Necessary Evil, Part 1

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Designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive.

The Dark Room

Easily standing in silence.

Iron works, a secretive factory sat 93 meters underneath brutus enterprises ground floor, a pissant manufacturing pitt about as abandoned as any neighborhoods old haunted house, but two new company were there, one a betrayer of loyalty and disbelief that sat at a lone computer accessing data files he knows he should not be doing. His eyes shot wide open, reading the systematic mind of the one who he tried to go against, typing progressively, watching the programs, plans and classified information get captured into his mind. He thought he was alone. Thinking he was safe, but the common sound of machinery coming closer in the cruel silence begged to cease his plans.

Coming closer in slow and steady steps that filled the blank eerie volume with his arrival.

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A laconic statue made itself known in the shadows of the corridor. Addressing the doddering prey with his immortal creed. "I was thinking about a story from the bible, more of a curiosity than a faith." his slight mechanized timbre resonated passed the ocean of black metal and latched into the attention of the single dweller, fidgeting in the presidents sudden wake. It was the eerie frame that produced a scantly inhuman and injured voice, coming from the empty crevasse of his chest. Something that mortal men could never tolerate without was missing. No heart beat, no hint of life. The heart was replaced, taken away by the fear of those who couldn't comprehend his monumental quiddity, forcing him to sacrifice his very flesh for the lives of others.

Recycled and repurposed into an inorganic machine. It disturbed him.

Yet his affection still remained even with the lost of his bodies prime essence. Even without the feeling of his own life and warmth, the purveyor still yearned the fervor that created him.This room was no different than the victims sepulcher that motivated the mourning father. A broken-hearted kennel and soon-to-be another product of the past."But this one story.. about a man, traveling from city to city when he was set upon by men of ill intent."

Covered in the abyss of the environment, however the listening man could feel something off putting. Knowing the statue that spoke sustained eye contact in the silence of color, a predator hiding behind the disguise of night. Without even seeing the face of the figure standing before him, he knew his purpose. It was clear that the morality of his sweet meat was being taken away. Leaving nothing behind but bitterness as he once demonstrated before to the cyclops of the equalizers. He compared the black ugly crust as a fence and the soft and weak gore of the cake as the innocent sheep we needed to protect. "Stripping the traveler of his clothes, they beat him, and they left him bleeding in the dirt." He spoke of the worlds status and the people that he tried to protect

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The prey shot at him with technology advanced enough to penetrate Brutus enterprises highest level of shielding but the statue was unmoved and continued on his story.

"A priest happened by, saw the traveler, but he moved to the other side of the road and continued on." Without the fence to keep the sheep in, it allowed the wolves to get through, mawing and taking what he had tried to protect, all the shepherd would have left is the bitterness, turned into fear and unwillingness to do what was right. "Then a Levite, came to the scene, saw the dying traveler. But he too moved to the other side of the road, passed him by."Everyday Brutus tried to proved he would do anything to prevent that, to keep the worlds heroes from turning into the pitiful priest and levite that only sought for themselves.

Trembling of the anxious prey was the result of the purveyor's classified durability, keeping his intentions in protecting his people no matter what it had to take, Sacrificing more of his humanity, the inventor took the inhumane path and turned the nuclear blood that spilled from his victims, into a haunting level of shielding for himself.

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"But then came a Samaritan, a good man. He saw the traveler bleeding in the road and he stopped to aid him without thinking of the circumstance or the difficulty it might bring him"

"That even staring into the abyss - I am not afraid of the consequences that it shows me"

He thought of himself as the Samaritan, explaining to the grim reaper that tried to claim his soul, the ambitious man told he wasn't afraid, he wouldn't stop, he convinced the embodiment of punishment that what he was doing was for the greater good. A small necessary evil to get rid of the bigger ones, that his ambitions was greater than the justified concern of those who feared him.

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"I'm doing this simply because the traveler is my neighbor."

"I'm trying to help this world and all the people in it."

"And by undressing you."

"A wolf who threatens the shepherds fence."

"That dares quarrel my sheep."

"Will awaken the demon inside of me. "


Cerberus Satellite: Projects Of Tartarus

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A Vision Of Reverie

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Purpose, a vision, the music of life

In great deed, something abides. On great fields, something stays. Forms change and pass, bodies disappear but spirits linger to consecrate ground for the vision place of the soul. And reverent men and women from afar and generations that know us not and that we know not of, shall come here to ponder and to dream and the power of the vision shall pass into their souls.

-Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1828 - 1914

An aurora, the launch sewed the worried night sky. Brushing and scaling, a blaze of hope to some, or the next burnished of war to those that thought to go against his will to power. It was the sinew of his heart. A future that he had untangled.

