is still strong enough to bite down into my tongue. My teeth haven’t rotted away yet. If I’m going to die here, it’s going to be my way.

2 Years Ago, House Of Brutus

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Slithering through the open window undetected. Anything at this point could have happened and I was ready to disable and dominate. Goosebumps shivered up my body at the creak of wood when my boot touched the floor. The information that was passed to me was correct, he lacked security in his own home. That sucks for him- That was good enough for me.

Using my expertise in cat burglary I had to test my comprehension of this art against one of the finest castles of preservation. It was thrilling. The shelter of the purveyor of security and I’m standing inside trespassing into the man’s bedroom ready to retrieve his vaults valuables. Like bringing a cooked bacon into a room full of hungry dogs unnoticed. It was a Christmas miracle come true.

Given his finger prints and the code I inserted the password and heard the shift of gears unlocking. It was genuine happiness that triggered in me. Smiling gleefully with my eyes clenched, Looking at my own reflection of the vault as it slowly opened. Looking like such a prick right now but couldn’t help it. My eyes were ready to examine the dragons pile of gold.

Too concentrated on greed to have noticed the sudden shift in the vaults reflection. I was just excited to see what was in store for me. Only day dreaming of wealth at this point, smelling the buttery gold that awaited my thirst. Except it revealed nothing but confusion and fear as the safe showed me the owners true intent.

‘Behind you’ the placed note swamped my thoughts in retreat. But it was too late. I was caught in his trap the moment I accepted the job. I knew it was too good to be true.

Hastily I turned around, and there he was. Standing there waiting for me to react. It was now or never. Using my abilities of speech craft I yelled out at the top of my lungs. Commanding him to cease any of his plans. “Stop! Go away!” I looked at the face of danger. He wasn’t affected at all. Just looking into his eyes, that was no man. That was an archdemon in control, his will-power and focus was inhumane, completely resisting my mind control. It was impossible, nobody had that much want.

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Without any warning or questions, the destructive soul had quickly retaliated against my words. With a diabolical smile on his face he pulled back, slugging a metal gauntlet across my jaw. The crackle of bone shifted and formed against the stubbed knuckles. Most people would have stop there and arrest the stunned crook but he wasn’t finished, I now feared for my safety as the maniacally lips spoke down to me. “Gluttony took the lure-“ With the pause in his speech, I would catch the glimpse of more pain at the corner of my eye. Delivering another blow against the cartilage of my ear. The flat surface of the metallic tool crushed and squeezed against my ear. A pitched tone now drummed in my head, accompanying the pain was a running river of blood and sweat sprinkled down from mushed cartilage.

“Finding a big catch at the end of the hook.” Tears began to quiver, rolling down from my eyelids. His expression was insanity, he was going to kill me I feared. Screaming with the most pathetic tone, my voice kept telling him to stop. Surrendering into his mercy, but with the next bash it was then I knew he had none. Thriving off of my pain, his smile got wider.

“I, the fisherman, Will gut you.” His palm thrusted upwards squashing my nose. Gnashing blood everywhere and blocking my nasal passage. I gasped for air and it became fight or flight. I had no combat experience but I had to do something or more pain was to be endured. Throwing a punch of my own. His machinery quickly acted on its own and caught my fist. It was something out of his control and his frown declared that he didn’t like that, not at all. It was then I knew that death was certain.

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The metal joints began to compress and the pressure snapped all of the bones in my hand. Screaming in pain he continued nonetheless. “-Unscale you of your powers.” He raised his spare hand and chopped at my sarcophagus.

I fell to my knees trying to inhale air but my throat and nose were crushed. “Then I’ll cook you slowly-“ Grabbing hold of my hair, he pulled upwards so he could see my expressions of distress.

The trouble of me breathing was like ecstasy to him.

“-then feed you to the good people that you take advantage of.” He let go of my hand and replaced his grip at my lower ribcage, pushing inward at my lungs. Snapping my bones as if they were branches.

Vomit expelled from my body as if it were my spirit leaving my body. My vision was turning black. Either from a black eye, swollen face or from the acute pain. Before I was about to pass out on my own, he wouldn’t let that happen. Control was something he succeeded at. Forcing my unconsciousness himself.

"That’s how you’re going to repay for your sins.“ Pulling back his bloodied gauntlet into his jacket, he pulled out a syringe with unknown liquids inside injecting it inside my neck. That was the last thing I saw before I awoke in a prison cell.

Public Released News "Brutus Technology Is Effective!"

Live news from 2 years ago.

The red and blue lights covered the scene of Brutus-Alexanders house.

A youthful woman stood in front of the camera.

"I've been told that there was an attempted robbery at one of the most wealthiest person in the world. As soon as I heard it was at the House of Brutus, a home invasion at the very mans home who creates security! How could it have ever gone wrong? Most of Brutus technology is in its prototype stage and only a few products have been released and donated to this nation. This is just more proof that it works and it's the next step to security in our homes against gifted villains and trespassers. Brutus himself said that he didn't even need to defend himself, The protective layout of his home easily apprehended the suspect trying to break in from his backyard. The police quickly showed up to arrest the suspect. Found contained by brutus inventions and unharmed. The suspect has been classified as a wanted mutant at large, so we can trust that they know what they are capable of at Brutus Enterprises. "