Least Favorite Characters

This is a special list dedicated to all the comic book characters which are to my disliking for being silly, stupid-looking and just being a couple of douchebags.  
More coming soon!

List items

  • The biggest jerk of all time. I admit I grew up reading Archie Comics for many years but as time went on, I increasingly began to hate this douche because of several reasons. He's slow, blur, dumb, always broke, always making poor ol' Weatherbee cry, he's a womanizer, a righteous bastard and a cock-sucking pervert who always fumbles around whenever he sees a hot babe. Can you really be that distracted? I don't care if he's the main character of the show but please, can somebody put a bullet in his head? Make him bleed like the time I watched that god awful Josie & The Pussycats movie.

  • I hate this sucker. He always wins. Always. I hate that. I really want to see McWolf kicks this donkey dick out of his misery.

  • My opinion of a douchebag. Why? because I find him too strong and indestructible. Plus he's such a faggot when it comes to women. And he killed Rorschach too. Now that's a douchebag right there. How could you do that? Rorschach wanted to do the right thing and you killed one of the greatest protagonists ever. Stupid floating naked blue penis. And for God sake, wear a frickin' Speedo please.

  • All anti-mutants are idiots, and this is one of them.

  • One word: lame!

  • Seriously..."THE FLY?" What kind a dumb name is that? What drugs were they taking when they came up with this character?