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Brutus Cores (Energy & Protection)

Unlimited Energy And Protection

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The powers and elements of stars is something Brutus Enterprises aren't afraid of toying with, but if there was one thing they were afraid of, It was outside minds not comprehending how efficient and protective the new top of the line Torus Reactors that they had in line. So Brutus himself held a stage for a public presentation seen nationwide. Walking up to the podium, It was decorated with curtains delicate flowered with the pictures of known superheroes. He was now standing among them. This was just another tiny step towards the evolution of man that he had to make them understand.

"Imagine." He paused "Nuclear War, an alien invasion, a planet killing meteor." Stopping again to let them imagine. Then suddenly the curtain of heroes was ripped down and he alone would be left standing. Showing the audience that they should depend on him. "Nobody left to protect us, No champion. No hero able to help. What would we be able to do?"

"Nada, Nothing. You would say we are doomed, am I right?"


An image is projected above the podium. An image of already seen technology around first world countries. It was the design of a basic torus reactor.

"Unlimited energy? What's that gonna do?" He questioned them. The picture is changed, a massive dome right beside New York city as its neighbor. "I introduce you to Brutus Cores! Unlimited energy! Exactly! That's is what were gonna do! Use such a basic..already used technology and advance on it!"

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"Advance on it how you say?" The picture is changed into a demonstration video. A city destroying meteor is seen falling towards the great human society. Exploding into hell fire, meant to eviscerate everything it touches yet the city is seen untouched. The Brutus Core beside the city emanating a massive protective shield containing the city inside. Zooming into the unscathed faces and houses of the city. Cheering and smiles all to be seen. Families together hugging each other. "That's pretty nice isn't it?" Brutus said nodding his head in satisfaction.

"So I decided to use my own money, because I can't wait for presidency, until then, I'll just do it myself!" This line said to show the people that he didn't care about the title, Brutus just wanted things done right in his way because he knew nobody else could pull it off. "I'm going to pay for every capital city protection plant If I have to!"

"It's going to be a slow process, but it's going to make thousands of jobs available and secure our future at the same time!"

"Support Brutus Enterprises for a better tomorrow!"

Public Released Design

Brutus Cores energy output depends on the cores individually size

The Thermonuclear Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid Fussion Reactor uses a torus shaped mass of spinning plasma kept in place by magnetic fields to create energy. Imitating the nuclear fusion in the core of stars.

Thermonuclear plasmas cannot be confined in a manner comparable to gases and liquids.In stars, the thermonuclear plasma exists in the center and is inertial confined through the force of gravity. The strength of gravitational force and temperature is so high in the core, that nuclear fusion reactions take place on their own. When the fusion reactions among all of the light elements stop due to the termination of nuclear fuel, the star undergoes either a collapse or expansion depending on its mass. Heavy stars form white dwarfs with extremely high mass densities where nuclear fusion reactions continue until all of the fuel is transformed into iron.

The core design is controlled nuclear fusion that has self-sustainable burning plasma that is made by the light stable isotopes of Iron creating an inexhaustible source of energy in light nucleus atoms. Transforming the thermal ring into mechanical and electrical forms that is held by strong magnetic fields. The fusion of Iron causes a large energy density. The fusion of only one 2 cm square of the ring of the core can generate an average power of 100 000 joules per second..This is equivalent to burning of 30 pounds of coal and more than 60 gallons of oil product, emitting 25 Kg of carbon dioxide. The energy is then carried by kinetic energy. Progress has laser power and radiation to merge using magnetic fields to confine and merge deuterium and tritium.

Which proceeds to Magnetic Confinement Fusion ( is an approach to generating fusion power that uses magnetic fields to confine the hot fusion fuel in the form of a plasma.). Thermonuclear Plasma is confined by pettawatt laser pulses having energies 1MJ, or accelerated particles, which uniformly irradiate a solidified spherical micro target. This technique is referred to as the Inertial Confinement Fusion (is a type of fusion energy research that attempts to initiate nuclear fusion reactions by heating and compressing a fuel target, typically in the form of a pellet that most often contains a mixture of deuterium and tritium.)

Plasma is confined in the form of a torus by very strong magnetic fields in a vacuum vessel. To attain the plasma stability conditions a large unidirectional toroidal electrical current transformer should be maintained in the plasma. The toroidal current should be about 2 megamperes. The plasma confinement time is designed to be at least 40 seconds.The stability of the thermonuclear plasma is provided through a toroidal plasma current, the stellarator plasma is stable without need to such a toroidal plasma current. The balance is created by topology of magnetic field windings which progress the magnetic fields to work.

Transport refers to fluxes that happen to go forward and address the magnetic field lines. The shape torus is the dominant diffusive transport is most due to drifts across particle guiding center orbits. In particular, the impact and particle placements are superior due to the center displacement from the magnetic surface. This type of transport is faster than classical transport and is called Neoclassical (non-classical) Transport

Toidal Coils

Solenoids are used for electromagnets that form a wire that carries current.

Electromagnets have magnetic fields created from currents. The wire is formed into a helical coil, and a piece of metal (such as iron) is inserted inside to become a conductor.

The reactors toroids have magnetic fields inside of itself that forms a series of circles. The strength of this magnetic field depends on the number of coils the reactor has on its body. In this case the amount of coils is twenty. Toroids are valuable because, like all solenoids, they are inductors. Inductors can induce or cause currents to be created in nearby coils. Toroids also have what is known as self- inductance, which is a type of resistance. The toroid resists or fights changes to its own current, whether it is to make it larger or smaller. The strength of the self-inductance depends on the toroid's number of coils and the source.To do so it employs its strongest currents to produce the largest magnetic fields through its toroidal coils looped perpendicularly around the torus ring. The current is induced in the plasma from high currents in the poloidal coils in the middle of the doughnut shape producing its own magnetic field.

