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X-Men 2022 Telepathic Tier List: HIGH TIER

Welcome to the Official PsiViners Tier list for the year 2022!

While initially this was supposed to be a yearly list, slight changes and inconsistent appearances have made it so that a truly meaningful and dynamic list couldn't be made regularly with only 12 months of comics between them. However with 2 years worth of titles, debates, feats and events we've come together once again as the Uncanny PsiViner collective to put out our official 2022 Tier List for X-Men telepaths.

There have been alot of new feats collected over the last 2 years and some very meaningful discussion and tooth and nail fights have gone down in the last few years as we try our best to summarize the psychic powers of our favorite mutants before we go into the X-Men's 60 year anniversary.

All that's the rules to remember.

1- Feats > Statements- For one thing it's how the Comicvine battle boards work, but in a world where everyone from teenagers like the Cuckoos and Teen Jean Grey, to one scene wonders like Gamesmaster, are considered to be "among the strongest minds on the planet", its hard to take vague statements about power at face value, especially when most characters on this list have been defeated by others without nearly as much effort as you'd think.

It is important to note though, that statements still hold a lot of value especially if they are supported by feats and aren't easily contradicted by showings. And depending on who's making the may be more valuable than a bucket of mid level feats

2- Telepathic Strength = Raw Power + Skill + Unique Factors- It's been stated, and even shown, that some characters, despite having seemingly limitless power just aren't good enough to hang with an opponent who knows what their doing or is smarter then them. Similarly a character can be both skilled and possess huge power but still not be able to contend with a special ability or unique trait of a character like a hivemind, psi link or astral form.

When a persons skill set, power level and unique factors are added together that's how we decide how "strong" a psychic is overall.

3- Being an Omega doesn't mean much - at least not without the appropriate showings to back it up. A very important, if seemingly redundant point. While yes, several characters are stated to be Omega level mutants, it doesn't mean much when they've lost to or been unable to protect themselves from non Omegas. It's not an automatic win, nor does it automatically imply superiority to non-omegas.

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List items

  • We start this off with the X-Men's #1 Omega Level Telepath: Jean Grey.

    As I was beginning the write up for this character I debated whether or not to start by listing off all of the accolades that she's accomplished over the years that justify her placement as a High Tier telepath, the conclusion I came to however was that for the first time in her existence, or at least in the existence of the PsiViner Collective, Jean Grey doesn't need to justify her presence as a High Tier Telepath...let alone the HIGHEST of the High Tiers.

    In the past Jean has been frequently pointed out as the pinnacle of mutant power, but her power levels without the Phoenix Force have always come into question as they were left up to word of god from writers, characters making allusions to her capabilities and generally just being revered without much hard facts to call upon.

    In the past this has lead to a solid stalemate with the next person on our list as Jean didn't quite measure up in showings to the "Greatest Mutant Mind in Existence" but had firmly been stated by said "greatest mind" to be above him in both potential and realization.

    Not today. In 2022, it's safe to say the stalemate has been broken (even if only slightly) and that Jean has taken the lead as the #1 Psychic in our 2022 High Tier List.

    Reasons she deserves this spot:

    -Statements from the vast majority of this list about her strength being greater then their own.

    - Statements from writers and creators about her powers and abilities

    -Intimidation of other High Tiers

    -Invading the minds of multiple cosmic beings from the Phoenix Force, to Knull, even down to a Celestial.

    - Unconsciously created psychic phenomenon across the planet during Phoenix Resurrection

    Jean Grey's Respect Thread-

  • The Greatest Mutant Mind

    In second place and with little reason to discuss why comes Charles Xavier.

    While he hasn't exactly been featless in the time since we last did his public ranking, he hasn't been nearly as active as Jean has. Where Jean has taken on 2 cosmics entities and a dream lord, Xavier has been less of an overachiever in the current Era, racking up feats such as ripping knowledge from Legion's mind, catching the consciousness of Xandra across galaxys, using complex cerebro connections to send and track minds through the timeline and becoming a telekinetic capable of pushing back you know...little stuff.

    Reasons Xavier deserves this spot-

    - He's battled, trained or beaten everyone in high tier at one point or another.

    -He has the most accolades and feats of any psychic character in Marvel Comics or possibly any major comic company.

