Favourite Damsels

A list of my favourite female heroes and villains.

More characters and infos coming soon!

List items

  • Needs no introduction. Catwoman is one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. She is definitely a great adversary and lover to the Dark Knight. I love reading all of her adventures regardless of which volume she's in.


    I love everything about Catwoman except for her new look. Aside from her sexiness still present, her new look with the goggles and black costume doesn't appeal to me. She looks like a plain, generic looking burglar as oppose to a cat burglar. Very boring looking. I prefer her in the awesome 90's purple costume with the long curl hair and feisty personality.


    Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Catwoman will always be my number 1 although I hope she will get a better costume in the near future.

  • Dejah Thoris is a princess of Mars and the wife of the adventurer John Carter. She's a complete stranger to undergarment stores.

  • Could've been Spider-Man's wife if Mary Jane wasn't such a bimbo. Just an opinion :p

  • Never heard of them? Well, neither do most of the Y2K comic book readers. Query and Echo were the Riddler's strong and sexy henchwomen who were reliable, trustworthy and loyal to the Puzzling Maniac. Unlike most female characters who joined the forces of evil because they were infatuated with the supervillains, Query and Echo instead were more into the action. All they ever wanted was to have fun (burglary, shoplifting, joyriding kinda fun), and the only way to be satisfied was to assist the Riddler whose traps and trickeries all involved with wacky and ingenius antics.


    Sadly, DC have not been treating them well these few years. After only appearing in a few issues, they were tossed away like broken drawing pencils. Query and Echo deserve to have the same spotlight as Harley Quinn who also began as a minor character but now a fan favorite. Please DC Comics. Please bring them back!

  • My favorite of the Cheetahs is the Cheetah II also known as Deborah Domaine. She was the first Cheetah that I got to know of and whenever I think of the Cheetah, I immediately think of Deborah's version of the Cheetah. I'm not familiar with the current Cheetah but from what I've seen, Minerva is not as interesting as Deborah in terms of appearance and motivation. I guess I'm not a fan of beastly-looking women.


    Not many people are aware of the Cheetah II's existence because she only lasted for five years appearing only in seven issues. She went out of the DC timeline very abruptly and the way they eliminated the character was too sudden and quite pathetic. There are many more stories to tell about Deborah's adventures and I would love to explore more of the character but unfortunately, she's trapped in that darn limbo.


    I sure hope that Deborah Domaine will return someday into the comics because I really miss her!

  • Voluptuous, deadly and sexy. I like the 90's Animated Series version of Poison Ivy.

  • Power Girl once said that the people she saved never seem to remember her face. It doesn't take a genius to know the reason why and that's what make her a valuable damsel in this list.


    All jokes aside, Power Girl is an interesting character. Always courageous, always decisive- she is a righteous superheroine who will never stop until justice is served.

  • A promising psychiatrist turned evil for the man she loves. Harley Quinn would cross the fires of hell just to make the Joker happy. All she ever wanted was some love from the Joker but too bad the Clown Prince of Crime has other things to worry about.

  • I prefer her when she was in the "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" cartoon show.

  • Mute and deadly. The Female is uber cool!

  • Amora is a she-devil who wishes for universe domination and can seduce any man she wishes. She has a thing for Thor but too bad the God of Thunder doesn't give a shit about her. Pity.

  • A former evil psychic turned good.

  • The less you wear, the more protected you are. Thanks for the tip Vampirella.

  • A voluptuous vixen with huge knockers and a goofy husband. Jessica Rabbit gave kids and parents some serious case of heart attack when she first graced at the cinema with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? She may not have any combat skills or agility but Jessica is great in self-defense thanks to her "booby" trap (Geddit?).

  • A powerful sorceress who died too soon. Lame.

  • A hot, sizzling and ruthless European terrorist. Sienna Miller was great as the Baroness but I didn't like her love interest with Duke. To me, that ruins the whole movie.

  • The only woman in the Mighty Crusaders and that makes her stand out.

  • Cheryl's way hotter and way better than Betty and Veronica. Nuff said.

  • An awesome chick who was once known as Spider-Woman and Arachne. I was shocked to hear that Julia Carpenter was no longer Arachne and is now the second Madame Web. I'm gonna miss her in that sexy black costume. Why did you have to not wear them anymore? Can't she just wear them regardless of what she has become?

  • A brilliant mind with a ginormous strength. SHE-HULK SMASH!

  • Creepy

  • It's hard to appreciate this character when you hardly know her due to her premature death. But whatever, she's hot!