Transformers are made from a pair of solenoids wrapped around a metal core that is a ferrite doughnut. The coils are either wrapped in different areas or placed one over the other. They are preferred for radio frequency transformers, where they are used to increase or decrease voltages from power sources and to isolate different parts in a circuit. RF are used forconnecting, which means they help connect input and output parts of different circuits.

Vacuum Vessel

The vacuum vessel is a sealed steel container inside the cryostat that contains the fusion reaction and is designed as the safety containment barrier. In its torus-shaped chamber. The plasma particles spiral around continuously without touching the walls due to magnets that work together in the environment. The size of the vacuum vessel dictates the volume of the fusion plasma. The larger the vessel, the greater the amount of power that can be produced. The thermonuclear vacuum vessel will fit to the size to the units strength and size. The average power armor will hold the dimensions of a diameter of 23 cm It will measure a little over 23 cm across by 23 cm high, and weigh in excess of 100 pounds.

The vacuum vessel is constructed with carbon wall reinforcements to contain plasma leaks. The walls will have many passages for cooling processing that come from the cyrostat systems. The inside surfaces of the vacuum vessel will be covered in blanket modules that will produce defenses against high-energy being produced by the thermonuclear reactions in the hollow shell of the vessel.


The blanket is constructed over the interiors of the vacuum vessel. It provides defense against the vessel and the superconducting magnets from the thermal energy and fusion reactions from the torus of thermonuclear plasma.

the neutrons are slowed in the surface of the blanket where the kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy where it is collected by coolant systems. The energy is then transferred to another electrical power for further production.The blanket wall consists of 44 individual modules. Each segment faces towards the plasma and removes the heat load from the plasma. It works as a semi-blanket shield that provides necessary cycles that are dedicated for magnetic shielding.

The blanket is challenged for components because it works together with the divertor that directly faces the contained plasma. It's unique physical properties contain beryllium as a first layer and a high-strength copper and carbon fibers.


The bottom of the fusion reactor located is the divertor. It is made of many cassettes each containing components that face the containment or the tarfets. It is situated of the magnetic fields where the high-energy plasma particles strike the components. The kinetic energy produced by the particles is transformed into thermal energy. The material surface for the divertor is tungsten, being able to handle over 5000 c for over 29 years of combat usage.

External Heating

Temperatures of the plasma depends on the size of the reactor due to the volume of the plasma. On a average power suit, the insides of the magnetic field will reach 15 million Celsius. The temperature of thermonuclear plasma. It is a procedure in order to contain the gas in the vacuum vessel to reach its state for fusion reactions to extract the output of the energy produced. The Thermonuclear Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid Fusion Reactor contains three sources of advanced heating in its environment to provide the input for heating required to handle fusion. They are neutral beam injections and 2 sources of electromagnetic waves.

During the pre-battle preparation. The external heating will be programmed for a total stop or slowly reduced together. The burning plasma will then have the energy needed to drive the fusion reaction longer than it is needed. Notable that the fusion will not stop until 72 hours or longer. After the time period, the reactor will then go through procedures for recharging / reheating.

Neutral Beam Injection

Injection to heat the fuel is done before battle deployment. It is a neutral beam that injects uncharged high-energy particles into the plasma where it will cause collision.Pre-injection, deuterium atoms will accelerate outside of the vessel to a kinetic energy calculated to 1 Mega electron Volt. The electrons of the positive charge will be removed from the neutral beams atoms which will create a positive charged ion. It is then recycled to reverse it's programming so the fusion will not be deflected. It will then proceed to pass through and search for a missing electron and be injected.There is constructed of two beam injectors for external heating. Pre-battle.

Ion Cyclotron Heating

Uses powerful radio waves at separate frequencies for additional heat. Inspired by the basic microwave transfer. In Ion Cyclotron Resonance, the thermal energy is transferred to the ions of the thermonuclear plasma by a produced electromagnetic radiation wave. The generator that produces the high-power radio frequencies waves are constructed by necessary antennas that carry along transmission lines located in the vacuum vessel which sends it's heat waves to the thermonuclear plasma, thus heating it.

Electron Cyclotron Heating

Heats the electrons in the thermonuclear plasma with a concentrated intensity beam of electromagnetic radiation. Pre-heated at a frequency of 170 GHz for the average unit. The frequency wave transfers the collision of energy into usable ions. It is used to release heat in specific locations of the torus to build-up instabilities that prevent cooling. The Power will be provided by generated frequency gyrotron sources. The duration will proceed depending on the volume of plasma needed. The infantry unit will proceed to be 50 seconds.


The Cryostat is a structure surrounding the vacuum vessel. It is constructed by superconducting magnets providing extreme cooling in it's thermal environment. It is made up of single crystal wall cylinder reinforced ribs.It has many openings that provide access to the interior of the vessel for cooling systems. It deploys magnet feeders, auxiliary heating, and diagnostics. Large tunnels are built between the cryostat and the vacuum vessel to obtain the ability that allows for thermal contraction and expansion which is released through back engines or boosters. The cryostat is surrounded by a minor concentrated magnetic field that protects it from harm.





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Brutus Cores secondary purpose: Planetary cannons.

Upon level 5 authority the Brutus Cores protocols are transformed into planetary cannons. Diverting 50% power away from the protective shields and turned into lethal weapons. Using the infinite energy to become a self sustaining death ray. Meant to eliminate orbital threats that introduce themselves with constant assault and concentrated damage.