    - He's gone at it with the minds of the Phoenix (in half a dozen forms), Galactus, Ego and other God Tier entities.

    - His psychic powers, when used or obtained by others have made them High and even God Tier telepaths

    - He's stronger and more skilled now then when he accomplished his most powerful feats.

  • Krakoa's wicked wrinkled aunty and the parasitic Mummumdrai sister of Charles Xavier, the #3 spot is Cassandra Nova's.

    Everything that was said last time about Nova remains true today. She's comparable to Xavier in raw power, she's dropped every one of the X-Mens best psychics at one point or another and she's a force to be reckoned with.

    That said, this year shes on shaky ground as several earlier drafts of the tier list had her losing her spot to Shadow King and there have been ALOT of discussions on whether the way she accomplished some of her feats (through surprise and infection) will make it easier for a certain blonde to usurp her in the future.....THAT SAID, as it stands Cassandra Nova remains in the Top 3 with her appearances in Marauders giving hope for some feats to help her fend off a certain Queen nipping at her heels

    Reasons she deserves this spot:

    - Surprise attacking and mindfucking New X-Men Era Xavier while his powers were being multiplied by a factor of 10

    - Leaving New X-Men Era Jean Grey a drooling mess just from touching minds.

    - Getting into Emma Frost mind and planting powerful suggestions despite being near death.

    - Mindcontrolling and enslaving Rachel Grey's mind while declaring her as "no threat" to her

    - Attacking Jean Grey's mind while she was enhanced by the ocean boosted power of Searebro.

    Cassandra's Respect Thread:

  • The White Queen of Hellfire

    Emma Frost gives us our first big movement since our 2020 list, passing Shadow King and grabbing the #4 spot and even giving a good run in debates at Nova for the #3.

    While Emma definitely isn't the hardest working telepath feat wise in the Krakoan Era, her dominance in the decades following the early 2000s have made her a strong case as one of the most skilled, powerful and unique telepaths on any list. That said while she hasn't gained much in the way of flashy new feats she's remained consistent in her showings of TP combat, incredible range and outperforming the great Professor X on a regular basis.

    Reasons she deserves this spot:

    - 30+ Years of statements of World/Omega Class powers as a "Psi of the Highest Order" that rivals Xavier.

    - Defeating the Hiveminds of Sinister, the Thousand in One Cuckoos, The Skrull Blockade, and recently the Eternal's Unimind

    - Shielding from and restraining the Phoenix force and even defeating people empowered by it.

    - The most consistently effective telepath at planetary range, capable of mass mind control, removing astral forms, complex skill feats and psychic combat from thousands of miles away.

    - Defeated or outperformed fellow High Tiers Xavier, Rachel Summers, Exodus, Mr. Sinister and the Stepford Cuckoos at one point or another.

    Emma Frost's Respect Thread:

  • The King of the Shadows...

    Shadow King has dropped down to the #5 spot, but don't let that be a reason to underestimate him.

    While his feats of massive power amps and prep based plans have comeback to hurt him after reexamining their effectiveness, they still give us a lot to talk about when it comes to the mans skills as a psychic.

    Over the decades he's consistently come up with no less then 4 strategies to amplify himself or take control of every psychic or every person on the planet. Currently we've seen that his host body Amahl Farouk, maintains that level of creativity, trapping people in looping simulations on a whim....and thats when he's a good guy.

    So while reexamination has hurt his rank, it's allowed for us to be a bit more honest about where his strengths lie and how he stacks up in other categories.

    Reasons he deserves this spot:

    - Has defeated and mind controlled multiple high tiers and alternate versions of them from around the multiverse

    - Has created 4 different global links to possess/control/corrupt all psychics and/or all mind on the planet.

    - Unequaled knowledge of the astral plane.

    - Capable of controlling hundreds if not thousands at a time

    - Has more then a few impressive statements from being the strongest mind on the planet to even a multiversal threat depending on the appearance.

    Shadow King's Respect Thread:

  • The Daughter of the Phoenix.

    Rachel Grey-Summers has about as much raw power as any psychic in High Tier or more. Her skill feats are notable, but where she shines is that she's a massive powerhouse that in the Krakoan Era has had more then a couple of moments to flex her growth into a solid psychic, with feats of restraining Gods, punishing Apocalypse and even bridging a gap between dimensions adding to her rep.

