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X-Men 2020 Telepathic Tier List: Mid Tier

So here we go again....the Psi Viners collective Mid Tier telepathic rankings.

Unlike the high tiers, it wasn't as easy to compare feats and showings and come up with a flawless order. Some mid-tier telepaths possessed a long list of average feats, some had strong feats but poor showings against other psychics, some had nothing but statements on their power, and some just didn't really impress with their showings.

Suffice to say it became pretty obvious that everyone's ranking list became more and more varied as everyone was added in. Everyone viewed the Mid-Tiers as having different strong suits and being impressive in their own way but the general consensus was that each of the Mid-Tiers, (whether it was power, skill, number of showings or battle feats) were missing something that made it highly unlikely they could take on the more well rounded High Tiers in a serious battle or debate.

With that said, lets remember our rules:

1- Feats > Statements- For one thing it's how the Comicvine battle boards work, but in a world where everyone from teenagers like the Cuckoos and Teen Jean Grey, to one scene wonders like Gamesmaster, are considered to be "among the strongest minds on the planet", its hard to take vague statements about power at face value, especially when most characters on this list have been defeated by others without nearly as much effort as you'd think.

It is important to note though, that statements still hold a lot of value especially if they are supported by feats and aren't easily contradicted by showings. And depending on who's making the may be more valuable than a bucket of mid level feats

2- Telepathic Strength = Raw Power + Skill + Unique Factors- It's been stated, and even shown, that some characters, despite having seemingly limitless power just aren't good enough to hang with an opponent who knows what their doing or is smarter and more skilled then them. Similarly a character can be both skilled and possess huge power but still not be able to contend with a special ability or unique trait of a character like a hivemind, psi link or astral form.

When a person's skill set, power level and unique factors are added together that's how we decide how "strong" a psychic is overall.

3- Being an Omega doesn't mean much - at least not without the appropriate showings to back it up. A very important, if seemingly redundant point. While yes, several characters are stated to be Omega level mutants, it doesn't mean much when they've lost to or been unable to protect themselves from non Omegas. It's not an automatic win, nor does it automatically imply superiority to non-omegas

List items

  • Betsy Braddock, the current Captain Britain top of the Mid Tiers and a person the majority felt was on the cusp of High Tier....but just lacked in some paces.

    Psylocke is the perfect example of what being Mid-Tier means for X-Telepaths. She's not weak by any means, in fact she's been called one of the strongest minds on the planet at several points. And she's been shown to be skilled and resourceful enough to defeat opponents among the high tiers....

    However what holds her back, is that she struggles in fights against these stronger opponents, and unlike some others doesn't really possess many feats to say that she'd dominate anyone in a confrontation.

    Betsy's a very well rounded telepath who's resourcefulness makes her a difficult opponent for anyone, but who lacks a pure telepathic advantage she can exploit in a TP battle without resorting to her "Psychic Knife" as a hax way to accomplish a task.

    Why does Betsy deserve this spot?

    - With Xavier, adult Jean and Emma out of the picture she was considered to be the 3rd strongest mind on the planet.

    - Creator statements say that after AoA Jean unlocked her potential, she became comparable to Xavier and Jean Grey

    - She's resisted and defeated Shadowking on several occasions

    - Kept Shadow King trapped in a mental prison in her mind over a long period of time

    - She's broken through Dark Archangel's mental defenses which were compared to Apocalypse.

    - Stored the memories of thousands of people that she mind-wiped within her own mind over a period of time

    - The Psychic Knife. While we don't like to include it as a factor, it pretty much gurantees that even when she's outclassed she has a win condition if she can get an opening

    Psylocke's RT:

  • Cable, more accurately "Base" Cable from the early 90s through Revolution Era where he began to explore his telepathic powers.

    - With 90's Jean's help, they shielded themselves and the X-Men from a fully powered and amped Onslaught's telepathic assaults

    Cable may seem interesting as a choice for the second highest Mid Tier telepath given he's mostly known for his guns and having to use most his powers to hold back a virus. But it's important to note that before being repeatedly depowered in the 2000s, the Cable of the 90s was considered to be one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet even with most of his power being restrained.

    While he eventually would cure himself of his Techno Organic Virus and become his God Tier incarnation known as "Savior Cable", it's important to note that even prior to reaching that level and after his powers were broken, Cable's telepathic power and skill were considered to be among the best.

    Why does Cable deserve this spot?

    - Onslaught considered him to be one of the strongest telepaths on the planet and a direct threat to his plans.