The skeins of the satellites trail had stitched the efforts of his liturgical prophecies. Indoctrinating their minds with peace. This reveal however was skulking them of his true influence. Believed to be a satellite to moderate and surveillance the Cerberus units and activated products of Brutus Enterprises, however It was much more than that.

Observing the events of crisis that held the earth in jeopardy, he witness the historical poise for strife. Showing him the enmity of this worlds nature, the essence of contesting strength against one another has become a normality. It gave the purveyor of evolution an unforeseen vision of weapons of mass destruction. Lead by his deception, Brutus would use the imprisoned and progressing projects of contrivance, to use the inevitable annihilation to forward his evolutionary steps to the future that was glowing ever so brightly.

Using the satellites advanced transportation, with his behest the awaiting plans patiently remain deactivated until the time has finally come for the procedures to be unleashed. The reign of their destruction upon the world manipulated by his strategy. Instant teleportation or disguised orbital entry, these monsters will be received through the media as nothing else but invaders or specifically planned instruments that will advance his plot for a better world.

When You've Bungled All Your Bangles

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Project: Meta-Siphons

The intentions of more beings such as the Amalgamator, it had been the thought process ever since his incarceration. The potential that the subject had to constrain and adapt to anything his body desired was almost like a fairy tale. However It is no longer mystic arts or a dream to restrain anything that I wanted. Not anymore, it became real. Ever since Braum Steels harvesting procedure has undergone we began experimenting and cloning the god-like asset to create Meta-Siphons. The subjects skin had the ability to absorb absolutely anything. It was impressive, but it wasn't concentrated. My idea was put into play and D.O.M.O.D the master of meta biology was happy to oblige to such a parasitic concept. Finally conjuring the formula to absorb what mattered the most, adding the skill to siphon the abilities and magical properties into its own. Adding their talents into its personal arsenal. The Harvesters had become operational. They are mindless and hungry beasts that I will summon to smite against the villainy of the world.

And Your Loved Ones Have Been Mangled

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Project: Cataclysm

"The one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail."

Shot was easily confiscated into my control. Despite his good intentions and such, I plan to remove his existence very soon. Manipulating a supportive stature towards Ares Law Enforcement, it will be a reminder that even the most purest of souls such as his had promoted me and my ideal world. Once his inevitable death has been confirmed and his body contained, I will combine his infinite strength to be infected with the Purge protocol in the near future. Power such as his must not go to waste, his strength can easily level a city alone...or an entire empire.

Just Listen To The Jingle Jangle

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Project: Cronus

That robot of Reynard had sent a warning of paroxysm to his creator. I planned this from the very beginning. Once the pink caped vigilante has confronted me with the delivered warning - if he ever deciphers the message correctly. It will lead to the solution that the damn robot has also sent me a message simultaneously. To make him believe that the robot was an anomaly of artificial intelligence, "Dandy" has sent me the miracle designs to make a perfect body in replacement of his faulty one. It will be a perfect body that only I could provide the world. All it needs is the faulty programming of a terminator that is under the control of a hero, such success will make the nation look at the cape crusader as a crisis awaiting to happen in the eyes of the public.

Of The Laboratories Hellish Screams

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Project: Purge

The flesh manipulator, the worlds engine of insanity was found frozen in space after the first events in Gothic. Luckily It was me who had found the devilish resource. if it had been anyone else they would of tried to destroy the finally unconscious demon. But I saw the resources that the doctor has made.. I saw the potential.. I saw the planetary threat that he held in his biological art. He called himself Doctor Wheatley.. I call him the final step to true power.. The husk had immortality and potent viruses that D.O.M.O.D has yet to master. Just like braum steel, I seek to exploit the sleeping demon for myself.


Cerberus Units, Deploying National Security

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The Age Of Ares

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The President stood amused looking down at the vast metallic force slowly assembling its presence into reality. The transforming metal had forged the new age that Brutus foresaw.

The guardian enterprise that stood for the utopia of mankind, I have dreamt of that prosperity ever since my young mind saw the poverty and pity that the world had. So I did what I could do best, for the past few years I obtained what I deemed necessary to create authority, but I needed more. Rising what was a technological Pruitt-igoe of the Government. I promised them security and gallivanting peace without worry. A perfect world that only my legacy of instruments could evolve. They leer like at my ambitions, suspecting inept morals and an unfeigned desperation for power, but that's because I’m a necessary evil that the world is too afraid of admitting. That’s why I have easily obtained presidential power. I showed them of their ignorance, that they believe that the state of freedom we have is exceptional, but it isn’t. Whatever freedom that we have now is just an illusion, a world of tolerating worms graveling in the dirt while a bigger boot steps on us. I’m going to change that once and for all.

