The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

This the latest movie from Terry Gilliam (known for Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, The Brothers Grimm) and has the quirky, dark, comedic touches that one would expect from this Director. This also happens to be Heath Ledger's last movie. Mr. Ledger passed away before filming was completed. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell take turns filling in for the role...which might seem very odd in any other movie. However, odd is it what Director Gilliam is all about and it ends up working as the scenes for the stand-in cast take place in an imaginary world.  
Some of the actors undoubtedly give stronger performances than the others in their fill-in role. Since I'm feeling nice today I won't bother to mention which one really sucked, other than he did appear in the movies Daredevil and Alexander.  ;) 
Heath Ledger though, gives yet one more remarkable performance. Watching him I can't help but think he was on the verge of greatness, and that I would be following his movies more closely from then on. Alas, as we all wasn't meant to be. It is too bad, because his subtle performance in this movie and strong role in the Dark Knight were outstanding. 
So great performances from most of the actors, odd set designs, imaginary worlds, ... the only thing missing was a really strong story. For some reason this one didn't quite grab me like other Gilliam movies. The buildup was somewhat slow and the climax didn't knock me out of my seat. Still good for a rental though. 

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