    - With Nate Grey's power out of control and effecting telepaths across the entireplanet, Cable was still able to restrain him and put his mind back together

    - He reversed Onslaughts mind control on Hulk and the X-Men

    - Even depowered he's shielded his mind from Xavier, Jean Grey and Emma Frost.

    - Stryfe, his clone who has had his powers augmented to be at their very peak, was so scared of Cable's growth by the end of the 90s that he came to the X-Men for help (and Cable still mindscrewed him for his trouble)

    Cable's RT:

  • What? Nate Grey? Below Cable? Impossible!

    Usually you'd be right, but we've seperated Nate Grey into his Pre-Shaman appearances and his post Shaman appearances when he gained control of his powers.

    What's important to note about Nate is that while in the 90s he was hailed as the most powerful psychic to ever exist, he kept running into 2 problems.

    1) He was having his powers and life force drained by everyone including Threnody and his recreation of Madelynn Pryor.

    2) He was a novice and rarely used or his telepathy to great effect....almost never using it actually

    While Nate certainly impresses in a few flashy moments, his showings against other telepaths bring him down alot. Cable getting past his defenses during Nate's most powerful feat, Sinister mapping his mind and handwaving his telepathic attacks, Madelynn Pryor (a novice in her own right) nearly defeated him when they had their telepathic confrontation.

    Nate's a powerhouse able to shake the psychic plane with his presence....but ultimately suffers whenever he faces more skilled or comparably strong telepaths who know how to defend against his power even when he's in some of his most powerful incarnations.

    Why does Nate deserve this spot?

    - Consistently said to be the most powerful psionic the x-men (including Xavier himself) have encountered, and even the most powerful in existence

    -He quaked the astral planes in AoA and again in the 616 when he arrived on Earth

    -He dragged Xavier's astral form into the real world and nearly overwhelmed his defenses

    -When his powers went out of control he damaged the astral plane enough to harm Jean, Xavier and Psylocke on the other side of the world

    -He's pretty damn strong despite not actually using telepathy often

    Nate's RT:

  • Legion, now I know what your thinking "He can warp reality" "He rebooted the universe" "He has what ever power he wants!" All true.....but this is a telepathy only list and aside from his merged or in control forms, Legion is simply a really powerful telepath.

    Now when it comes to Legion we have to factor in that according to him he has several Omega Level telepathic personalities in his mind. And at least 2 of the escaped personalities we've seen have been strong enough to compete with Charles Xavier and a merged Legion.

    However when he's not merged a major weakness of Legion's is that he isn't able to control the rest of his mind and has been beaten by others who exploit that confusion.

    Why does Legion deserve this spot?

    - He's telepathically reached across the galaxy

    - He routinely pulls peoples consciousness' and physical bodies into his mind

    - He defeated Red Skull when he had Xaviers brain.

    - Multiple personalities are Omega Level telepaths

  • Rounding out the top 5 is the alternate future telepath and son of Professor X, Charles Xavier Jr.

    Xavier Jr has very limited appearances that make his case for being VERY powerful short and sweet....but he also has a major defeat that drags him down immensely.

    Xavier Jr is another perfect example of a mid tier, being capable of dominating multiple people at once, but ultimately not measuring up to a high tier getting serious as seen when he surprise attacked Rachel twice only to be one-shot and when a Generation X Era Emma Frost from an alternate timeline crushed him in a single panel.

    Still his superiority over other telepaths with planetary reach makes him very much a solid telepath who's above most of his competition in the Tier

    Why does Xavier Jr deserve this spot?

    - He telepathically controlled 4 members of his brotherhood and the Stepford Cuckoos while projecting a psychic construct of Xorna to fight for him and telepathically dominating a Teenaged Jean Grey

    - Even after having his power drained by Teen Jean's Pink form, being stabbed by X-23 and being dragged into the Stepford Cuckoos Hivemind he was still strong enough to fight back psychically and cloak his escape from 2 teams of X-Men.

    - When confronted by a more powerful and better trained Teenage Jean Grey he completely no sells her attacks.

    Xavier Junior's RT:

  • The Stepfords again....this time the 3 in 1 Celeste, Phoebe and Mindee.

    While initially the 3 remaining Cuckoos stated repeatedly that they were much weaker then they had been before their sister died, their powers took a massive leap during the Decimation Era of X-Books.

    While the current 5 in 1 seems to be far and away more powerful then their original appearances, at one point most were of the opinion that the 3 in 1 were close to surpassing the power of that the 5 had originally showcased.