Looking down at the incunabula of designs displayed at the earliest of production. Brutus tried to master the perfect sentry design ever since his company began. The architectural progress over the years were mediocre or impossible until the creation of the miracle harvest engine. It was a secret program that supplied the government with infinite potentials in reconstruction and protective militarization .

Over the years I have turned those first designs into tomes that I have conjured since that dedication materialized. It motivated me not out of anger or disapproval of the world, it was the uneasiness that I have shared with the weak while we watched destructive world events in fear. Our lives in the hands of wild and inefficient world breaking heroes.. This dismay made me see the world for what it wasn’t. It was vulnerable, an inevitable war with itself. So I went on the stride of protection. Advancing my inventions into the real world. This will guarantee the prophecies that I have indoctrinated into their minds.

One by one the automatons flew into the air going towards their designated cities for patrol and reconstruction.

I will serve my people by rebuilding what these supervillains have carved into our soil as they merry way on their destructive paths.

He sought for the full restoration of Gothic, sending divisions of Cerberus Units to rebuild what has been damaged. Ordering the construction of Brutus Cores across multiple cities. With his behest more divisions of Cerberus Units went off into the sky to build the protective power plants. Estimating their completion in two years.

Then I will follow and trail them. Exterminating every scent, every appearance, and every retaliation that these villains dare to plague my country with. Until my very hands find the larva of their generation, crushing and suffocating the essence of their existence until there is nothing but a sad memory of them running away from my justice.

"They never get hungry. They never sleep. They never get tired. They will find you"

They are private construction and security bots that my company brutus enterprises has made.


Claytronics, Foundation Of Infinite Arsenals

The Hound Of Hades Infrastructure

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Claytronics: Programmable Matter

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'Your sonic screwdriver doesn't impress me.' The Arbiter contemplated his plans of security. Advancing the weight of his ideas on the theoretical domino. This was a single push forward that would surely advance the preservation on everything he has been scheming. Brutus knocked down what stood for security and replaced the meaning with weaponry. He had mastered adaption and containment, that’s what his artistry was. By using that knowledge the purveyor of security sought to program every pauldron, tassette, gadget and tool that were being computed into being assembled in almost an instant protocol. This is a crime-striken behest that he was evocative about, the concept of blocking the tides of war that the world had suffered through with an evolving and adaptable force. The stratagem to isolate any heritance of crime that gallivants their instruments of meta-abilities against the cement of armaments that were slowly hardening into reality.

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This foundation was the existence of claytronic technology. By using the key earth element scandium as the mechanical molecules that would frame upon itself into hundreds upon thousands of synchronizing mutated pieces. Programming the self-configuring modular nanites into reinforced metal plates then applying the protocol to decrease and increase into almost anything. Ranging the infinite possibilities to tea cups, lamps, ready to use printers, computers and to missiles etc. Anything was possible with claytronics. Molding the element of scandium into warmachines without any problems due to the nature of being as dense as aluminum and the melting point of 1,540 degree Celsius. It was perfect.

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The perfection of code and versatility that the programmable matter had was impressive to Brutus. The harmonizing promise of the multi purposed clay contrasted every other blunt instrument of technology that the human world had to offer. However the element of scandium was extremely rare and Brutus had to go to unethical matters to achieve the impossible amount he was going to display. Going deep down the road of Sepulcher, he would order the procedure of their harvest engine, Subject A25. This was an evolutionary step for mankind and he would do anything to achieve that matter. The magnitude of this project was too great for failure, Narrowing down the idea of harvesting a prisoners arms and legs as the only solution. It was inhumane but necessary to achieve the inheritance of what he was amassing.

"Assemble the Cerberus Units."


Capturing Unlimited Strength

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The magnate of deceit looked outside of the screen glass that scaled the view of the city streets below. Looking down at the people he vowed to protect, he thought of them like cattle. They were a species of prey that the overwhelming world around took advantage of, Brutus sought to change that. Devising with a listening ally that heeded his plans. The purveyor of security spoke of 'recruiting' a herding dog, a special one that was as attractive as they were powerful in the eyes of the world. "He's going to be a valuable asset to our future plans." His eyes darting down at the scurrying cars and people. Imagining the newest unit in his control patrolling and speaking for him. "Sepulcher?" The voice questioned. "No, I won't incarcerate him, he's too popular, too noble and pure of heart" The tales of this champions untamable desire to help others was demonstrated at his most heroic deeds. "The people love him for his quddity to protect the innocent. We-"

