The great villains, the scary villains, the fun villains...

There are currently no DC villains on this list. I'm not sure why. I just included villains that I'm enthusiastic about, and they seem to all be from Marvel. I am not a DC-hating Marvel fanboy, but evidently I just need to get better acquainted with DC's villainy.

List items

  • For my money, THE classic Spider-Man villain.

  • When in a room with Bullseye, I imagine there is a high probability that he might without warning decide to kill you by throwing a pencil at your head.

  • I've always loved Electro!! So much fun!!

  • In modern comics, he's like the Joker and Lex Luthor combined. Only, if anything, slightly more evil.


  • Magneto surely has the strongest backgroung/subtext of any comic book villain. He had a great line in X-Men: First Class that summed a lot of him up: "I've been at the mercy of people who were just following orders. Never again."

  • One of my favourites of all Kirby's mind-blowing creations in FF in the 60's.

  • I'm including Ultron mainly because of the two-part story featuring him in the Avengers: EMH cartoon. I thought part 2 in particular was one of the strongest episodes of the whole season. Ultron felt truly menacing and the threat he posed was ridiculous. The moment of Thor's return to the fight when all the chips are down, with the words "Ultron, we would have words with thee", had me jumping around with sheer excitement. Ultron, as he was portrayed there, is a terrific villain.

  • No list of villains could possibly be complete without Khan.

  • Another from Star Trek, I thought the Borg were the best/scariest invention of the TNG era. A genuinely alien menace. The Best of Both Worlds is one of my favourite things ever.

  • My inclusion of Morlun is based on the story with which JMS began his run on Spider-Man, in which he made his first appearance. The issues containing Spidey's long, brutal battle with Morlun were some of my favourites of all time.

  • Yaknow what Juggernaut really needs? A meme. Just can't think of one...

  • I can't believe I almost forgot Doom.

  • I always found Shaw pretty scary in the X-Men comics.

  • "Forget your dental practice, Mr. Trask. Your future lies in genocide."

  • I don't know what to say.