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Personal Comics of 2012

This is just a quick run-down of the books I've felt are worth reading so far this year. They are not ordered in order of appeal or quality.

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  • A fun, mystery tale of five teenagers involved in a school that is more than meets the eye. Nick Spencer writes this and I've enjoyed it every step of the way. Reminiscent of Lost, but has the adolescent wit and drama of the Runaways this is a serious you will enjoy for the entire 100 issues.

  • Written by Christos Gage this series is similar to the cancelled New X-men book from a few years back but has managed to implement its own cast of memorable characters that actually make you care. I like the expanded roster even more because it has one of my favorite characters in X-23.

  • Like anybody else that wasn't living under a rock during the time I heard about the Death of Spiderman. I had only had minimal contact with the Ultimate Universe and I didn't even know it was the Ultimate line of Marvel then, but this book got me to look at it more seriously. Written by Brian Micheal Bendis, nuff said.

  • Now this event is by no means better than Spider-Island, but it still holds its own and with Dan Slott writing that is no surprise. In truth, it seems to feel rushed and while I still love Spidey he isn't the same wise cracking hero we are all used to. However, still worth checking out.

  • The number one book of the New 52 and written by Scott Synder this book challenges the status quo while staying within continuity. The art by Greg Capullo is spot on and accurately displays the emotion, action, and suspense of the series so far.

  • I was never a fan of Blue Beetle prior to reading this book, but I conformed once reading about six of IGN's reviews. I decided to pick it up and haven't regretted it. The most interesting thing about this book is of course the dynamic between the scarab suit and Jaime. You should definitely pick this up especially because I've heard rumors of it unfortunately being cancelled.

  • Written by Ed Brubaker who is infamous for the his action and espionage. This also gives you a chance to get to know the famous sidekick of Captain America, Bucky Barnes who is his own man in this book.

  • I heard about this book because the writer, Grace Randolph, is the host of one of the only shows I watch on YouTube. This book provides an interesting spin on the superhero tale that observes the wives of the heroes (in one case the man). It reminds me of those Housewife shows that I despise, but because its comics I overlook that and you should too.

  • This list holds a special place because it convinced me to give vampires another chance. After the atrocious Twilight I kinda felt the vicious, bloodthirsty vampire I know and loved was losing its place in American pop culture, but now I'm back on board. As I stated above this is written by Scott Synder so if you've read Swamp Thing or Batman of the New 52 then you know what I'm talking about.

  • I had never heard of Zenescope before this, but this book got me interested. I'm a guy and I will admit that the curvaceous figures of the female characters especially on the covers was what drew me in, but the story is what made me stay. The art captures the madness of the series perfectly and the villians are disturbing on a psychological level. Admittedly, I never felt much for Alice herself as I felt her character was far too generic and trusting after what she just went through.