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The Incredible Hulk Live Action Television Series Remake


I am currently outlining an imaginary new live action television series that is both a remake of the Bixby/Ferrigno series & a closer adaptation of the comic book source material.

Each season would consist of twelve episodes to mimic a 12 issue year of comic book publication that actually adapts individual tales and long story arcs from various periods of the comic book onto the screen while still recalling the classic TV series that we all know and (hopefully) love.

Visually the series would be somewhat reminiscent of the Ang Lee’s “Hulk” wherein multiple panels were utilized on screen (though not to their best potential) to recreate the feel of reading a comic book. The period in which the series is set would either be 1) somewhat nebulous or 2) specifically the early 1960’s, most likely the former. The creature would be a combination of practical and computer generated effects and would reflect a power level closer to that of the comic book Hulk.

In addition to a number of Hulk’s supporting characters (Doc Samson, Jennifer Walters etc.) favorite antagonists (The U.S. Military, The Leader, Absorbing Man, Abomination, Brian Banner etc.) there would appear a number of other characters from the Marvel universe, both good (Namor, Henry Pym, Reed Richards etc.) and evil (Chameleon, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter etc.). I would also include the Jack McGee character from the original TV series.

List items

  • SEASON ONE would focus on the earliest days of Banner's existence as the Hulk, primarily his origin story, his efforts to cope with his new alter ego and keep it a secret from those around him, and the creature's encounters with the U.S. Military (who officially deny the existence of any Hulk) and other antagonists. Bruce's relationships with Betty Ross and her father would be established and Jack McGee would be introduced, obsessed by the Hulk and determined to prove the creature exists despite the government’s denial. Rick Jones, deeply guilty that his own folly has cursed Banner, attempts to help both the man and the monster. The season would end with Banner, in an effort to cure his condition, accidentally exposing Samuel Sterns to the radiation that will transform him into the Leader (Sterns witnesses Bruce's transformation and covets his power, interfering with an experiment and becoming gamma-irradiated). Bruce would be thought dead after this accident, killed (along with others) ostensibly by the creature, and he would begin his lonely wandering (a staple of the original series) in search of a cure and with the government in pursuit of the Hulk.

  • Following Banner's initial exposure to the gamma bomb the earliest appearances of the Hulk are spontaneous rather than caused by rage, and the creature is gray in color and able to speak. This is because at this point the radiation absorbed by Bruce is still in the process of altering his body chemistry. After a few days, the radiation having completed its work, the metamorphosis becomes triggered by rage and the creature devolves into the green and inarticulate savage Hulk. The madder he gets, the more powerful he gets. As time passes and he is further exposed to radiation (from the sun as well as from his various adventures) his base power level becomes greater and greater.

  • The origin story in this series remains true to the comic book (a gamma bomb and NOT localized radiation or a super-soldier serum).

  • SEASON TWO begins with Bruce on the road, going from town to town fruitlessly seeking a cure for his big problem. Along the way he meets landlocked Namor MacKenzie, the homeless and amnesiac Sub-Mariner. McGee discovers that the creature is actually a man who transforms (Mystery Man). At the same time we see the Samuel Sterns origin develop and meet Phil Sterns, who tries to help his brother cope with his ever increasing intellect. Samuel becomes obsessed with creating more gamma irradiated aberrations. Meanwhile Rick Jones keeps quiet about Banner having been the Hulk to help him avoid capture. Betty resists the advances of Glen Talbot, still holding a torch for Bruce, and also meets Leonard Samson. The Season ends with the revelation that the creature is actually Banner himself...and thanks to Jack McGee he is now a wanted fugitive by name! Sterns continues his experiments, creating a variety of gamma-borne freaks but none that survive…yet.

  • SEASON THREE finds Bruce on the run from the authorities but still in search of a cure. Brian Banner, who has been confined to a mental institution for nearly two decades for unknown reasons, learns of his son’s status as a wanted fugitive and gamma spawned monster and immediately contacts Jack McGee to grant him an interview with the Hulk’s father, who makes young Bruce out to have been a bad seed. Bruce takes a job at a laboratory where he is recognized by Henry Pym, biochemist. Both are familiar with the other from scientific journals, and the two begin to work together on a cure for Banner’s condition.

    Shortly after the experimental cure is administered, however, Banner is captured by Ross and his troops and taken to a secret location. Banner’s blood (Bruce's DNA is special due to his father's experimentation) and his gamma ray projector are used by Ross and Co. to transform Emil Blonsky into a perfect soldier, but Abomination is the result. Banner realizes that, though he did not turn into the Hulk when struggling against his captors, the cure created by Pym and he must not have been entirely successful if his blood can affect others in this manner. He soon learns that the cure did not rid him of the Hulk but instead allowed him to transform into the Hulk at will and still retain his intellect. Abomination goes on a chaotic killing spree and nearly kills the Hulk, but Pym reveals his own secret (that he is able to shrink to a microscopic level or enlarge to the proportions of a giant) to Bruce when he saves his life. The Hulk ultimately defeats Abomination and it is revealed that the Leader was pulling his strings. Banner then proceeds to use the Hulk as a force for good, including repelling an attack by Atlantean forces alongside Ant-Man & Namor (Iron Man, FF, etc.. are seen), for which he is rewarded by a pardon for the crimes previously attributed to the monster.

    The Leader begins losing his powers after returning the Hulk transformations to their original uncontrollable state (during the pardoning ceremony?).


    Flashbacks to Banner's youth, Banner and Hulk physically separated, Brian Banner returns while Banner is Banner and Banner murders him, Hulk berzerk, Banner and Betty wedding, the Hulk and Banner get sick while apart and Ross goes nuts, Samuel Sterns tries to regain his super-intellect but cannot.


    Gray Hulk and Ground Zero (detonation of gamma bombs throughout a major metropolis, in which he has already inpregnated his target specimens with Banner's gamma irradiated DNA) yields a handful of gamma irradiated freaks for the Leader to recruit (Absorbing Man, Sandman, etc.)


    Fixit, in Vegas, remains in gray form w/ Banner repressed for months thanks to mental conditioning by the Leader in > Countdown > Merged Hulk

    Season ends with Future Imperfect Pt 1


    Season opens with Future Imperfect Pt 2

    Pantheon stuff?