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2022 X-Men Telepathic Tier List: MID TIER

So then.... Psi Viners collective Mid Tier Telepathic Rankings for 2022.

It's never easy doing a Mid Tier list.

When you're debating High Tiers you have a bit of comfort in knowing that your dealing with "the usual suspects". The feats are mostly known, there's not a lot of surprise additions and for the most part there is alot of canon information to apply that does most of the hard work for you. Their are some preferences sure, but most people are happy to just have a favorite character mentioned among the top dogs.

Debates for Mid Tier are a slugfest. Knock down drag out fights between characters with few appearances, vague statements and the random surprise mention who no one really knows about.

Suffice to say, the further down the list you get, the tougher it to rank people....but having done extensive research and fought tooth and nail over almost every spot, the Psi Viner's collective is pretty satisfied with the accuracy of this years list.

With that said, lets remember our rules:

1- Feats > Statements- For one thing it's how the Comicvine battle boards work, but in a world where everyone from teenagers like the Cuckoos and Teen Jean Grey, to one scene wonders like Gamesmaster, are considered to be "among the strongest minds on the planet", its hard to take vague statements about power at face value, especially when most characters on this list have been defeated by others without nearly as much effort as you'd think.

It is important to note though, that statements still hold a lot of value especially if they are supported by feats and aren't easily contradicted by showings. And depending on who's making the may be more valuable than a bucket of mid level feats

2- Telepathic Strength = Raw Power + Skill + Unique Factors- It's been stated, and even shown, that some characters, despite having seemingly limitless power just aren't good enough to hang with an opponent who knows what their doing or is smarter and more skilled then them. Similarly a character can be both skilled and possess huge power but still not be able to contend with a special ability or unique trait of a character like a hivemind, psi link or astral form.

When a person's skill set, power level and unique factors are added together that's how we decide how "strong" a psychic is overall.

3- Being an Omega doesn't mean much - at least not without the appropriate showings to back it up. A very important, if seemingly redundant point. While yes, several characters are stated to be Omega level mutants, it doesn't mean much when they've lost to or been unable to protect themselves from non Omegas. It's not an automatic win, nor does it automatically imply superiority to non-omegas

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List items

  • Mr. Summers' baby boy...Adult Nathan Christopher is at the top of the list this year.

    While a big part of his positioning is because Betsy Braddock and Legion have left the tier leaving him with some of the most solid skill to raw power balances and debatably the most feats against High's also important to remember what got him into this tier to begin with alot of skill and a shit ton of reserves.

    It's easy to overlook that for most of the 90s Cable was considered a top telepath among the X-Men and was able to keep up with or surpass even Jean Grey as far as feats as she was depicted in that Era with some unique and impressive feats.

    That said despite his powers seemingly returning to this level in current books, the lack of use means that Cable's position is very shaky and he's very much in danger of being a placeholder in this position as those active psychics beneath him begin to grow.

    Reason he deserves this spot:

    - Repeatedly referred to as one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet when he stops holding back his virus.

    - Broke through mental defenses and control put in place by Onslaught over X-Men and the Hulk

    - His defenses have blocked Xavier, Jean Grey, Emma Frost and Onslaught from his mind

    - His power as a Teen was enough to break the connection between Apocalypse' soul with Stryfe and even bridge telepathic gap of dimensions to reach Jean Grey.

    - Resisted Nate Grey's psychic seizure that was effect psychics around the world and pieced his mind back together

  • The last of Jean's kid's to make the tier list, but by no means the least.

    We have to start with the usual preface for Nate Grey's listing. This is for PRE- SHAMAN NATE ONLY!

    Both the Shaman Nate and Life Seed Nate incarnations land solidly in God Tier, but Nate Grey as he was introduced to us in 95 without the additional control he later gained through his Shaman tattoo is unfortunately still a Mid Tier.

    It's an awkward posting to some, but it's probably the most important one on the Tier List as it the most obvious case of the rules coming into play. Despite Nate having raw power that matches or even surpasses that of most High Tiers, it isn't enough to make up for his poor skills, lack of stamina and lack of factors OTHER then power that he brings to the table.

    Nate isn't a scrub and he can give a hard time to anyone he fights....but his position can be summed up as being exactly where insane raw power and no skill stop carrying you up the ladder.

    Why Nate deserves this spot:

    -He's a ridiculous powerhouse and it's possible that no one beneath him can do anything to him that his raw power won't eventually get him out of.

    - At the peak of his power in this form he was still having his life force drained by Threnody and Madelynne Pryor yet was capable of planet level psychic phenomena

    - He dragged Xavier's astral form into the physical realm through sheer willpower

    - His arrival on Earth was so great that every psychic on the planet felt it.

    - Later on when he lost control of himself he caused a astral shockwave powerful enough to cause pain to Xavier, Jean and Betsy on the other side of the world.

