Pronoia (Reboot)


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Alias: Deadeye

Name: Pronoia Gomez

Age: ??? (Appears to be mid to early twenties)

Height: 5'7

Weight: ??? (That's really none of your business)

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Indian Mix

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Occupation: Metahuman Freelancer/Weapons Contractor


Pronoia Gomez is a clone of the super hero Blue Hawk who was also known by her close associates as Amari Gomez. The clone Pronoia Gomez was created by the Hero League a faction of which Amari worked for, the reason Pronoia was created was because Amari was infertile however she saw cloning as a way to raise someone of her own flesh and blood. It took a lot of persuasion and Amari had to call in many owed favors but in the end Amari ended up getting what she wanted which was her own baby girl, Pronoia was made to be an exact replica of Amari down to inheriting her appearance and even genetic traits.

Initially there was some controversy over Amari's decision to issue the construction of a clone for herself but as the years passed by the members of Hero League grew accustomed to the younger version of Blue Hawk, Pronoia was similar to her mom in many ways but also differed in personality due to a difference in upbringing between the two. Pronoia grew up with out a father but was surrounded by Amari's fellow caped hero's whom served as Aunts/Uncles and pseudo mentors, needless to say Pronoia was full of pride and courage but also had her issue such as abandonment and anger. Amari would be gone for significant amounts of time, she cared for her daughter and spent every moment of her free time with Pronoia yet she was married to her job as a Hero for hire and was unable to devote the amount of time to her daughter as she wanted to.

By the time Pronoia was at the age of fifteen her mother was killed during an attack on the Hero League's head quarters which at the time was located in Arizona, many 'capes' were killed during the assault and Amari herself met her end by the hands of an evil speedster. Amari's death would have a significant negative effect to Pronoia's psyche, without a mom she was raised by a legal guardian who Amari entrusted to take care of Pronoia should anything ever happen to her. Years would go by but Pronoia would stray from the path her mother intended for her, Pronoia inherited the hero title Blue Hawk but Pronoia also gave herself another title one to distinguish herself from her mother and this title was called Deadeye. Amari's decades of saving up large paychecks for her daughter's future would leave a size-able inheritance to which Pronoia took advantage of and used her new found wealth to become a legal arms dealer, Pronoia's envisioned goal when doing this was simple one that she turned into a mantra for herself.

No son or daughter should lose their parents to a villain they couldn't stop



Pronoia's inherited super power is Data Manipulation, this power allows her to create, shape and manipulate data/digital information from systems and networks, convert real objects/entities into data and vice versa. Pronoia's datakinesis runs on a unique power source generate from her body that she calls 'Prana' the units of prana in her body dictate what techniques of datakinesis she is capable of performing and to what scale or duration. {Her Prana supply naturally regenerates over time}


Pronoia Gomez's mind functions like both a scanner and hard drive, when ever she comes across a material object and observes it for an extended amount of time she will be able to later reconstruct it in the real world. The process is often instantaneous but the rarer the materials the object is made out of the more prana it will take for Pronoia to construct it, the object will initially appear as a series of blue floating cubes before they transmogrify themselves into the correct form.

The Fabricator skill is the one Pronoia uses most often, she uses this ability to never run out of ammo and always have weapons or equipment available to sell at virtually no cost.


The Repair ability is capable of restoring extensive amounts of damage in mere moments however it only applies to non biological beings. Repair functions similar to the Fabricator ability in the sense that Pronoia replaces the damaged part of an object with a perfect replica of it, for example should a car have its engine destroyed she will be able to replace it with a fresh one so long as she has an idea of what type of engine to spawn. However it is important to note that the more exotic or special the object she is repairing the more prana she will need to use in order to repair it.

Personal Shield

The Personal Shield is a passive defense trait capable of defending from all types of attacks however it is not even close to invulnerable, the shield activates automatically and instantly when ever Pronoia is in lethal danger. The shields limitations are on a quantity instead of quality basis so a vast amount of weak attacks are going to take down the shield quicker than exponentially more powerful but numerically less attacks, the Personal Shield can protect from up to one hundred attacks before 'breaking', the shield will only reappear again after a few seconds of Pronoia being unharmed and if she has enough prana left over.

Enhanced Physique

Pronoia has enhanced physical attributes which are not a result of datakinesis but rather superior genetics that the average human does not have, her physical speed surpasses that of peak humans by a fair margin and her strength is equal to twenty strong men when pushing her body to its limits. Another major enhancement due to her metahuman genes is a reduced build-up of fatigue poisons in her muscles. This means she almost never tires, making it possible for her to perform at her maximum ability when doing anything physical for an extraordinary length of time.

