Got to get some comics

Things from Another World are fun stores and very family friendly, but some of the clerks don't know that much about comics. Excalibur Comics is great, family run, and probably has the most back issues of any store in Portland.

I tend to buy most stuff online these days though, either Trades through Amazon or single issues from The latter has weekly sales that are pretty good.

I think my favorite comic shop was this frame shop/comic store run by a family. It had a very small front area with custom frames and the first time walked in, I thought I had gone to the wrong place. However, there were some open doors off to the side of the register and they opened into a huge space. Probably 18 folding tables covered with long boxes. It looked like a mini-convention. They also had tons of original artwork stacked up in the back.  I really missed that place when it closed. :(

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