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The Best of the Best: Hero Edition

My all-time favorite characters in comics and why

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  • I always like the Hulk because he answered the question of what would happen if we cut loose and our anger grew out of control. Also I love to see him smash stuff. I wish that Greg Pak was still writing him, but I'm willing to give Jason Aaron a chance. I also wish that Hulk was given more of a purpose in the Marvel U, but I'm only one fan.

  • Okay, I know this is a given, but come on who doesn't love Batman? He's mysterious, intelligent, and just a beast. I don't think I even have to exlplain anymore.

  • The relatable and humorous web-head. Yet, another super on nearly everyone's favorite list and for good reason. Peter Parker is an endearing and heroic individual, if a bit idealized, who has stood the test of time.

  • I know my choices are a little bit predictable, but if I don't add him then I'll get stabbed so here he is: James Howlett. The little furball is gruff, rude, and very much a beast, but underneath that is a noble soul and an adamantium skeleton that makes the aformentioned stabbing a joy to watch.

  • Okay, I'm a bit biased in this because I'm African American, but I love Miles. He has that charm that just resonates with the reader. He shares Peter's lack of confidence, initially, but he is his own character.

  • He has no special gifts (that we know of), he has no luck with girls (well, there was that one time...), and he's really clumsy, but I like Hunter. He reminds me of Peter Parker without the spider powers and the vast intelligence. I really feel that Hunter has broad potential just beneath the surface and just needs the chance to let it out. He also deserves credit for being the only character that is completely human (I think).