Enhanced Intellect

Just as her body is superior to a normal human so is her mind however unlike the former she is unable to consciously access her intellect only subconsciously, this shows itself in a form on 'instinct' for Pronoia where she knows what she is doing intuitively but can not explain it. This same enhanced intellect has allowed her to create many unique weapons from scratch as well as multiple sets of power armor in a very short amount of time, despite this enhanced intellect of hers she only applies it to creating weapons or armor rather than anything else outside combat applications.

Cybernetic Enhancements


Pronoia Gomez's eyes are cybernetically enhanced, she has a special vision she dubs 'Pulse Scan' it allows her to see through cover and smoke but also has the ability to highlight targets with a bright glow with enemies as red and allies as green while neutrals appear grey. When Pronoia accesses this vision mode her eyes turn golden but the cost of which is she can not remain in this 'Pulse Scan' mode as anything longer than a minute or two causes great strain to her eyes.


Pronoia's mother was killed by a metahuman with super human speed so in a way Pronoia has evolved her body by enhancing her brain with cybernetic parts, while her body is still slow her mind is not exponentially quicker with a reaction time rated in the nano seconds. This doesn't necessarily mean she can match those who possess super speed but rather she can process information quicker and send brain wave signals to her armor faster, with the power armor and Seline combined is the only way she can compete with lightning fast enemies.

Probability Matrix

A probability module is installed in her brain, this cybernetic piece constantly analyzes information and presents it to Pronoia's vision in the form of a heads up display, the probability module can through math tell her the percentages or odds of what would happen. Pronoia uses this application of technology to increase the chances of her attacks landing on an enemy and evading the attacks of her foes.

Standard Equipment

Utility Belt

-Handcuffs [Pair of steel handcuffs to secure an individuals hands]

-Grapplinghook Gun [Uses compressed gas to launch a very flexible steel wire, the tip of the hook is titanium]

-Tracker [A small tracker the size of a penny]

-Comm Device [Ear pieces that can offer clear communication across vast distances]

-Compartments [Airtight and radiation proof, good for isolating samples or storing objects]

Plasma Knife

Often hidden on one of her lower legs in a special sheathe, the blast has a switch on its handle that projects a thin plasma field contained in a magnetic field which allows easy penetration through substances as tough as even titanium.

Plasma Sword

The Plasma Sword is similar to the plasma knife but with the difference between the two is that the latter is better in all categories, the plasma sword's heat projection is exponentially higher and so is its magnetic field. This allows Pronoia to cut through substances that would have other wise be unable to be cut with the Plasma Knife in addition to having a magnetic field which can reflect metal projectiles and energy attacks that come with in a certain radius of swords blade.

Dual Viper Pistols

The Dual Viper pistols are large custom made handguns with each having a fire rate ranging between 700 to 800 RPM, the cartridge size for the projectiles being .45 ACP and a magazine capacity of one hundred rounds. What makes these pistols special however is the unique magazines installed that have spatial properties that allow some many rounds to fit in one magazine, along with this high fire rate and magazine capacity is the inclusion of what makes these weapons so effective for Pronoia Gomez.

The Dual Viper Pistols often are equipped with elemental and special effect ammunition such as {Magma Rounds}, {Cryo Rounds}, {Electric/Tazer Rounds}, {Tranquilizer Rounds} and finally {Corrosive Rounds}. With the power of these elemental effects combined with the sheer quantity of projectiles she can deliver in a short amount of time makes these pistols Pronoia's primary weapons where ever she goes.

Special Explosives

Pronoia Gomez almost always has access to gum ball sized specialty explosives on her person, a precaution counter measure to be used against metahumans she may come up against. Similar to the elemental rounds her special explosives all her explosives have unique effects such as {Gunk},{Cryo},{Incendiary},{HIgh Explosive} and last but not least {Anesthetic}

These projectiles can have a variety of detonation methods being either

Contact fuse {Detonates upon hitting target]

Motion fuse {Can be used as miniature landmines, adjustable weight configuration]

Timer fuse {Adjustable count down before explosion}

Remote detonation {Can choose when to detonate via a detonator present in her utility belt}

Alloy Cannon

The Alloy Cannon is a powerful railgun turned into a sniper rifle one that has three power settings which are low,normal and high. A single but low powered shot from the alloy canon is on par damage wise with a 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle, a normal shot from the Alloy Cannon is capable of punching through three buildings and leveling a forth one, a high powered shot is several magnitudes more powerful than a normal shot. These power levels can also be further enhanced by charging which for every second being charged the damage output of the gun will continuously double, the Alloy Cannon's immense power is the result of an alien powercore that seemingly is capable of generating an infinite an amount of energy meanwhile the materials it is constructed out of is nearly indestructible.