  • The Goblin Queen of Limbo...

    Maddie has been a consistent thorn in the side of the PsiViners collective since it's inception as she's had more powerset (and power source) changes then most characters who are ranked. This makes it hard for us to nail down where she falls on the list given her raw power has gone from being supported by the Phoenix, to supported by Nate Grey to "She's a ghost so idk how strong she's supposed to be".

    Suffice to say the PsiViners Cooperative has butted heads and shrugged shoulders alot in the past over this character but feel like they've nailed down where she is in this current iteration. Because while the power behind her has often changed, Maddie has consistently shown that she is a uniquely skilled and creative telepath often using whatever powers she has to do things rarely or never done by other psychics....which considering she also has a pension for using magic, is something that makes her stand out among the X-Men psychics.

    Maddie does have some big downsides, mostly in regards to combat but also in that most of her high end skill feats require extremely vulnerable opponents to be as successful as they were.

    Why does Maddie deserve this spot?

    - Hmm well she's a clone of a high tier...which is worth alot.

    - She's got a unique psychic bomb attack that took Rachel Grey out by surprise,

    - Was able to trap Jean Grey and Magik in a psychic dreamscape

    - Pulled Cable onto to the Astral Plane twice, once through Apocalypse's most busted shielding

    - Her death and resurrection sent out a psychic wave that everyone connected to the astral plane felt.

    Maddie's RT:

  • Jason Wyngarde....the Mastermind.

    Right off the bat I need to state for anyone thinking "hey he's not a telepath!" that theres only so much rewriting memories, placing mental blocks and battling on the astral plane that we can ignore before we're forced to let someone in.

    Mastermind is an OG X-Villain with incredible capabilities but more then that he possesses impressive showings against some of the best High Tiers we fact if it weren't for the fact that his primary power is illusion based we'd very clearly have to admit that he's underranked here.

    He may be one of the most skilled psychics among the rankings.....but at the end of the day when forced to prove it he tends to need a little time to set up before he can have a solid chance which is why he ended up here....since this is about as far as sneak attacks and clever applications can get you without being able to take a solid punch.

    Reasons he belongs here:

    - On his deathbed pulled Jean Grey and her teammates into his head and trapped them (and that's while trying to be nice)

    - His suprise attack on Emma Frost left her in a coma for months

    - Rewrote the Sentry's mind to such a degree it created the monsterous void entity

    - Mindscrewed Phoenix Rachel Summers

    - Trapped cosmic entity The Stranger in several illusions repeatedly.....although he got turned to stone for his trouble

    Mastermind's Respect Thread

  • Xorn.....or Xorna.....or rather the future version of Teenage Jean Grey that appeared in the Battle of the Atom crossover Event.

    Xorna showed off a handful of impressive abilities in her very short tenure in the books but ultimately she's here for one reason......she defeated the combination of depowered Emma Frost, the 3 in 1 Stepford Cuckoos and the inexperienced Teenage Jean Grey.

    While it might seem very "meh" as far as reasonings go, it's actually a hugely important factor in dividing the top of mid tier...from everyone else using the most important factor we have..."Scaling".

    Xorna scales directly above the Xavier Jr. who was defeated by the Cuckoos and Teen Jean, and also above the 3 in 1 who are obviously less of a threat without Emma then they are with her.

    This pretty relevant as we go further down the list and see characters that have directly interacted with eachother

    Reason she's deserves this spot-

    - Mindraped Magik during a time when we were told you shouldn't even go into her mind.

    - Defeated depowered Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos

    - Implied to be more powerful then Xavier Jr.

    Xorna's Respect Thread-

  • Cable's weird little friend....Blaquesmith.

    Blaquesmith is an interesting character in that he's been around since the 90s and that he's one of what we call the "Askani Psychics" telepaths from the future that Cable grew up in.

    That makes ranking him interesting for 2 reasons: The first is that theres a massive shift in power levels and portrayals of psychics from 00's onward that make them more powerful then most 90s incarnations and secondly because the Askani psychics all scale to Mother Askani and/or a fully powered Cable in one way or another....

    Regardless of the background details that may or may not confuse you, Blaquesmith helped raise and train Cable was a student of a future Rachel Summers himself and was consistently shown to be capable of giving a run for their money to the best telepaths in the 90s. That said time marches onward even for little weirdos from the future and his few feats in the 90s have long since been surpassed.

    Reason he deserves this spot:

    - Frequently snuck up on powerful psychics like Cable and Xavier.

    - Froze and then rewrote the memories of Xavier, Jean Grey and all the X-Men after blocking them both out of his mind

    - Briefly went toe to toe with Nate Grey when the latter was throwing a tantrum

    - Onslaught was so concerned with him he tried to destroy him alongside his base.

  • Charles Xavier's son from an alternate future.

