Marvel Editors Are Slacking

Ok, before I say anything I just wanted to say that most of the time, almost all of the time, the editors do a great job. They do a great job but sometimes mistakes happen. What makes me angry is when it is a simple and small mistake that should never have been a mistake. Take a look at this panel:

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This panel was from Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega. This book has two editors and the group editor, Nick Lowe. That is three people that somehow missed this silly mistake, not to mention the letterer did as well! All it would take to find this mistake would be to proofread your work. Just read through it and you would have seen this mistake. This just shows me that they, for some reason, decided not to proofread the book which is just a lack of professionalism in my opinion. Now, my own grammar is not the greatest. You can probably find a mistake or two in this post somewhere. The difference is that I am not selling this blog to people who have certain expectations of me like a comic contributor would have. So I have an excuse, what's yours?

(By the way the book was awesome!)