    Still, as much as Rachel seems to have grown more into her place as a powerhouse telepath, she is haunted by the ghost of her history with mind control....and while we haven't seen it in the current Era, we have to take the good with the bad when ranking characters, which means Rachel once again peaks at #6 despite her growth.

    Reasons she deserves this spot:

    - Possesses some of the most powerful offensive feats in the tier

    - Outperformed or directly defeated multiple Mid Tiers and even a High Tier in a single shot.

    - Implied to be the most powerful psychic alive after Jean Grey and Xavier

    - Entered into the minds of billions of people around the world with casual effort.

    - One shot an entire city filled with psychic resistant (and reflecting) Sentinels

    - Projected her astral form across the galaxy in the middle of a battle.

    Rachel Summers Respect Thread:

  • This Bastar....I mean "the sinister geneticist, Mister Sinister"....

    This motherfu.... the gentleman in question is a power to behold and a schemer if there ever was one and shows this off especially well as a psychic. So is it any wonder that despite spending most of the Krakoan Era leaving people questioning if he even still had his telepathic powers he's still somehow managed to climb his way up a spot from our last list despite only a handful of new showings?

    Yes ladies and gentlepeople, Mr. Sinister is our next person to be reevaluated into a new position, moving up to surpass Exodus via a reevaluation of both of their feats.

    While Sinister hasn't really added anything to his original list of feats, he was recently able to enter Jean Grey's mind to save her from the Celestial's mental attack and has shown that he still retains some impressive range.....but really everything that was true before is still true now in most regards.

    Why Mr. Sinister deserves this spot? Same reasons as before...:

    - Inferno....mostly Inferno.

    - After being drained by Rogue, his conciousness dominates her mind and then he uses his drained powers to return himself to his body.

    - Blocked Emma Frost's telepathy

    - He no sells 80s Psylockes attack while smashing memories inside Jean's body.

    - After creating his "Sinister System" that perfects his clones, he stalemate Hope Summers who has mimic'd Emma Frost's telepathy

    - Was able to give Xavier some real trouble when he took over his body and mind.

    Sinister's Respect Thread

  • this is a conversation.

    Exodus didn't gain any real anti-feats that lead to him dropping below Sinister, quite the opposite actually. The X-Men's battle with the Eternal's Unimind made for some great moments of scaling and even another multitasking feat for the guy.

    What actually hurt Exodus was the confirmation that his powers are most definetly increased by his faith and the faith of others in him.

    What this meant was that when the collective looked at some of his better feats we had to put more weight into the instances where he told us he was possibly amped. Hence showings like multitasking while mentally battling Rachel Summers OR Dominating teams of Avengers and X-Men while going blow for blow with Xavier became a lot more outside the norm for him.

    Sadly it cost him his #7 spot to Sinister, and caused a small ripple effect for others who have battled him but if this past year is anything to go off of, Exodus still has alot going for him as a telepath and may be able to change some minds back in the coming year.

    Reason he deserves this spot:

    - The Undisputed King of multitasking, capable of battling on the astral plane, defending himself physically and even brawling with skyscraper sized Eternals all at once without losing any effort.

    - Capable of rebuilding and containing the minds of high tiers like Xavier in his own

    - Though he was amped in some cases, He's combatted Jean Grey, Rachel Summer, Emma Frost and Xavier on multiple occasions and performed well

    - Is among the most skilled telepaths around, replicating a few of the feats that have made Jean, Xavier and Emma top tiers to differing degrees of success.

    - His clash of power with Xavier was so great it was felt by psychics a thousand miles away.

    Exodus' Respect Thread:

  • The Son of Xavier....Legion

    Legion is the newest addition to High Tier following several rulings by the group.

    Where previously Legion saw a double posting as the top of Mid Tier (for his average portrayal) and as a God Tier (for any of his showings when merging or tapping into the full power of his personalities), it was decided that we'd be better off if we gave Legion a clean slate given his recent character development showed he'd gained greater control over his powers and his personalities and that some of his previous anti-feats shouldn't be applied.