    That said the girls suffered two major losses against a Future Jean Grey and the Skrull (trained by Professor Xavier) Z'cann that bring down an otherwise lofty list of showings against powerful opponents.

    Why do the 3 in 1 Cuckoos deserve this spot?

    - They've blocked Emma Frost from reading their minds and were stated to be able to block Xavier's powers as well.

    - They linked minds of people around the planet on several occassions

    - They ripped Quentin Quire's astral form out of Cerebro and mind controlled him another occasion.

    - They invented a psychic attack that they used to completely destroy Legion's control of his mind

    - Dragged Xavier Jr into their Hivemind

    Cuckoos' RT:

  • Maddie is a tough sell.

    As far as power goes she is anywhere between 80's Jean Grey and Pre Shaman X-Man depending on the incarnation and where she's getting her powers from that day.

    She's consistently strong....but it's hard to gauge where she stands since her only real showings are stalemates and close battles against whovever she happens to be fighting that day.

    Still her opponents are mostly credible psychics like Jean, Rachel and Nate so we'll give her some credit for doing things to just isn't much.

    Why does Maddie deserve this spot?

    -Hmm well she's a clone of a high tier who was empowered by a high a tier

    - She's got a unique psychic bomb attack that took Rachel Grey out by surprise

    - Her resurrection sent out a psychic wave that everyone connected to the astral plane felt.

    Maddie's RT:

  • The Time displaced teenage version from the All New X-Men runs

    While she's more hyped as a telepath then her limited showings might support (alot of lines are blurred between this versions abilities and what she'd one day become) she nonetheless possesses impressive showings that make her a solid match for any of the other midtiers.

    Her psionic form make her another kind of impressive threat overall, but examining her pure telepathic showings she's comfortable here as a mid tier.

    Why does Jeen deserve this spot?

    - She couldn't effect Xavier Jr with her powers....but she managed to shield herself and the other X-Men from anything he wanted to do to them for a while

    - Psylocke was able to get around her Psi-Shields but ended up with a bloody nose for her trouble

    - She was able to stalemate Cosmic shard amped Emma Frost until she could convince her she was morally wrong

    - 5 seconds after finding out she was a telepath, she broke through the psychic blocks Xavier had placed in her mind and left Wolverine unconscious on the floor

    - She was able to mask her and Cyclops presence from Xorna and Xavier Jr for a good amount of time, despite them working together and Xavier Jr. being amped by a Cerebro Pill

    Jeen's RT:

  • Here we have Quentin Quire the Kid Omega and the reason for the rule about Omega Level not really meaning anything.

    Quire as a telepath initially comes off as pretty impressive. Omega Level, thinks pretty fast, potential Phoenix host, has given some trouble to high tiers.....why not be higher on the list?

    Well the consensus is mostly that Quire's fails are too numerous. He's been repeatedly stomped by the Cuckoos, left bloody by Rachel Grey, made to shit him self by Emma Frost and recently caught a case of chronic death syndrome. Essentially he's an unwanted disappointment who get's more screen time then most unwanted disappointments.

    That said Quire does have his high marks. His psionic constructs have powerful telepathic effects and he's solved problems that even the High Tiers have struggled with pretty fast. So it's hard to undersell that the kids got potential....just not as much as the series would sometimes have you believe.

    Why does Quire belong here?

    - His surprise attacks have taken down Emma, the Cuckoos and an entire school of X-Men.

    - Blocking Emma Frost's TP

    - He's blocked out Red Onslaught's psychic hate wave for an entire night.

    - Trapped the Stepford Cuckoos in a loop

    - Blocking out Rachel Grey from his mind while he was busy with other things

    - Created a complex psychic construct in his mind to pull people into

    Quentin's RT:

  • The Shiar Imperial guards main telepath closes out our Mid Tier list where she was ironically left behind by everyone else.

    Oracle's abilities are pretty much outclassed by the more prominent psychics and power creeps during the 90s and early 2000s took her from a strong threat to anyone but a strong psychic who is left in the dust by even the children among the X-Men.

    Why does she deserve this spot?

    - Destroyed a room with telepathy after making psi contact with a brood.

    - She shut down Teen Jean's pink form briefly

    - Shielded the Imperial Guards mind from Phoenix Echo boosted Rachel

    - Blocked out Mantis and Cosmo the spacedogs telepathy

    - Defeated Cosmo in a TP battle

    Oracle's RT: