Hot Toys & Comics.

 A couple of comics had arrived over the past few days; a Golden Age and a few modern ones. Also, I ended up purchasing Hot Toy's Collector's Edition: The Joker and The Dark Knight Special Edition: Batman figures; they're now on display with the others.

I also pre-ordered a copy of the PS3 collector's edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum. That game looks fantastic, but I've stayed away from reading any more interviews, articles and watching any trailers; spoilers ruin good games =/

I've been slacking again in keeping my Batman and Joker comics collection up to date, so when my custom cupboard arrives in a few weeks, I'll count them again. Last time it was still around 465 Joker titles; but I've never counted how many Batman comics I've both owned and read. Of course, it'll be a bigger number. I've got space left now for collecting more of the older issues, Golden and Silver, since I've stopped buying the new crap that DC's publishing after a particular RIP issue. The thing is, it's hard to find golden age comics to buy online where the merchant is actually honest and does not overcharge the value of the comic; or any golden age in any condition for a reasonable price.

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I've been looking for other comic stores online to buy from, but so far haven't come across any really good sites. I'm aiming for the (well, expensive overall) stores that specialize in the vintage Batman comics, such as the 40-50's or 60's. Anybody got any good recommendations? I already know about Mile High and My Comic Shop.

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Hot Toys: Dilemma

Added two busts to my collection; Hot Toys' The Dark Knight Batman and Joker busts.

The new dilemma is whether I should also get my own copies of Hot Toys' TDK figures. You know. The $280+ ones. Not for display; keeping them MIB, but as of this time I'm unsure. From the looks of it, there's nothing else that surpasses in quality, and last I heard Hot Toys ended their TDK line with Two-Face.

I went through the local comic store; nothing new to add to my collection.


The Total: #2

The other day I had finished painstakingly going through my comics masterlist, after the first mission of counting how many Batman comics I had. The total for how many The Joker comics I own is 452. Huzzah!

My next.. er, mission; is to then count and catalogue how many Batman comics I have ever read, plus how many The Joker comics I have ever read. The 513!Batman titles and 452!Joker titles do not reflect at all in any way on how many total batverse comics I have read. I just simply don't own those ones anymore, hence the 513 number.  The estimated 300 titles still under my desk will certainly jack up the total of read!batverse.

Chirotoperan is going to the comic store today, so I need to give him my new list. I can't go myself this arvo because I've got other things to do at the moment.

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The total

Finished counting my current Batman collection (not including the ones I bought yesterday), and I own to date 513 titles.

TPBs, DC Archives and such only count as 'one' title; another day I'll count each individual TPB's total of comics, plus adding the titles that I have read but no longer own (got about 300 titles in boxes to get rid of since I no longer want them).



My custom-built comic cupboard will be ordered sometime next time, and I'm still looking forward to re-cataloguing my entire collection when it gets here. I desperately need it =| a new archival solution instead of the Mill Cases stacked in tough plastic boxes out of sunlight/hamrful environment in a normal cupboard.

I had paused my comic splurging as of three months ago, from memory, so there have been no new additions as of late.

A user here directed me to an awesome scan and essay of a particular Joker comic I had been searching for, apparently it is from Nightwing #62.

My orders from overseas of Batmans, Detectives, Superman/Batman and others have yet to arrive; they're the last 'recent' issues to add to my collection until the cupboard is done.

I have just been watching my blu-ray copy of THE DARK KNIGHT over and over again. =)

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Cacophony + Others

Some comics arrived the other day; Cacophony, Batman Confidential, Batman Chronicles TPB #6, to name a few.

Cacophony is apparently nothing more than a writer's juvenile!soapbox moment to make immature, stupid jokes that he thinks are 'deep and witty'. No, they're not, Kevin Smith.

Chronicles TPB #6 was great, as expected; wish they'd come out a tad bit faster. Not too sure about looking into purchasing more comics from the golden and silver age, because I don't have the storage at the moment. I'm getting a custom-built cupboard built for my entire collection, so it'd be much easier (and archival-importance, especially) once it arrives for christmas.

Still awaiting on several orders from interstate and elsewhere; Comics Revues, Batmans, Detectives, Shadow of the Bats, Robins, Superman/Batman, etc.

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Sickness + Splurging

Been sick recently, and busy once I got better; hence the lack of activity here.

Caved in and bought myself a HC copy of Azzarello's Joker yesterday, plus some Detective Comics, Justice League of America annual, and a couple of others. Currently awaiting 27+ comics to arrive in the mail, that should've arrived at least last Wednesday; and now it's Saturday. Batmans, Detectives, Comic Revues zines, Families, and god knows what else!

Still keeping an eye out for the Australian release of Nolan's The Dark Knight; the latest news that I heard of, is that apparently us Aussies are going to be getting the uncensored/unedited version, as our DVD release is set as MA 15+, whilst America is getting the edited PG-13 version. Is this bloody brilliant or what? We deserve an uncensored version! As it should've been.

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Newspaper strips: DC, why not?

Looking to buy/start collecting the 60's and 70's BATMAN (correctly known as Batman & Robin) newspaper dailies and Sunday strips, but.. I can't seem to find any in online collections and stores.

Comics Revue is a good alternative; but I'm especially looking to buy the newspaper-only strips. DC should start tradepaperbacking these comics =/ instead of forking out yet another Greatest Batman or Greatest Joker stories ever told, for the 50th time.

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Masterlist + Splurgin'

Working on my masterlist; it's going good.

I've bought over the past week (some of which have already arrived by now) total to:
Action Comics #781-#784
Action Comics #763-#767
Azrael: Agent of the Bat #83
Batgirl #3
Batman #181
Batman #187
Batman #198
Batman #254
Batman #258
Batman #260
Batman #298
Batman #366
Batman #373
Batman #327
Batman #359
Batman #603
Batman #679 RIP
Batman Family #14 (Chiropteran's)
Batman Family #15 (Chiropteran's)
Batman Family #17 (Chiropteran's)
Batman Family #19 (Chiropteran's)
Batman Chronicles #15  (Chiropteran's)
Batman: Jekyll & Hyde #3
Batman: Journey into Knight #11
The Brave & The Bold #68
Catwoman #39
Catwoman #40
Catwoman #64
Catwoman #65
Catwoman #71
Catwoman #72
Gotham Girls #3
Detective Comics #341
Detective Comics #504
Detective Comics #566
Detective Comics #846 RIP
Green Lantern #117
Gotham Adventures #1
Gotham Adventures #2
Gotham Adventures #3
Gotham Adventures #4
Gotham Adventures #5
Gotham Adventures #6
Gotham Adventures #18
Justice Leagues of America: The Justice League of Arkham
Justice League Unlimited #41
Justice League of America #126
Justice League of America #136
Legends of the Dark Knight #213
Legends of the DC Universe #27
Haunted Gotham #2
Millenium #2
Man-Bat #1 (Chiropteran's)
The Flash #33
Robin #75 (Chiropteran's)
Robin #152
Scaretactics #10 (Chiropteran's)
Spider-Man/Batman special: Disordered Minds
Superman/Batman #25
Superman/Batman #32
Superman in Action Comics #719
Who's Who- complete run #1-#21
Wonder Woman #281
World's Finest #1-#4
World's Finest #177
World's Finest #227
World's Finest #276
World's Finest #321

I can't buy enough; y/n? >)

EDIT: Anybody hear that apparently Angelina Jolie is looking to take up the role of Catwoman in SOME Batman film? Sh*t. I don't want Jolie as Catwoman; or Catwoman to be in any film, Nolan!trilogy or not; she's overdone.

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