Villains for future MCU movies

Ignoring Spider-Man: Far From Home, here's the list of movies I can imagine seeing come in Phase Four


  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (Mysterio)
  • Doctor Strange II (Nightmare, Shuma-Gorath)
  • Black Widow (Yelena Belova)


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol III (Annihilus)
  • Thunderbolts (AIM, MODOK)
  • Black Panther II (Namor)


  • Captain America: legacy (Red Skull)
  • Nova (Ebony Maw)
  • Thor: Siege (Mangog, Wrecking Crew)


  • Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion (Moonstone, Skrulls)
  • Avengers: Secret Wars (Elders of the Universe, Dark Avengers)
  • Ant Man and the Wasp III (Taskmaster)


  • Spider Man 3 (Doc Oc, Sinister Six)
  • Fantastic Four (Mole Man)
  • Avengers: West Coast (Jocosta)

The Avengers: Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Spider-Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Nova

Avengers West Coast: Ant Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, War Machine, Vision, Shuri, Bucky, Ghost

Thunderbolts: Zemo, Ghost, Abomination, Justin Hammer, The Leader, Absorbing Man, Songbird

List items

  • In this secret wars, I can see the elders of the universe replacing the Beyonder. We already know them, and with people loving the grandmaster, i can imagine seeing a few more older hollywood legends joining the frey to help keep the Avengers at bay.

  • If Thor 4 is to be his last before Valkyrie gets the axe, I can imagine seeing the emergence of Mangog, the collection of Asgardian Lives lost, hunting Thor across the galaxy as he searches for his people. Finally making it back to Earth, the two face to the death, and Thor dies stopping Mangog from his people.

  • Ant Man and the Wasp has been lacking a truly great villain, and I think Taskmaster could be it. Sonny Burch had a buyer, and Mitch Carson is out there too. Make Taskmaster powerful, badass, and the emperor of the ant man universe.

  • If Guardians 3 is to be the last of the current iteration, how about making Annihilation War the story. Through this endless war with the negative zone, the guardians will be forced to team up with Adam Warlock and the Ravengers, and after the dust has settled, the survivors of the three groups can forge the new version of the guardians.

  • Mordo will be back for Doctor Strange 2, but I don't think he will be the main villain. Mordo and Strange are yin and yang, so maybe his role will be a little more complex.

  • While I'm not too familiar with him, I'm sure Nightmare will make a great villain in the sequel. Give us a top notch actor and a insane portrayal of an unhinged character, and I think we have a winner.

  • While not the main villain, Nightmare HAS to release Shuma Gorath. How can you not have a giant squid in your movie!!

  • I'd love to see a returning villian, and I think no villain is better to return than Ultron. This time converting to Jocasta to survive, the new West Coast team battle an old enemy while the main team are off-world.

  • While technically 'dead', we only saw him be frozen in space. People come back from worse all the time. Given that Nova's movie would likely start with Xandar being destoryed by the Black Order, it makes sense to bring bake his best henchman for the villain of this film. Plus, he makes a great match for Nova's young and inexperienced nature.

  • While I'm not sure how it'll work, it sure seems like they want to build a cinematic sinister six. Featuring Doc Oc (1), Vulture (2), Shocker (3), Scorpion (4), Mysterio (5), Prowler (6)

  • The leader of the sinster six, I can see him being played by Westworld's Jeffery Wright, being a calculated and ice cold leader and tactician.

  • A great plot for Captain America: Legacy can be the madbomb, which turns victims in the area to skeletan red 'zombies' who look like Red Skull. Would be a great unique environment to have Bucky and Falcon in.

  • Now he's back, it's a loose end that needs tying. Both Bucky and Falcon will be looking to beat him to finish what Cap started, and will both accept they can both be Captain America in the process.

  • After trying to become heroes for a time, Zemo leads the rouge Thunderbolts of on their own as the 'Dark Avengers'. Heroes' of the world have been tracking them, but when they are all sent to battlworld, the two forces have to fight each other to escape.

  • The best enemy for Black Widow surely has to be another Black Widow? With Russia restarting the Red Room, Natasha is hunted by a younger, stronger agent who brings back the red out of her ledger and causes flashbacks to her troublesome past.

  • A great super powered villain for Carol to face while the more stealthy Skrulls invade Earth is a good idea, and maybe she could even be a skrull herself!

  • I think Black Panther II is needing a high-level villain, and while my heart says Dr.Doom, my head says facing Wakanda vs Atlantis is an event of massive proportions. Namor is best when an anti-hero, and I think a morally grey situation where neither country is right in this war would be a great way to go.

  • After a heist in New Asgard, four mercenaries gain extraordinary powers, and begin a campaign to get Asgard to share it's recources with Earth. As the people of Earth become more and more angry at these 'Immigrants', the wrecking crew become heroes of the people, starting a siege against New Asgard. After being defeated, Zemo recruits them into the Dark Avengers.

  • The new leader of AIM, the Government sends the Thunderbolts to take out the terrorist organisation in secret, for AIM was funded by the US government and they are looking to keep it secret.

  • While a bit of a strange choice, I think spending a movie building Dr.Doom lore while saving him for the sequel is a univer way to go, and shows that you can make a film without him. Mole Man is basically the underminer, but with the F4 basically being explorers, the centre of the Earth journey would fit that bill and have some great visuals.