However this weapon is not with out its consequences, even with unique recoil mitigating tech it has a very powerful kick which can cause injury to Pronoia if she is firing it too rapidly. The Alloy Cannon has a maximum effective range of 50KM {Which continuously reduces with the more targets it hits} an ammo capacity of seven rounds and a near instant projectile speed. One more thing to note, the Alloy Cannon when charged or on its normal setting tends to create rather large explosions so Pronoia is unable to use its full or normal power level with out being a safe distance away.


The Spitfire is a custom missile launcher designed by Pronoia, it has a magazine capacity of thirty miniaturized missiles all of which can travel up to mach 5 speeds. The Spitfire is Pronoia's go to weapon when using the Raptora armor, her default ammunition has each mini missile's damage on par with a normal Hellfire missile yet she also has many specialty missiles such as elemental types and non lethal {Similar to the ammunition used by Viper Pistols} however a notable difference from her launcher ammunition types and pistol ammunition types is that the payload of her missiles are significantly more powerful and can cover a larger area.

Ammo Types

- Hellfire Missiles (As powerful as a regular Hellfire Missile but smaller and faster)

-High Explosive (20 TNT Ton yield nuclear tipped missiles)

-Cryo Missiles (Flash freeze large bodies of water)

-Corrosive Missiles (10-50 meter splash radius, melts tank armor in seconds)

-Napalm Missiles (10-50 meter splash radius, special formula that exponetially enhances the heat output)

- Drill Missiles (Missiles with drills for tips, these drills are extremely resilient and will continue drilling until the timer for the missiles counts down to zero. Pronoia typically uses for surgical strikes on durable structures or targets)

-Anesthetic Missiles (10-50 meter splash radius, can induce a long lasting sleep effect on targets with in the gas the time of which takes mere seconds)

For additional effectiveness Pronoia's Spitfire has a lock on and tracking effect which makes it so that her missiles will follow her enemies until destroyed or they hit an object.

Not standard Equipment

Azul Commando Uniform

Pronoia's mother had joined the U.S Military at the age of seventeen and at the age of twenty one she became a Green Beret prior to becoming a hero, her gender was overlooked at the time due to her unique metahuman abilities that made her an exception to the only men rule. It was during this time where she would gather a great amount of experience fighting both normal enemy soldiers and enhanced enemy soldiers of the United States and after two years of service as a Green Beret she received an honorable discharge. Amari Gomez would find a new career in the Hero League who honored her elite service in the Military with a specially crafted blue attire meant to function as a 'commando' uniform.

Pronoia inherited several sets of this uniform from her deceased mother and has since used them when ever she's entering into a dangerous environment. Despite the rather mild presence of metal plating in the uniform, its uniquely synthesized fabrics manages to offer protection surpassing or at the very minimum rivaling that of the strongest military body armors in the world. The Azul Commando Uniform offers coverage from neck to toe and includes the feature of insulation to protect from electrical attacks as well as preserve body heat.

The chest piece consisting of a ceramic and metallic mics serves to provide additional protection while also containing many hidden compartments to hold miscellaneous objects or extra ammunition.

Shrike Armor

The Shrike armor is the first set of armor Pronoia ever created and one she uses during her vigilante past time, this armor conceals her identity but also provides her with technological enhancements to make her more effective in combat.

-Stealth Field

The fabric that consists of the Shrike armor is called mimetic fabric and its purpose is to provide a two way optical camouflage field, the fabric is resilient and flexible enough to protect from small arms but also can hide Pronoia from the visible spectrum and various scanners. To the naked eye when the Stealth Field is active Pronoia appears completely undetectable however the effectiveness of the invisibility is dependent on motionlessness, as the more she moves the more significant a ripple in the air would appear to bystanders.

The stealth field has a battery life of six hours and requires up to twenty four hours of charging to refill its battery however it is capable of charging from thermal kinetic energy or sunlight.

-Sound Suppressor Field

A special addition to the stealth field is a sound suppressing aura, its range is limited to ten meters however it is sufficient to completely negate the sounds of small arms fire and unlike the stealth field the energy limitations to maintain its effect is insignificant so Pronoia can have it active almost indefinitely. The Sound Suppressor field in conjunction with the Stealth Field gives Pronoia Gomez the capability to excel in hit and run tactics against enemies, she will combine these two abilities to make tracking her movements difficult as well as to always flank her opponents and attack them where they are most vulnerable or somewhere they are not facing.

