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Flash Thompson Venom

Todays rant is about Flash Thompson being Venom. A lot of people are complaining that they want Eddie Brock back as Venom. That Eddie Brock is the one and only Venom. No Venom is a symbiote that came from space. It attaches itself to people and feeds on their emotions and powers. For all we know Venom could have had other weaker host before it got to earth. Eventually it was bound to happen that Venom would attach itself to another host. I say give Flash Thompson a chance. After all some people were wining and complaining when Bruce Wayne was gone and Dick Greyson had to pick up the mantle of Batman but he fell into the role and people accepted it. Stop being so fickle. Everyone complains that comic book writers don't do anything fresh or that a character is getting stale and then when they do something new with character everyone jumps all over them. Give Flash Thompson a chance. Eddie Brock is not Venom and he probably won't be Venom again. If he does it probably won't be for a long time. His character has evolved. Stop trying to make him regress just so you can be happy as a comic book fan. Learn to roll with the tide and be happy with what the writers give you. If it fails then complain.


Harley Quinn Arkham City

 Recently on the internet they has been a lot of hardcore Harley fans and some not so hardcore Harley fans complain. About what you may ask. Her new look in Arkham City. You know what i have to say. Deal with it. Why? Simple. Paul Dini wrote the script for Arkham City. Why does this matter you ask. Again simple. He created Harley Quinn. If he wants to her to be dress up as a naughty nurse or a bad-ass biker chick in a game he helped write then people will have to deal with it. I will probably get a lot of other fans of Harley going but this isn't my Harley. It is your Harley because Paul Dini wanted he to dress that way. I don't see anyone complaining when she doesn't wear her costume all the time in Gotham City Sirens. Running around in Daisy Duke cut offs and a tight top. Why does she have to stick to one thing all the time. It isn't even canon. It is a game that takes place outside the comic book continuity. You may say yeah but they are doing a comic book to link the games. Yeah a book to link the games. Still doesn't make it canon. Can't people enjoy a game without nitpicking every little detail. Harley is awesome and she will remain awesome no matter what she wears. If you don't like it. Don't play the game. 


Drizzt's movie and R.A. Salvatore

With all the comic book movies and movies based on books from all genre's why has no one attempted to do movie based on R.A. Salvatore's books. It doesn't even have to be Drizzt's as he does have other books to pull from. Though it would make sense to do the Drizzt's book. They are probably the most popular selling forgetten realms and maybe of  Wizards of the coasts different realms. Is it that Salvatore has seen what Hollywood has done to other great books when they have made movies and refuses to sully the good name of his books. I could not blame him if this was his decision. Perhaps he is waiting till later when he feels that he is all out of ideas. Is it Wizards of the Coasts decision not to let him do it after they had the dungeons and dragons movie flop. Maybe he has something planned in the future after working with 38 studios and Todd McFarlane on the MMO Copernicus. No matter his decision as long as he keeps putting out good books I will be happy 


A Tangent about Tangent (dc's earth 9)

I am a fan of your reversed/changed characters. I find my self liking earth 3. I also love earth 9, the tangent universe. This universe has the potential to be great. I was kind of hoping that the Reign of Superman story line was building up to maybe a monthly tangent comic. I mean i know that the characters they use in the tangent universe are well established in other universes especially earth 0 but dc took everything comic fans knew about the dc universe and turned it on its head. That is what makes the tangent universe so great. It is a fresh look at your favorite characters. Superman was one a regular man who is now super. Not some alien from space. The flash is a being of light. The Green lantern can bring people back from the dead to resolve unfinished business. If you haven't heard of the tangent universe you can get all three volumes plus the two volumes of Reign of Superman. I really wish DC would do more with this world.


fast tracking J.L.A. ?

So way back in June 2010 on comicvine they had a news story that green lantern's first movie wasn't even done yet and they had already signed on to do a second one plus a flash movie and now we get news that there is another superman movie in the making. is dc trying to fast track a J.L.A movie for 2012? I mean they don't even know how well these movies are going to do yet. Is it because marvel is making all these movies to build up to an Avengers movie and dc hopes to compete with them. They aren't even bringing wonder woman to the big screen. They are giving her a tv show. And the next batman movie is Nolan's last so i doubt that  Christian Bale  would sign on to do batman if they did have a J.L.A. planned. Are they making these movies for the sake of making them or are they trying to get a J.L.A. movie up and running?


the next batman

OK i know that everyone has an opinion about this and this will probably take two pages. I don't like the fact that Nolan picked Selina Kyle and Bane to be in the next movie. I know he is trying to draw in the public but have directors and producers lost faith in the fan base this movies used to be made for. I would have choose Talia and Mr Zsasz to the be the villains in the next movie with maybe Dr Hugo Strange pulling the strings. Black Mask, Firefly, Scarface/Ventriloquist, Gearhead, Prometheus, Mad hatter (though with all the alice in wonderland films i can't blame them from staying away) there are few others that would have been a good fit. As for Harley Quinn, I don't think the Joker is the only reason she can't be in the film. People tend to forget you need 3 people to make a Harley. Joker, Harley, and Poison Ivy, that is a lot to pack in one movie. I think that if joker was done either the guy with the crazy laugh in the bedroom scene in Jonah Hex or the guy who played Zuse in Tron legacy would have been a good fit. I also would pick the girl who did Ramona Flowers in SP: vs the world as Harley. She had a hyper space hammer and seven evil ex's. Harley has a hammer and has dated the Joker, Creeper, and has hung out with Ivy. (and has probably dated a few other guys)