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  • First off, I'm not a big fan of the horror genre, especially in comics. So I resisted reading this series for a long time. Big mistake on my part, as this is a great character piece about surviving in a tragic world.

  • Great stories by Kirkman reminiscent of early Spider-Man tales. Fantastic art by Ryan Ottley who is now one of my favorite artists!

  • Always been a fan of Willingham's writing (as well as art). This series just seems like the perfect supernatural niche for him.

  • Bill Willingham has hopped on recently. Not as exciting to me as his Fables or previous superhero work, but I'm going to keep with it and see where it goes.

  • Somehow Erik Larsen manages to keep his book fresh and entertaining. The only Image founder comic I still find worthwhile or relevant after all this time. Way to go, Larsen!

  • Going to be sad when this one ends. Such a crazy mix of old school comic art, yet with a modern 'beatnik' voice in the writing. I can't imagine what audience this comic caters to but I'm buyin what their sellin!

  • I remember reading this way back when and the series sadly ended. It's great that Byrne found the time and resources to pick up where he left off after all this time. The story is pretty involved so far, which tickles my cognitive bone.