Could there be a Watchmen 2?

I'm sure the Hollywood studios would think so, but those who have read the book probably have a different idea. The main argument against a Watchmen 2 (imo), is Alan Moore apparently has no plans to return to the material. Without the brain of Mr. Moore behind it, it would likely fail. Also, Moore planned Watchmen out as self-contained piece. It's pretty obvious that a sequel was never part of the master plan, and there isn't quite enough material to make a prequel that interesting. I have run into some people that think a Watchmen 2 could be made and like I said, Hollywood would if they saw money in it. What do you think, would it be worth it? Would you go see a Watchmen 2 in the theaters?


Kick-Ass movie

My thoughts on Kick-Ass the movie. Overall, it was pretty enjoyable but I left the theater why they deviated so far from the comic in parts. The 'Red Mist is a villain' was a big reveal in the comic. The hospital scene was shortened and totally left out the part with his Father. Also, I'm not sure why they made him numb to pain, yet he seemed pretty normal to other tactile input. I don't know, felt like some poor screen writing at times 
Good things? The actor did a pretty good job of capturing Kick-Ass. Nicolas Cage put a little spin on Big Daddy and made me pay more attention to him. Hit girl? Damned if she didn't steal the whole show. I didn't like her much in the comic, but she kicked Kick-Ass's butt in the movie. ;)


The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

This the latest movie from Terry Gilliam (known for Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, The Brothers Grimm) and has the quirky, dark, comedic touches that one would expect from this Director. This also happens to be Heath Ledger's last movie. Mr. Ledger passed away before filming was completed. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell take turns filling in for the role...which might seem very odd in any other movie. However, odd is it what Director Gilliam is all about and it ends up working as the scenes for the stand-in cast take place in an imaginary world.  
Some of the actors undoubtedly give stronger performances than the others in their fill-in role. Since I'm feeling nice today I won't bother to mention which one really sucked, other than he did appear in the movies Daredevil and Alexander.  ;) 
Heath Ledger though, gives yet one more remarkable performance. Watching him I can't help but think he was on the verge of greatness, and that I would be following his movies more closely from then on. Alas, as we all wasn't meant to be. It is too bad, because his subtle performance in this movie and strong role in the Dark Knight were outstanding. 
So great performances from most of the actors, odd set designs, imaginary worlds, ... the only thing missing was a really strong story. For some reason this one didn't quite grab me like other Gilliam movies. The buildup was somewhat slow and the climax didn't knock me out of my seat. Still good for a rental though. 

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8-bit music

A video I saw today reminded me of "Video Computer system" (below).  Anyone else have a favorite 8-bit music/vid?


Questing ...

Pretty interesting so far. I'm thinking user-initiated quests (perhaps submitted for approval) would be a nice idea. I'm also thinking I should be getting some work done right now! Haha!



If anyone has an enormously screwed up past, it would be this guy. 'Course I'm not sure they could really ever undo all the damage, nor would it make everyone happy.

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Amazing Spider-Man #1

There are a lot of cool covers out there, some with better messages. However, I've been quite drawn to this cover and keep telling myself I'm going to draw a homage of it with my character PsychoPanda one of these days.

Go Spidey!
Go Spidey!

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Got to get some comics

Things from Another World are fun stores and very family friendly, but some of the clerks don't know that much about comics. Excalibur Comics is great, family run, and probably has the most back issues of any store in Portland.

I tend to buy most stuff online these days though, either Trades through Amazon or single issues from The latter has weekly sales that are pretty good.

I think my favorite comic shop was this frame shop/comic store run by a family. It had a very small front area with custom frames and the first time walked in, I thought I had gone to the wrong place. However, there were some open doors off to the side of the register and they opened into a huge space. Probably 18 folding tables covered with long boxes. It looked like a mini-convention. They also had tons of original artwork stacked up in the back.  I really missed that place when it closed. :(

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Looking forward to a second viewing.

Much like Batman Begins, I really didn't like what I saw from the trailers (I almost skipped Begins to wait for dvd).

Yet once again they managed to fit everything together into a very nice ensemble. This movie is much stronger than the first, in the same way that Empire kicks butt over Star Wars.

Ledger's performance added the additional credibility needed to pull off a truely grisly Joker, instead of a crazy clown of crime. His performance is inspired by Nicholson's, but Heath takes his Joker to far greater heights. Adding depth and avoiding the campy pitfalls of the previous Joker acts. This Joker isn't just a whimsical madman, he's a clever killer with a point to prove. The writer did a really good job of explaining his motivations...a person who is so disturbed by his inner being, that he seeks to prove his sanity by showing that other people are no different than himself.

I have a few complaints about the film, but most aren't that bad. Mainly Batman's voice sounds ridiculous in some parts (too raspy!). Also...please never show the costume in full light again. The interrogation room scene with Batman and Joker ... the Bat-mask looks big, bulbous, and borderline silly!

Overall very well written movie with great performances by the actors involved. This Batman movie (like the last one) is filled with unexpected surprises, which I have to say is just cool! :)

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Cool question!

The first I remember getting as a gift was this one:

Wow, the Vision is cool!
Wow, the Vision is cool!

I thought I had the original appearance of the Vision up until a few years ago when I noticed the date on that particular issue was before I was born! Took me awhile to figure out that this reprint was actually more likely what I had.

After that it was many Spider-Man, Thor, and Human Fly comics from a local used book store. It's hard to say which comic I actually bought myself with my very own money. Pretty sure it was another Avengers reprint, one of the Marvel Triple Action.

The one comic I'll never forget though, is this one that my little brother brought home one day. We read that thing over and over:

The difference between DD and Iron Fist.
The difference between DD and Iron Fist.

Oh the joy of first comics. :)

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