    With that said, this ranking will be for Legion as of his 2019 Uncanny X-Men appearance and going on thru to his current showings in the Krakoa Era.

    So why does Legion deserve this spot?

    - He created and maintains a psychic space in the astral plane that allows people to enter into dozens of levels of his mindscape.

    - He locked the Life Seed empowered Nate Grey (a certifiable God Tier) into his mind and made him believe he'd spent months depowered and under attack in the Age of Apocalypse

    - While containing Nate, he was able to block Jean Grey and Betsy Braddock from entering or observing the inside of his mind.

    - He went toe to toe with the Eternal Uranos, reaching a stalemate in their minds and facing off against his “arsenal” on the astral plane.

    - Has a unique perspective on TP being able to detect both Onslaughts rebirth as well as Nate Greys ascension to Life Seed when no one else was able to.

    Legion's Respect Thread:

  • ....well, Red Onslaught to be exact.

    Red Onslaught was added to the listing last year in an attempt to further flesh out psychics and entities that our already ranked psi's had showings against.

    This particular version of Onslaught was born from Red Skull's evil and hatred and powered by Xavier's stolen telepathy and was a bit of a beast in the short time he was around.

    While he appeared for the most part to have only limited thoughts beyond hatred, his sheer raw power was enough to get him to high tier with what little he was able to do.

    Reasons he deserves this spot:

    - Created a global "Hate wave" that effected the entire planet cause violence and giving him control over the populace

    - The Wave's pure strength was enough that just shielding from it for a few hours left Omega Level Telepath Quentin Quire a bloody mess before he finally gave out

    - Was able to control and/or effect resistant minds from Scarlet Witch and Sabretooth all the way up to Doom and Dr. Strange while focusing his assault on others.

    Red Onslaught's Respect Thread:

  • The Sisters of the Hive, The 5 in 1 Stepford Cuckoos....

    The cloned daughters of Emma Frost that are linked by a Hivemind stronger then the sum of it's parts, the girls are a bit lower on the list then last time solely due to new additions to the Tier.

    That said the continued growth of the girls means the sky is the limit for the hiveminds position. The girls individually possess feats of dominating low tiers, resisting Phoenix fragments and going head to head with some infamous psychics from the ranking....but when grouped together the girls have some pretty impressive feats, even just from the Krakoan Era, including giving a hand to Emma on a massive Earth to Mars range feat, to Jean on a MORE massive Earth to Otherworld feat and later worked together to control the minds of the 5 Eternal Hex to battle the Celestial Progenitor.

    While the Cuckoos have mostly had supporting roles in the Krakoan Era, their scaling from their 3 in 1 days and individual growth leaves potential for some serious questions down the line and some fun scaling debate for their powers.

    Reason they deserve this spot:

    - Inserting psychic blocks into Jean, Xavier and Emma to hide their identities

    - Broke Cassandra Nova's mind control over the entire school

    -Stomping the Shiar's “strongest telepath”, Oracle and locking her in her own mind

    - Assisting in massive cross dimensional range feats from Krakoa to Other World.

    - Scale above the 3 in 1 who were already solid mid tiers by adding 2 more powerful individuals

  • Captain Britain herself...

    It's been a long road, but Betsy's finally broken into high tier with a few more powerful statements and showings from the Krakoan Era for her telepathic power.

    While certain things about her stats make it hard for her to fend off some challengers in Mid-Tier decisively, it's pretty clear that Betsy's unique approach to telepathy gives her far more room to swing up in a confrontation with other High Tiers then it does for her to swing down.

    Betsy's growth is summarized best in creating powerful psychic phenomena as an astral form and earning a few more statements on her strength. There's definitely some room to grow, but there isn't any room to stop her so she's crossed the threshold.

    Reason she deserves this spot-

    -Drowned a small village in psychic phenomena with just her astral presence

    - With Xavier, adult Jean and Emma out of the picture she was considered to be the 3rd strongest mind on the planet.

    - She's broken through Dark Archangel's mental defenses which were compared to Apocalypse.

    - Stored the memories of thousands of people that she mind-wiped within her own mind over a period of time

    - The Psychic Knife. The Focused totality of her power, While we don't like to include it as a factor, it pretty much guarantees that even when she's outclassed she has a win condition if she can get an opening.