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I would like to see some durability feats for Hawkgirl because that definitely seems like an outlier especially after you said she is a superhuman (even if she is a low-level one). Regardless, no significant damage was done, so while it is a pretty neat feat that takes away from it.

Here's we see Hawkgirl's male counterpart manhanding Green arrow and stopping a blitzing Flash dead in his tracks as for Hawkgirl herself she has consistently fought superhumans. Sending someone of her stats flying is very impressive.

I don't know how I feel about this feat. On one hand, I feel as if this feat is an outlier considering Vandal Savage has ridiculous feats such as bullet timing and deflecting arrows and bullets (1)(2) and throwing knives fast enough to give the Flash trouble catching them and even causes the former to get tagged by one. If not that, then the feat you should isn't impressive as you made it out to be.

It's was a past Vandal savage which is considerably weakened compared to his current version but still impressive nonetheless

An impressive feat, really but Matt has a much better feat and it is the fact that he managed to evade most of Elektra/Black Sky's attacks (someone with similar speed and far more skilled compared to Minotaur), as shown above. As far as I know, Elektra is a far more skilled opponent compared to Minotaur unless you could prove otherwise

First of I would like to note that Elektra was holding back evertime they fought it was confirmed when they fought the third time. I would also like to note that on multiple occasions she treated Matt like fodder alongside the rest of the Defenders.

I would like to see some more durability feats from Sarah, because this definitely seems like an outlier for her considering the guys the Pilgrim fought before Sarah were casually getting one-shotted, yet the former managed to withstood her attacks without a problem. Also, staggering somebody doesn't necessarily equate to damaging them or inflicting any real harm.

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Here she tanks multiple blows from Kausa (Someone who's capable of ragdolling superhumans) causally. I would like to note that she was perfectly fine afterwards.Pilgrim was no selling bullets so making her head move is extremely impressive.

What body armor? Also, in regards to the ARGUS agent's skill, the average Hand member/ninja's skill should be just as good, if not better, being able to dispatch trained police officers without a problem and these same guys were giving Daredevil and Elektra (pre-resurrection) two master martial artists hell all throughout season 2 of Daredevil and were trained by an ancient organization bent on gaining immortality. Yet, Matt was able to defeat a bunch of them, at one point even while his senses were taken advantage of.

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Sara was capable of taking out Malcolm Merlyn someone that's capable of one shoting NYSSA Al ghul. (She is capable of fighting off 5 lOA's ninjas with causal ease/One ninja was capable of fighting both Arrow Season 2 Sara and Oliver at the same time)


I proved that Sara has the edge in striking and durability/Damage soak while having comparable speed and skill. Matt is good but he is significantly below Sara.

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