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Dare to be different. 0

This was a really fun series for me at the time. I was familiar with Keith Giffen's work, but skipped his Lobo series. Had I read Lobo, I would've noticed the similarities between Lobo and Trencher and probably not enjoyed the Trencher character as much.Still, Giffen's drastic change in art style really drew me in. Here was an art style I had never seen before. Such depth and volume in each and every panel. Some complained that it looked like someone had thrown up spaghetti on the page. But I wo...

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Ultron-6! 0

Well this issue marks the debut of the ultra-material, Adamantium. Back then it was just one cylinder of a powerful unbreakable metal. Who knew it would become so popular and prolific as to be attached to bones and every other unbreakable object!?The story is okay in this issue, being a solid Avengers tale of the time. What I really found intriguing though, is the art. This was "Barry Smith", back before he became the pencilling god "Barry Windsor-Smith" who did phenomenal work on the X-men (see...

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Classic Avengers, ain't it about time?! 1

I remember wondering not too long ago "How come they never made a Classic Avengers title?!". I like the Avengers a lot more than the X-men, so I've been pretty excited that this series actually came out. The restorations are nice, the Kirby art is fun, and the new Art Adams covers amaze me each time an issue comes out. It's been a nice way for me to stock up on Avengers reprints (without having to pay the Marvel Masterworks price!).My only regret is that the backup stories have been pretty lackl...

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