DOMOD rudely interrupted his rant "-With his power, he can easily stop us, what's preventing that?!" his colleague questioned. The scientist was concerned, He had the right to do so, even the smallest mistake could fracture everything they built. It was a necessary breach of communication. "No, You're thinking too small, imagine if he joined us." The great mighty hero working along with Brutus would convince the world that even the most pure souls were willing to cooperate under Brutus's regulations and command. "And how do we do that?" Eagerly trying to query the purveyors understanding. “How?!” Brutus laughed towards the suspense that he held, revealing the great idea. It was unpleasant and morally evil, but if it were to create a better future that Brutus had dreamed of. Damning what stood for restraint, he wouldn't hesitate to apply his merciless ways "We attack his heart!"

"We attack his loved ones!"

A Damsel In Distress Cried Out

The dense weight of vocalized pain stiffened any thought of retreat, in the distance the irksome soft cries and hues was like an aerie ballet. Her majestic symphony echoed out the thoughts of saving his loved one, he had no reason to decline their unforgivable action. His mind was weakened by perturbed thoughts that volatilized any method to resist their hostage situation. All he really wanted to do was hold and be with his daughter again, but she was contained in a heavily constructed machine. A design only the Sepulcher Facility could ever morally make, representing the agony and antipathy that they had brought to captured meta-villains.

Newborn hooks that were forged with the integrity of adamentium had handcuffed her limbs and neck, ready to apply a clashing series of instantaneous death protocols. "Dad! Get out of here! You don't know what he's capable of!" Lass warned. The plan was a master piece, an instrument of containment that her eerie bawling had played. The scene was an orchestra that was made solely for Shot to hear, a personal music piece that deeply hypnotized his consciousness in sorrow and anger. "You're a monster! Let my daughter go!" Shot commanded him, something like that had easily shattered Brutus's approach to reason with him. Underneath his face plate, Brutus's expression would crinkle with rage. How daring Shot must of been to command him in this situation. "I'm the monster? Don't make me laugh!"

The Knight In White Shining Armor Arrived

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"Look at yourself. Ready to explode with your vulnerabilities. You're a ticking time bomb, unstable. Yet you jump into every possible danger you can find.."

"How many innocent people will you kill if you ever face an enemy too strong for you? The explosion is incalculable Grodd! You're strength is infinite! You're God-like! You are-"

The moment the worried father had arrived he was exposed to the undetectable effluvium that swallowed his body, preparing and tendering it for the purveyors demonic possession. All Brutus had to do was activate the tenderized mind and soul with his commandment.


Brutus willed. At that very moment sudden monomania towards the mastermind had triggered in Shots mind. It was then that the forthcoming events were all set in place. This was the first dominoe that had fallen forward towards the new era that Brutus was trying to achieve.

Shots mind was his and his alone. All those worries that he had for his daughter were all shut down by one single word. "Grodd, you're daughter was never in danger.." Brutus signaled and the humanoid robot that was disguised as his offspring turned off. The titan however just agreed with him, by nodding and flexing his muscles "Okaaaay~" This announced that he still had his personality. Embodying his original knowledge and spirit, yet still under the control of the deceitful man. He had made the perfect camoflaudge that would mask a killer underneath all of his bodaciousness.

Brutus called out his men to retrieve a convicted felon for him. The corrupt prisoner in the eyes of the warden was immune to the methods of M.O.T.H.E.R Rehabilitation. It was no good to him and has sentenced him to immediate termination and this was his day of punishment. Giving Shot an adamentium spear. "The prisoners skin is too durable, I need your strength and you're cooperation to penetrate it through his heart. It will be a fast and noble death. This is why I need you Shot. I need you to execute these meta-villains as my new law enforcement agent"

Shot was happy to conclude the scene, quickly impaling the captive. Sentencing the pleading meta-villain to death in one quick motion. The innocence of the man who has never killed anyone before had willingly executed a random stranger. This was the power that Brutus held and he would use it against every single meta-villain that opposed him.

"Good job"

"Agent Shot"

And The Scorching Breath Of The Dragon Turned It Black


Ares Law Enforcement (Presidential Speech)

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The emissary’s breath and running blood remained as Brutus willed it. His soul solely controlled by the capital leader that campaigned, following the edged machines shadow that expelled from the incandescent of awaiting cameras. Following not out of fear but true faith that was about to be displayed. Brutus’s conviction was unmatched, confirmed by the amount of PR that infected not only the nation but the entire world. Exerting speech-craft that everyone had succumbed to, Mr. Dagaal-Ares quickly became one of the most famous celebrities across the globe. The extent of his supporters was immense, believing all of his malevolent lies. He was the Loki among humankind, a master of deceit. Introducing themselves on stage with the purpose to impress once again. They gave feigned smiles of happiness and laughter to make the anticipating crowd feel their comfort, adding onto the forgery of Brutus’s disguised intent.

