"Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers."

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Cerberus Units, Deploying National Security

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The Age Of Ares

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The President stood amused looking down at the vast metallic force slowly assembling its presence into reality. The transforming metal had forged the new age that Brutus foresaw.

The guardian enterprise that stood for the utopia of mankind, I have dreamt of that prosperity ever since my young mind saw the poverty and pity that the world had. So I did what I could do best, for the past few years I obtained what I deemed necessary to create authority, but I needed more. Rising what was a technological Pruitt-igoe of the Government. I promised them security and gallivanting peace without worry. A perfect world that only my legacy of instruments could evolve. They leer like at my ambitions, suspecting inept morals and an unfeigned desperation for power, but that's because I’m a necessary evil that the world is too afraid of admitting. That’s why I have easily obtained presidential power. I showed them of their ignorance, that they believe that the state of freedom we have is exceptional, but it isn’t. Whatever freedom that we have now is just an illusion, a world of tolerating worms graveling in the dirt while a bigger boot steps on us. I’m going to change that once and for all.

Looking down at the incunabula of designs displayed at the earliest of production. Brutus tried to master the perfect sentry design ever since his company began. The architectural progress over the years were mediocre or impossible until the creation of the miracle harvest engine. It was a secret program that supplied the government with infinite potentials in reconstruction and protective militarization .

Over the years I have turned those first designs into tomes that I have conjured since that dedication materialized. It motivated me not out of anger or disapproval of the world, it was the uneasiness that I have shared with the weak while we watched destructive world events in fear. Our lives in the hands of wild and inefficient world breaking heroes.. This dismay made me see the world for what it wasn’t. It was vulnerable, an inevitable war with itself. So I went on the stride of protection. Advancing my inventions into the real world. This will guarantee the prophecies that I have indoctrinated into their minds.

One by one the automatons flew into the air going towards their designated cities for patrol and reconstruction.

I will serve my people by rebuilding what these supervillains have carved into our soil as they merry way on their destructive paths.

He sought for the full restoration of Gothic, sending divisions of Cerberus Units to rebuild what has been damaged. Ordering the construction of Brutus Cores across multiple cities. With his behest more divisions of Cerberus Units went off into the sky to build the protective power plants. Estimating their completion in two years.

Then I will follow and trail them. Exterminating every scent, every appearance, and every retaliation that these villains dare to plague my country with. Until my very hands find the larva of their generation, crushing and suffocating the essence of their existence until there is nothing but a sad memory of them running away from my justice.

"They never get hungry. They never sleep. They never get tired. They will find you"

They are private construction and security bots that my company brutus enterprises has made.