A/U Story Arc Idea> End of the Fantastic Four, Birth of the New Fantastic Four

It is 10 years in the future (or whatever that translates to in Marvel-time) and tragedy has befallen the world's greatest and first family of heroes. Only Sue Richards remains of the original team, the others either mad, dead, or otherwise incapacitated.

Sue has assembled a new, if reluctant, team of heroes to assist her both in avenging her lost family and continuing the Fantastic Four's dedication to fighting evil.


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Sue Storm Richards AKA The Invisible Woman

Henry Pym AKA Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket (replaces Reed)

Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk (replaces Ben)

Namor Mckenzie AKA The Sub-Mariner (replaces Johnny)

List items

  • The hardened leader of the team, she mourns the loss of her family and lusts for revenge on those who took them from her in equal measure.

  • Along with Banner replaces Reed Richards as the big brains of the team. Will be interesting to see the interactions between Pym and Banner.

  • Stands in for both Reed and The Thing. Will be interesting to see the interactions between Banner and Pym.

  • Replaces The Human Torch. Brotherly love for Sue replaced by romantic love for a still mourning Sue.

  • Has orchestrated the downfall of the original FF with the assistance of the Mole Man.

  • Doom tranports Reed, Ben and Johnny back to the time and place of their original exposure to the cosmic rays that gave them their powers.

  • Finding themselves in the same ship at the same crucial moment, the trio are further irradiated by the cosmic rays. They are then returned to the present.

  • The effects of the cosmic rays have are exponentially more significant on this second exposure, as we will soon see.

  • Reeds "elasticity of mind" becomes overwhelming, driving him to madness; additionally, he is unable to consistently control the elasticity of his physical body, nearly crippling him. He disappears, presumably abducted by Doom, Mole Man, or enemies unknown.

  • Missing, presumed dead.

  • Under the care of Doom.

  • Mole Man has expanded his empire to encompass both Monster Island and now, Grimm Island (see below).

  • After being re-exposed to the same cosmic rays that originally transformed him into the Thing, Ben continues to mutate beyond his worst nightmares; captured by the Mole Man he eventually becomes a fixed geological feature adjacent to Monster Island, but retaining his sentience.

  • After being re-exposed to the same cosmic rays that originally transformed him into the Human Torch, Johnny is unable to control the power coursing through him; he is perpetually on the verge of going nova. Ultimately, however, he is captured and lobotomized, his living physical remains used to power all of Latveria.