“Firstly, before we get started I’d like to give a big hand to my campaign financial donor, Ezra Strix! Brutus began to clap, giving the audiences the queue to praise the gesture with him. While faint cheers and volume of claps that began to fill the room, he added more praise, pretending that he was a thankful man to the public. “Without his aid, I wouldn’t-“Purposely correcting himself to add a dramatic aftermath “-No! We wouldn’t-! have made it past the grassroots and be standing here today. We are so overjoyed that such a generous man would support our cause.” Obtaining the posture that Brutus was ‘for the people’ by repeating that he wasn’t just here to lead by himself, this was the effort of everybody.

The merited cheering went on for quite a while and Brutus clapped with them until the pace slowed down until a total silence. The room to him was like raising a calf, nurturing them with his ideas, massaging their minds with comfort … Then finally executing. He began his speech with a tale of reclamation. “I’d like to tell you the story of the man beside me, the tale of Mr. Kinsley”

When You're Rife With Devastation

There's A Simple Explanation
There's A Simple Explanation

“When a man has got vast power, such as you have- you admit you have, do you not?” He asked “I do not know it, sir” Kinsley replied.

The man that stood beside Brutus, who ‘did not know’ he held power, was an average height male, he wore causal clothes that everybody would, he looked completely normal. The congressional man questioned him again: “Not at all? You don’t feel powerful at all?”

“No” he replied smoothly “I do not feel it at all.”

The presentation continued with the unforeseen imaginary as the background projector displayed the man that only felt equality. Showing the entire world that Mr Kinsley was once a convicted meta-villain. Three bank robberies were displayed and finally a still-framed image with a menial smile, gold crusted gun that sew bullets and embers into the scenery and his dominating ability to take advantage of non-metas. “You’re wrong, everybody has power, especially you” He returned his scripted presentation to the audience.

“Mr. Kinsley here, my friend, was corrupted, almost to the point of insanity. Had I not helped in his time of need, he would still be rotting in an unproductive asylum doing no good to help the world.” The imagery and environment was altered to see the inside of the concept of the M.O.T.H.E.R rehabilitation program. “After Mr. Kinsley here was released, it changed his life. He helped people like you and I and is still doing it today!”

He introduced his new concept that would surely change the world for the greater good. “Kinsley here, is the dream, is the foundation of the Ares Law Enforcement.” A play on words with Brutus’s last name and what he stood for, no relation with the God of war.Already saving over fifteen lives by himself under my wing. He’s already making a difference towards equality. The Ares Law Agency will unify all sides together in one ambitious direction, Our campaign for peace!”

You're A Toy Makers Creation
You're A Toy Makers Creation

“Trust me in this, there are worse things out there to be afraid of than our friend here than Kinsley.”

“The worst of the worst!”

He began naming out the names of people who attacked U.S soil.

“Ivana!They cheered.

“Charlemange!” They got louder.

“SATAR!” Praising him as there new champion. (I was told to name these people xd)

He would lead them through the red sea of violence and to the other side that awaited them. The future that he was building towards.

“If a convicted felon, whose mind was corrupt with greed could join A.L.E . I ask you, where is Thee Champion, huh?” He called out towards the divine muscle of the world as if he were a coward by not joining Brutus in his campaign.

Trapped Inside The Brutus Rage
Trapped Inside The Brutus Rage

“If Thee Champion was an agent under my wing, We could have prevented the riot in France from becoming an act of terrorism!”

Reynard attacked the palace with his uncontrolled powers, When is another like him going to do another act such as that? It’s not the question of ‘if’”

He increased his volume“It’s the question of ‘when!’ will he attack the statue of liberty! When will he attack the white house! When will he attack our very homes!”

“This is how meta-villains are made, Allowing unsupervised superheroes like him run wild!”

In reality, there was no intentional attack. Behind the devilish act, the purveyor of righteousness had planned this from the start, Brutus himself hacked into Reynards prized robot to self-destruct it’s star-like nucleus against the palace. It was made to look like the telekinetic was a prime example of what the Ares Law Agency stood against. A wild superhero.

“I Summon Him!” A challenge, a man against a god. If I become your next president, at my next presentation I call Reynard to meet me face to face like a man. I will convince him of his wrongs and make him willingly go to rehabilitation and join the Ares Law Enforcement!” This dare was streamed across the world, making the pink outfitted hero look like a villain contrast to Brutus himself. If the hero ever wanted to redeem himself, he would accept or be a pariah forever.


