"Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers."

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Cerberus Satellite: Projects Of Tartarus

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A Vision Of Reverie

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Purpose, a vision, the music of life

In great deed, something abides. On great fields, something stays. Forms change and pass, bodies disappear but spirits linger to consecrate ground for the vision place of the soul. And reverent men and women from afar and generations that know us not and that we know not of, shall come here to ponder and to dream and the power of the vision shall pass into their souls.

-Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1828 - 1914

An aurora, the launch sewed the worried night sky. Brushing and scaling, a blaze of hope to some, or the next burnished of war to those that thought to go against his will to power. It was the sinew of his heart. A future that he had untangled.

The skeins of the satellites trail had stitched the efforts of his liturgical prophecies. Indoctrinating their minds with peace. This reveal however was skulking them of his true influence. Believed to be a satellite to moderate and surveillance the Cerberus units and activated products of Brutus Enterprises, however It was much more than that.

Observing the events of crisis that held the earth in jeopardy, he witness the historical poise for strife. Showing him the enmity of this worlds nature, the essence of contesting strength against one another has become a normality. It gave the purveyor of evolution an unforeseen vision of weapons of mass destruction. Lead by his deception, Brutus would use the imprisoned and progressing projects of contrivance, to use the inevitable annihilation to forward his evolutionary steps to the future that was glowing ever so brightly.

Using the satellites advanced transportation, with his behest the awaiting plans patiently remain deactivated until the time has finally come for the procedures to be unleashed. The reign of their destruction upon the world manipulated by his strategy. Instant teleportation or disguised orbital entry, these monsters will be received through the media as nothing else but invaders or specifically planned instruments that will advance his plot for a better world.

When You've Bungled All Your Bangles

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Project: Meta-Siphons

The intentions of more beings such as the Amalgamator, it had been the thought process ever since his incarceration. The potential that the subject had to constrain and adapt to anything his body desired was almost like a fairy tale. However It is no longer mystic arts or a dream to restrain anything that I wanted. Not anymore, it became real. Ever since Braum Steels harvesting procedure has undergone we began experimenting and cloning the god-like asset to create Meta-Siphons. The subjects skin had the ability to absorb absolutely anything. It was impressive, but it wasn't concentrated. My idea was put into play and D.O.M.O.D the master of meta biology was happy to oblige to such a parasitic concept. Finally conjuring the formula to absorb what mattered the most, adding the skill to siphon the abilities and magical properties into its own. Adding their talents into its personal arsenal. The Harvesters had become operational. They are mindless and hungry beasts that I will summon to smite against the villainy of the world.

And Your Loved Ones Have Been Mangled

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Project: Cataclysm

"The one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail."

Shot was easily confiscated into my control. Despite his good intentions and such, I plan to remove his existence very soon. Manipulating a supportive stature towards Ares Law Enforcement, it will be a reminder that even the most purest of souls such as his had promoted me and my ideal world. Once his inevitable death has been confirmed and his body contained, I will combine his infinite strength to be infected with the Purge protocol in the near future. Power such as his must not go to waste, his strength can easily level a city alone...or an entire empire.

Just Listen To The Jingle Jangle

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Project: Cronus

That robot of Reynard had sent a warning of paroxysm to his creator. I planned this from the very beginning. Once the pink caped vigilante has confronted me with the delivered warning - if he ever deciphers the message correctly. It will lead to the solution that the damn robot has also sent me a message simultaneously. To make him believe that the robot was an anomaly of artificial intelligence, "Dandy" has sent me the miracle designs to make a perfect body in replacement of his faulty one. It will be a perfect body that only I could provide the world. All it needs is the faulty programming of a terminator that is under the control of a hero, such success will make the nation look at the cape crusader as a crisis awaiting to happen in the eyes of the public.

Of The Laboratories Hellish Screams

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Project: Purge

The flesh manipulator, the worlds engine of insanity was found frozen in space after the first events in Gothic. Luckily It was me who had found the devilish resource. if it had been anyone else they would of tried to destroy the finally unconscious demon. But I saw the resources that the doctor has made.. I saw the potential.. I saw the planetary threat that he held in his biological art. He called himself Doctor Wheatley.. I call him the final step to true power.. The husk had immortality and potent viruses that D.O.M.O.D has yet to master. Just like braum steel, I seek to exploit the sleeping demon for myself.