    Different verse, same as the first:

    Xavier Jr has very limited appearances that make his case for being VERY powerful short and sweet....but he also has a major defeat that drags him down immensely.

    Xavier Jr is another perfect example of a mid tier, being capable of dominating multiple people at once, but ultimately not measuring up to a high tier getting serious as seen when he surprise attacked Rachel twice only to be one-shot and when a Generation X Era Emma Frost from an alternate timeline crushed him in a single panel.

    Still his superiority over other telepaths with planetary reach makes him very much a solid telepath who's above most of his competition in the Tier

    Why does Xavier Jr deserve this spot?

    - He telepathically controlled 4 members of his brotherhood and the Stepford Cuckoos while projecting a psychic construct of Xorna to fight for him and telepathically dominating a Teenaged Jean Grey

    - Even after having his power drained by Teen Jean's Pink form, being stabbed by X-23 and being dragged into the Stepford Cuckoos Hivemind he was still strong enough to fight back psychically and cloak his escape from 2 teams of X-Men.

    - When confronted by a more powerful and better trained Teenage Jean Grey he completely no sells her attacks.

    Xavier Junior's RT:

  • A scientist who thought the best way to accomplish her goals was to download the knowledge and powers of Mister Sinister into her of course she's very reasonable.

    Miss Sinister is what could best be described as the telepathic equivalent of rookie of the year.

    Within days of getting her powers she was sneaking up on Xavier and putting him on edge as she could sense his powerset and abilities. She even set traps for him in someones mind.

    Suffice to say she's got Sinister's powers so what she does is expected but she's also very limited in her showings so she can't climb up higher even with the trouble she gave Xavier without much experience.

    Reason she deserves this spot-

    - Being a pain in the ass to top tier psychic Prof. X

    - Resisted domination of Mr. Sinister for an extended period of time when his persona resurfaced....something Prof. X struggled with in the same situation

    Miss Sinisters respect thread:

  • Welcome to Teenage Wasteland....up first The 3 in 1 Stepford Cuckoos.

    We are in an area of the tier where psychics are so close together in powers and abilities that the only things that truly make them above or below eachother are their unique factors.

    The Cuckoos in this incarnation aren't dominating but they are certainly showing off their powers in the most balanced way. The girls have some of the better showings of troubling High Tiers and show case exactly what a mid tier telepath should be capable of at minimum on the regular. They've got great range and some amazing power feats but where they shine is skill and showcasing it, with them having taken a couple mid tiers down a peg and taken ALOT of minor feats off high tiers without much trouble.....the fact is though, with the 5 in 1 back and active again it's hard to remember that alot of what makes them a factor among high tiers is what the girls could do when they were at their weakest here.

    Reasons they deserve this spot-

    - Blocked out both Emma and Xavier's telepathy

    - Completely curbstomped Quentin Quire's astral form

    - Invented an attack that utterly devastated Legion's mind with just a touch

    - Dragged Xavier Jr into their mind

    - Saw through Emma Frost illusion's during Death of X.

    Cuckoos' RT:

  • Kid Omega....a definite runner for "Most Improved Psychic"

    While it's hard to showcase do the increase in mid tiers ranked, and his number of feats haven't really increased much on paper, the Krakoan Era has given us the most consistent Quentin Quire we've ever had and opened up the door for alot of potential growth in the future.

    Quire's growth has seen him accept his failures in the past and confront the overconfidence and under performance that has plagued him his entire existence.

    .....He still needs better feats to reinforce it, but it's clear Quentin's past feats seem alot less like one offs.....hmm, maybe Omega might mean something one day *shrug*. Suffice to say he is solidly mid tier since this new attitude might make it easier to put his skill to use, but he still needs to prove himself better then some of those old failures a bit more before he can even top out Teenage Wasteland.

    Reasons he deserves this spot-

    - His surprise attacks have taken down Emma, the Cuckoos and an entire school of X-Men.

    - Blocking Emma Frost's TP

    - He's blocked out Red Onslaught's psychic hate wave for an entire night.

    - Was able to fool the Pale Girl for hours despite her previously getting the drop on X-Force and being called the closest thing Xavier had felt to Jean Grey.

    - Blocking out Rachel Grey from his mind while he was busy with other things

    - Created a complex psychic construct in his mind to pull people into

    Quentin's RT:

  • The Teenage version this time....

    Teen Jean is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma sometimes but for the most part she made her mark on us in the Era of the time displaced X-Men.

    There alot that could be said about the positives and negatives of how her powers were written but at the end of the day she's quite possibly the most solidly mid tier psychic we have, capable of swinging up to the border of high tier but still being vulnerable to some of the shenanigans in Low Tier.....ultimately she's going to give a run at any of the other people in the tier even if she doesn't succeed in the end.