M.O.T.H.E.R Rehabilitation Program

Meta Operation - Therapy, Hospitality, Evolved, Then Release

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M.O.T.H.E.R Rehabilitation Program stood for the notion that everyone deserved a second chance. Opening its embrace to those who pursued the mercy of Brutus Dagaal-Ares. Providing them authentic repentance towards whatever noetic sins they thought unjust. Either accepting themselves to face the disguised benevolence Brutus had offered, if the case of death penalty they brought upon the one-sided choice of capital punishment or a tender loving mother. It was the choice of death or the version of freedom that Brutus had unknowingly planned for them.

The operating program was an integration of Brutus enterprises ambitious services and a showcase of its power to succeed in whatever they put their minds into. The mother has efficiently rehabilitated convicts with a success rate of 100%, turning even the most mentally insane occupants into working class citizens through state of the art reclamation therapy and advanced treatments.

The outside world would only see the soothing of mind and soul, as the programs machined employees had no lethal presence. All designed to have reassuring attitudes and appearances. Each processing a fake personality to make the units more humane, however it was all just a hive mind controlled by the central trusted custodian (Glados). It was the progenitor towards something great. The future that Brutus wanted was gradually being built, this would be one of the steps in the right direction of his adaption of peace.

Psychoactive Effluvium Treatment

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The Psychoactive Effluvium Treatment is supplied by the secret biological branch.

Behind the disguised scenes. They would unknowingly be exposed to the control gas, by medicine, ventilation, food, water, perfume and even the fabric of their clothes. Frequently visited by the personal voice of Brutus through daily messages. Manipulating their thoughts day and night by constant radio chatter, television, imagery, magazines and his own personal appearance, exposing the subjects continually. While they are being 'rehabilitated' the M.O.T.H.E.R unit constantly scans their behaviors and potential in their abilities. Determining if they are ready for the next step of overhauling them into the Superhuman Ares Enforcement Agency (underconstruction) that has been planned for the future.

  1. Find meta-villains with potential and capture.
  2. Rehabilitate them through M.O.T.H.E.R's treatment
  3. If successful, Superhuman Agency.

If not?

The uncooperative subjects that do not show symptoms of control are sent straight to the sepulcher facility where they are experimented on for technological advancements.


Psychoactive Effluvium (Control Gas)




Neural Control Toxin
Neural Control Toxin

Psychoactive Effluvium

Subject Control: Prisoner P4E330M (Deceased)

They studied and prophesied the laudable potential of Prisoner P4E330M, experimenting with the dynamism of his ability to influence. The twist of metal painfully excreting his pollination out of internally lodged tubes. Liquefied agony and cries splattered into vials over months of harvesting, this was a preliminary for future testing. They sought for exploits and rearrangement of power beings, turning the subject into a guinea pig of Dagaal-Ares ambitious plans for a valuable future. Labeling him Subject: Control.

Prisoner P4E330M had the power of altered chemical pheromones that gave victims extreme monomania towards its origin.

The miracle pheromones acted like demonic possession. Whoever wandered into the sips of the brewing elixir were conquered by the subjects presence. The effluvium granted the ability to manipulate and control infected victims with their personal voice and speech-craft. The exuded pheromones released through the subjects skin were odorless and invisble. Making unsuspecting foes be enthralled by the subjects commandments. This potency has the power to subjugate over 100 people easily, proving how effective they could potentially be in the hands of Brutus Daagal-Ares.

Before the prisoner died, the secret biological warfare branch of Brutus enterprises were able to master replicate and transform the chemical pheromones into an instrument of control. Imprinting Dagaal-Ares DNA into the psychoactive produce. Turning it into a mass produced control toxin. The neural control gas was the next domination tactic ready to be used as a basic control tool. Equipping it to his personal technology and arsenal, it was a new power to apply to those who turned against him.


Justice, Wealth, And Rehabilitation. Presidential Speech

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“I am their prophet” He spoke to himself as the machines quietly worked. The jaundiced tone that pitied the current state of mankind casted out like a commandment. There was no quandary that hijacked his thought process. With a tight grip around a blowtorch, the ulterior motive in him nurtured the systematize appearance that he had yet to reveal. It was going to be a new persona that would free him of the worlds uterus, A rite of passage that would remove the restrains of the government that held him back. “They need a hero to look up to, I’ll give them their ‘last guardian’ and their last savior, because they will never need another one..” . If you couldn’t beat them. You join them is what people would say, but in his mind he had something entirely different planned.

