Favourite Heroes

Vigilantes, heroes, saviors, and protectors alike. Don't you just admire them?

List items

  • The ultimate hero. The absolute savior. The unmatched warrior. The Dark Knight. The Batman. My absolute favourite comic book hero. Batman's probably the most "realistic" comic book character because he doesn't use any superpowers- only skills, stealth, intelligence and an empire of cash. Ka-ching!

    It's unfortunate to hear Bruce Wayne passed away, but the fact that he had protected Gotham City for almost 70 years, it was time for him to take a long delayed rest. Rest In Peace Batman. You did great.

  • The coolest ninja evar!

  • Don't mess with Wolverine

  • Hulk is one of the characters that I wish I could possess some of his strength. That'd be cool.

  • A real true badass protagonist. Rorschach rocks!!

  • I prefer the 90's Gambit when he was in the X-Men Animated Series. He was awesome and prime in that show.

  • The king of burgers, Jughead is one of my childhood friend.

  • A cool noir film looking character. I like him in the Justice League animated series.

  • A friend of Rorschach is a friend of mine.

  • Harvey's my favorite supporting cast of the Batman series. He's got balls, afraid of nothing, street smart, grouchy, merciless, uncouth, hard to work with- and he happens to be a cop. A bad-ass cop that is. In a way he's like Rorschach but angrier, plum and without the mask.