    Reason Teen Jean deserves this spot-

    - She couldn't effect Xavier Jr with her powers....but she managed to shield herself and the other X-Men from anything he wanted to due to them for a while

    - Psylocke was able to get around her Psi-Shields but ended up with a bloody nose for her trouble

    - She was able to stalemate Cosmic shard amped Emma Frost until she could convince her she was morally wrong

    - 5 seconds after finding out she was a telepath, she broke through the psychic blocks Xavier had placed in her mind and left Wolverine unconscious on the floor

    - She was able to mask her and Cyclops presence from Xorna and Xavier Jr for a good amount of time, despite them working together and Xavier Jr. being amped by a Cerebro Pill

    Jeen's RT:

  • Remember him? No? That's ok.

    Gamesmaster is an omnipath, capable of linking with everything from people and animals to plants and machines. He is constantly connected to everyone and everything on the planet and he wears headgear in order to contain him immense psychic power.

    So why is he so low down here?

    Well Gamesmaster showed up in the 90s to be a sneaky psychic threat....kidnapped Jean Grey and erased the X-Men's memories of her.....and then promptly ranaway as soon as she broke free and only showed up again to vaguely imply interest in X-23.

    Suffice to say being afraid of early 90s Jean makes you a mid tier....but seeing as Cable, Nate, Maddie, Mastermind and Blaquesmith were all around in the 90s and none of them ranaway when they saw early 90s Jean's kinda hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Reasons he deserves this spot-

    - He's constantly in contact with every mind on the planet

    - Controlled an entire town including the X-Men

    - Read Cable's mind effortlessly despite everyone from Jean to Xavier and Emma not being able to in that Era.

    - Trapped Jean Grey in a psychic prison

    - Broke free from Jean Grey's psychic hold.

    Gamesmaster's Respect Thread

  • Mirage aka Dani Moonstar aka Native American Mutant Valkyrie aka one of the most underrated mutant psychics in the X-Men

    As a member of the New Mutants Dani spent most of her childhood being picked on by Emma Frost, Shadow King, Brood Xavier, and Legion's wayward personalities.....if that wasn't enough she was also stalked by the Demonic Bear Entity that killed her family. So she's been around the block as far a telepathy goes.

    Normally we would rank both Dani and her teammate Karma in low tier due to their powersets only being partially telepathy....this year however we went deep into every psychic put in front of us and were pleasantly surprised by Dani and Karma's abilities and how they measured up.

    Dani possess a wide range of skill mostly in effecting mental connections and mental defense...but where she really shines is her ability to manipulate psychic energy, being one of the better psychics in this regard going as far as taking away and restoring life force using her psychic energy and emotions.

    She's not to be under estimated...even if she is currently at the bottom of the tier.

    Reasons she deserves her spot-

    - Has repeatedly been able to defend against powerful psychics like Shadow King, Xavier and Emma Frost even in her least experienced state.

    - Able to effect powerful minds despite their defenses like S'ym, Selene, Legion, Karma and Magik in her classic era.

    - Psychic power is strong enough to create solid illusions

    - Psychic attacks have killed people in the past.

    Dani's respect thread-

  • Last but not least, Karma....she possesses people.

    The hard part about being the last person in a Tier is that you constantly have to fight to hold your spot against everyone in the tier below you to prove your in a different league then them.....doesn't always work out (see: Wait what happened to Oracle?) but in some cases it works out pretty solidly.

    Karma is an above average psychic, with moderate showings of power and a handful of epic feats. She's got the depth of history and showings to back any claim she makes about being above the Low Tiers... but still isn't really winning many of the all out slugfest in this tier.

    She's last place. But not weak by any stretch of the imagination.

    Reasons she belongs here-

    - Her mind control is stated to be as powerful as Classic Charles Xavier's

    - She's fought off and beat back Shadow King as a child despite a full possession

    - Was able to control Amora the Enchantress and force her to use her powers.

    - Able to mind control Sage who's mind is incredibly resistance

    - Broke Loki's control of Magik with her possession.



    The newest character created to make Mid Tier, Xandra was voted in by a large margin but her position was left in the air due to a very difficult combination of truly immense raw power and a interesting but small set of skill feats.

    She's quite possibly the most powerful telepath in the bottom half of Mid Tier, but aside from some cool appearances and alot of hype and potential she hasn't done enough to beyond break into the tier to make herself known.

    Reasons she deserves this spot-

    - When she was killed her telepathic scream was so powerful that psychics across the galaxy heard it and she made sure it not only contained all her memories but also her very genetic code so that her dad in another galaxy could hear her.

    - Ripped through the mind of Kin Crimson member Delphos, a Shiar telepath considered strong enough to train her and replace Oracle among the Shiar guard

    - Despite only being "alive" a few days was able to shut down Rogue's evolved powers, something even Xavier and Emma Frost have struggled to do in the past.