It Was A Good Day.

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The ultramarine hue was born into the sky this day. City skyscrapers were like mountains in the distance. The sonic arrival was the clatter of hoof beats. The solitary rider draws closer, sun glinting from his spurs. A humanoid machine slowly makes its way, breaching the sun, masking its reveal in black. . . . ‘It’s a plane! It’s Anthony Stark!? No! It’s Brutus!’

In front of the stage the darting eyes had laid upon the foundation of a heroic look. Inspirited by the architecture of one the previous presidents (Anthony stark), the flood of flashing cameras unsheathed the patriotism painted colors on its canvas. The astonished masses rejoiced the merriment of the occasions awe by giving Brutus his deserved cheers.

The suit unmasked the face plate which showed a great smile on his face that crinkled his eyes and cheeks. Walking up to the podium he introduced his speech with a good-willed tone.

“Anyone who sat in a theater enraptured by heroic cowboy tales as a child knows that power springs from the barrel of a six-shooter.”

“It gets the job done and it’s lethal-“ Raising his index finger to apply a one second pause to let people listen to his reasoning ”but if that noble cowboy aimed its ambitions with control, education and regulation at the right problems, we child learned that gunslinger had the power of justice”

“I, for one, have experienced this with my own six-shooter. Except it wasn’t lethal. It was Brutus enterprises home security that apprehended a serial killer that was trespassing my house unharmed.”

“That was 2 years ago and my technology has gone far, far way beyond just home security. So let me continue to my second part.”

“A background figure in many of these movies, however was a well-dressed, paunchy personage who sat behind a big wooden desk. Typically depicted as efficient and a miracle worker, this man also exerted power. It was he who financed the railroad, he who financed the town’s garrison. And if the cowboy hero represented the power of Justice, this figure symbolized the power of the economies wealth and protection.”

“The second power that I have obtained is something I’m rather proud of, most of you probably already have heard of them.”

Brutus Cores

“If I had the right to provide you with the protection that we need against the mighty forces that spawned from the depths of evil, we could have prevented the total annihilation of Gothic city.” Adding on “Not just one city, but all of them! So I won’t just be protecting my home, I’ll be protecting everyone’s home!”

“In many westerns there was also a third important character: a crusading preacher, a teacher, a wise old man. In a world of gruff men who shoot first and question later, this character represented the power of moral good and control. While this person often won victory in the end, it was usually because of the alliances they make. “

“I know in my previous speech I basically threatened every wanted criminal, spouting out Good to the good and Bad to the bad!”

“That’s only if they are truly evil, as I have never witnessed true evil myself is because I know deep inside everyone still has some good in them ready to ignite with passion.”

“Witnessing that experience in my own rehabilitation program, I have created the Mother Operation - Therapy, Hospitality, Evolved, Then Release."

"M.O.T.H.E.R is so far 100% efficient in rehabilitating over 100 convicted felons back into working class citizens, all working together for the better future that I told them. The future of Equality- and that future can happen, if you allow me to continue making these mother rehabilitation centers."

“I have the grasps of all three powers. I just need your help to execute it.”

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Cornered By The Beast Of Prey

Prisoners P4E330M, Cell Engravings.

Had I known the consequences of setting foot into his house was the same as welcoming yourself to hell, I would have locked myself inside a coffin 10 ft underground. That is heaven compared to this place. At least I would eventually take my final breaths knowing I died with my sanity. Seeing the state of other prisoners, their cries and hues is getting to me. I can already feel it slipping away.

Why are they still keeping me alive? I don’t deserve this. No one deserves this.

He calls me Subject Control. He’s saving me for something.. It's my ability to produce chemical pheromones.. They are experimenting on people here, using their powers for their own benefits. I just hope they aren't going to use mines for their own exploits.

I don't remember my name anymore..Only 37A24L. It hurts.

This will be my last written words. I can’t take it anymore. My jaw is still strong enough to bite down into my tongue. My teeth haven’t rotted away yet. If I’m going to die here, it’s going to be my way.

2 Years Ago, House Of Brutus

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Slithering through the open window undetected. Anything at this point could have happened and I was ready to disable and dominate. Goosebumps shivered up my body at the creak of wood when my boot touched the floor. The information that was passed to me was correct, he lacked security in his own home. That sucks for him- That was good enough for me.

Using my expertise in cat burglary I had to test my comprehension of this art against one of the finest castles of preservation. It was thrilling. The shelter of the purveyor of security and I’m standing inside trespassing into the man’s bedroom ready to retrieve his vaults valuables. Like bringing a cooked bacon into a room full of hungry dogs unnoticed. It was a Christmas miracle come true.

