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Superboy #6 Review 0

Superboy #6 ReviewOverview:Superboy meets Supergirl and they don’t like each otherThe Good:I really like how Lobdell has intertwined Superboy and Teen Titans. I think it works to the advantage of the story, especially how Supergirl was integrated too. Personally I never really thought these two would interact much but this meeting doesn’t feel forced at all. I have never read Supergirl but she seems very angry at the world. I really like how Suberboy acted in this issue and how he is reacting to...

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X-Men #24 Review 0

X-Men #24 ReviewOverview:A Jubilee centered issue that is all about her and vampiresThe Good:The issue is a good jumping on point for new readers as it is the start of a new arc. This issue gets into what it means to be a vampire and brings up questions on how a person is turned impacts how they act and why vampires thirst for human blood versus “warm mammal blood,” personally I have never thought about that when reading a vampire story so I found it very interesting. The Forgiven seem like a co...

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Daken Dark Wolverine #21 Review 0

Daken Dark Wolverine #21 ReviewOverview:Daken gets some life changing news and decides to kill WolverineThe Good:The issue is action packed which is good. This issue also has great insight into who Daken really is and what he thinks of not only Wolverine but superheroes and super villains in general and how he thinks he fits into the world. This issue also shows how smart Daken really is tactically. The sense of finality really comes through both the dialogue and the art giving the book a cool a...

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Daken: Dark Wolverine #20 Review 0

Daken: Dark Wolverine #20 ReviewOverview:This is a standalone issue that simply wraps up a few dangling plot lines that started when Daken moved to LA.The Good:The character of Daken really shines through in this issue, it shows that he really doesn’t care about others in a way that only Daken can. Even though it was a standalone it was still an important issue in the series, finally revealing who the Kingpin of LA is and Daken’s reaction. It also ends (but maybe not) the story of Donna and Dake...

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Ghost Rider #8 Review 1

Ghost Rider #8 ReviewOverview:Hawkeye, Johnny Blaze and Alejandra, and Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance finish their fight.The Good:The book is on the upswing, after the mediocre intro as a tie in to Fear Itself, Ghost Rider has established itself and its direction and this is a major plus. While this issue is very Hawkeye centric it is still good. The fight is entertaining, seeing what Alejandra can do with the Rider powers (Demon Bullet Train anyone?) is cool and having Johnny in the position he...

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Daken Dark Wolverine #19 Review 0

Daken Dark Wolverine #19 ReviewOverview:Pride Comes… ends with a big battle between Marcus Roston, Daken and the RunawaysThe Good:This is a solid fight issue that fits well with the rest of the series. There is action and character to the story. It is able to show that Daken is not a hero; he is Daken, who looks out for himself and helps others if it helps him. This is best exemplified when he lets the Runaways fight Roston simply to weaken him even though Daken knows they can’t win. The Runaway...

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X-Men: Legacy 260.1 Review 0

X-Men: Legacy 260.1 ReviewOverview:The X-Men try to stay true to Wolverine’s idea of the kids not fighting.The Good:This was an actual issue so if you skipped it you should get it. The team accidentally opens a portal to another dimension and fights demon/alien things without alerting the children. This is handled well and Rogue proves once again that she has a few tricks up her sleeve. The end of the issue is kind of a shocker involving Gambit and a certain someone, if you have been reading the...

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X-Men Legacy 260 Review 0

X-Men Legacy 260 ReviewOverview:Regenesis ends and Ariel is saved by Rogue and the othersThe Good:I really liked this issue, Mike Carey does a good job of expanding the cast of the book beyond the core team and it really adds to the story by including Hellion and Pixie. Another good thing about this issue is that the past arcs, Age of X to be specific, are still relevant and remembered. The addition of Ariel is a funny addition, there are several comments at her expense and they hit. Another plu...

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Fans Must Read 0

X-Men Legacy 259 ReviewOverview:After coming to the Regenesis party a bit late, the team needs to choose where they are going, but an old friend stops them.The Good:Everything. I absolutely love this issue. The pacing was great, the art was solid and the story is amazing. The way Carey was able to mix in so many characters without crowding the issue was great, the X-men have a great but underused supporting cast. The way that the pirates from the space station react to Schism/Regenesis is also p...

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