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Recommended Purchase to Fans of The Female 5

I've been waiting for this issue because it's the first time we get to see the backstory of The Boys' beloved muscle: The Female of The Species. While there's nothing remotely special about The Female's origin that needs to be said but still it's nice to know how she became a violent and powerful little japanese girl.  As usual, every issue of The Boys is filled with graphic violence and gore, and issue #38 is no exception. Here we get to see The Female chomping and chewing people even from such...

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An Awful Animated Movie That Dared To Be Label As Entertaining 1

This movie absolutely sucks. It has nothing to do with GI Joe whatsoever and you should avoid it at all costs.  When you think of GI: Joe, what's the first thing that pops in your mind? War? Battle? World Domination? Terrorism? How about alien invasion? Yeah, that's what GI: Joe is all about. The plot involves Cobra joining forces with a non-humanoid beings that once ruled the world but was erased in history after the ice age. After being forgotten in the underworld for centuries, they rise up t...

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Great Start...Keep 'em Coming 0

Power Girl is one of the characters I've seen many times before but never got to know her better, so after learning she finally has her own issue, I was excited about it. I've read it and it's pretty good. Of course, I didn't expect much due to my unfamiliarity with the powerful bombshell but overall I like it.  The thing that strikes me the most (Aside from her gorgeous assets) is the artwork. The artists and the colorist have done a fine job with the issue as it's colorful and striking. I enjo...

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A Great Tale About Poison Ivy 0

Batman: Poison Ivy takes places right after the events in Batman: Shadow of The Bat Annual #3 starring the seductive and insane botanist criminal. Poison Ivy escapes from Arkham Asylum and seeks refuge in the sacred wilderness and is happy living in her new sanctuary, until a group of soldiers tear the forest down for military purposes. This infuriates Poison Ivy greatly and with a kiss, she takes down the entire army. Meanwhile, Batman searches far and wide for the escaped inmate but it didn't ...

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The Absolute Truth about The Clown Prince of Crime 3

The greatest Joker story ever told. I know there are other issues which have the same slogan like this but this one is the original and the ultimate best. The Killing Joke is beautifully drawn by the legendary Brian Bolland and it tells a rather sad story of the Joker's origin and how he became the crazed clown as he is today. It also gives us a story of how Barbara Gordon became crippled and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  It's a much darker approach than any other instal...

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