Given his finger prints and the code I inserted the password and heard the shift of gears unlocking. It was genuine happiness that triggered in me. Smiling gleefully with my eyes clenched, Looking at my own reflection of the vault as it slowly opened. Looking like such a prick right now but couldn’t help it. My eyes were ready to examine the dragons pile of gold.

Too concentrated on greed to have noticed the sudden shift in the vaults reflection. I was just excited to see what was in store for me. Only day dreaming of wealth at this point, smelling the buttery gold that awaited my thirst. Except it revealed nothing but confusion and fear as the safe showed me the owners true intent.

‘Behind you’ the placed note swamped my thoughts in retreat. But it was too late. I was caught in his trap the moment I accepted the job. I knew it was too good to be true.

Hastily I turned around, and there he was. Standing there waiting for me to react. It was now or never. Using my abilities of speech craft I yelled out at the top of my lungs. Commanding him to cease any of his plans. “Stop! Go away!” I looked at the face of danger. He wasn’t affected at all. Just looking into his eyes, that was no man. That was an archdemon in control, his will-power and focus was inhumane, completely resisting my mind control. It was impossible, nobody had that much want.

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Without any warning or questions, the destructive soul had quickly retaliated against my words. With a diabolical smile on his face he pulled back, slugging a metal gauntlet across my jaw. The crackle of bone shifted and formed against the stubbed knuckles. Most people would have stop there and arrest the stunned crook but he wasn’t finished, I now feared for my safety as the maniacally lips spoke down to me. “Gluttony took the lure-“ With the pause in his speech, I would catch the glimpse of more pain at the corner of my eye. Delivering another blow against the cartilage of my ear. The flat surface of the metallic tool crushed and squeezed against my ear. A pitched tone now drummed in my head, accompanying the pain was a running river of blood and sweat sprinkled down from mushed cartilage.

“Finding a big catch at the end of the hook.” Tears began to quiver, rolling down from my eyelids. His expression was insanity, he was going to kill me I feared. Screaming with the most pathetic tone, my voice kept telling him to stop. Surrendering into his mercy, but with the next bash it was then I knew he had none. Thriving off of my pain, his smile got wider.

“I, the fisherman, Will gut you.” His palm thrusted upwards squashing my nose. Gnashing blood everywhere and blocking my nasal passage. I gasped for air and it became fight or flight. I had no combat experience but I had to do something or more pain was to be endured. Throwing a punch of my own. His machinery quickly acted on its own and caught my fist. It was something out of his control and his frown declared that he didn’t like that, not at all. It was then I knew that death was certain.

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The metal joints began to compress and the pressure snapped all of the bones in my hand. Screaming in pain he continued nonetheless. “-Unscale you of your powers.” He raised his spare hand and chopped at my sarcophagus.

I fell to my knees trying to inhale air but my throat and nose were crushed. “Then I’ll cook you slowly-“ Grabbing hold of my hair, he pulled upwards so he could see my expressions of distress.

The trouble of me breathing was like ecstasy to him.

“-then feed you to the good people that you take advantage of.” He let go of my hand and replaced his grip at my lower ribcage, pushing inward at my lungs. Snapping my bones as if they were branches.

Vomit expelled from my body as if it were my spirit leaving my body. My vision was turning black. Either from a black eye, swollen face or from the acute pain. Before I was about to pass out on my own, he wouldn’t let that happen. Control was something he succeeded at. Forcing my unconsciousness himself.

"That’s how you’re going to repay for your sins.“ Pulling back his bloodied gauntlet into his jacket, he pulled out a syringe with unknown liquids inside injecting it inside my neck. That was the last thing I saw before I awoke in a prison cell.

Public Released News "Brutus Technology Is Effective!"

Live news from 2 years ago.

The red and blue lights covered the scene of Brutus-Alexanders house.

A youthful woman stood in front of the camera.

"I've been told that there was an attempted robbery at one of the most wealthiest person in the world. As soon as I heard it was at the House of Brutus, a home invasion at the very mans home who creates security! How could it have ever gone wrong? Most of Brutus technology is in its prototype stage and only a few products have been released and donated to this nation. This is just more proof that it works and it's the next step to security in our homes against gifted villains and trespassers. Brutus himself said that he didn't even need to defend himself, The protective layout of his home easily apprehended the suspect trying to break in from his backyard. The police quickly showed up to arrest the suspect. Found contained by brutus inventions and unharmed. The suspect has been classified as a wanted mutant at large, so we can trust that they know what they are capable of at Brutus Enterprises. "

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