-Memory Fabric

A second layer woven beneath the mimetic fabric is another fabric called memory fabric, it is regularly flexible but by putting a current through it the molecules realign and it becomes rigid. This fabric allows Pronoia Gomez to survive any fall no matter how great by turning the hooded cape of her Shrike armor into a make shift glider which she often uses in combination with her grappling hook to travel quickly across terrain or save herself from a deadly fall.

-Flack Jacket

An additional layer of armor but with its purpose designed to stop shrapnel, the flack jack is thick and flexible with a special gel inside that hardens in reaction to physical trauma. The flack jacket is designed to provide extra protection from penetration based attacks and explosives.

-High Grade Filter

The Shrike helmet has a highly advanced filter that can separate air from contaminated air, this feature gives Pronoia protection from chemical or biological attacks that effect the surrounding environment's air.

-See through mirror visor

Despite appearing metallic most of the Shrike helmet is consisted of a modified form of plexi glass, its two way design allows Pronoia to see just as well with the helmet on as she would with it off but at the same time concealing her identity from others.

Raptora Armor

The Raptora is Pronoia Gomez's crowning achievement, a suit of flight capable power armor one designed to compete with many powerful metahumans. The Raptora armor has many sub variants as does the Shrike Armor however the Raptora power armor is her most powerful armor, often used in fights when faced against metahumans too powerful to deal with out power armor.


The iconic ability of her power armor and the foundation of her fighting style, the Raptora armor runs off a miniature nuclear reactor capable of providing virtually limitless flight time however it is limited by the melting point of her thrusters which prevents her from maintaining top speed for long extents of time. The maximum flight speed of the armor is mach 30 and it can be maintained for up to three hours straight before the thrusters show sign of wearing out, in theory Pronoia Gomez has the capability to achieve escape velocity and reach space however she has never found the need to but still designed the armor for that option just in case she was ever thrown into space or teleported outside of Earth's environment.

While Raptora's maximum speed is mach 30 Pronoia rarely use the suits maximum speed for combat unless facing other flying opponents or quick ones, instead she will typically engage in speeds between 100 mph and 1,000 mph with higher or lower speeds dependent on many outside factors and the situation at hand. Pronoa Gomez fully exploits the flight capabilities of her suit and uses the mobility and height advantage against her foes to make it very difficult to both hit her as well as avoid her, often she will rain attacks from above while maneuvering into different positions and even has excellent evasive capabilities thanks to well positioned mini thrusters spread through out her suit that can be activated to suddenly 'push her' to a direction that is either vertical...horizontal or diagonal in a near instant.

-Heavy Plating

Pronoia Gomez can not rely on just the mobility of her armor for protection as often there will come times where she is simply not fast or agile enough to evade certain attacks, as such she went out of her way to acquire the strongest and rarest metals that money on Earth could buy. The resilience of her armor allows her to be able to with stand blows from individuals who effortlessly destroy skyscrapers or from those that often vaporize bystanders with energy attacks. The heavy plating also doubles down on its protective abilities by defending against radiation and elemental attacks, however the armor is not invulnerable with weak spots being located in her thrusters and joints and despite the durability of the armored plating it often gets worn out during a fight which forces Pronoia to use her metahuman abilities to constantly repair the suit in order to keep its defensive capability at maximum effectiveness.


Shockabsorbers defend Pronoia from blunt force trauma, an attack that would say launch her across multiple city blocks would as expected kill her from the velocity traveled before sudden stop but with unique materials present in the armor it is capable of absorbing significant amounts of kinetic energy from these attacks so long as the shockabsorbers are not significantly damaged.

-Enhanced Strength

The enhanced strength was a necessary feature for the Raptora armor, with it Pronoia is capable of lifting anywhere from fifty to five hundred metric tons as well as striking with enough strength to demolish most military vehicles in a single blow. The enhanced strength however is not something Pronoia focuses on in combat but rather in other activities, she would use this strength to slow down the crash of an airplane or removal debris from an area so people could evacuate.

-Micro-Nuke Missiles

Micro Nuke Missiles are stored inert within special compartments located inside the Raptora armor, these missiles are miniaturized tactical nuclear missiles with each having a yield of 3 kilotons and there are approximately 120 micro nukes total stored with in the armor. However unlike traditional nuclear weapons every single one of the micro nuke missiles have an adjustable blast radius ranging from a minimum of 10 meters all the way up to the proper radius of a 3 kiloton nuclear explosion, these mini nukes however are only used in the most extreme of situations due to the amount of potential damage that can be inflicted with them.

The Micro Nuke Missiles can travel up to mach twenty and have a tracking effect that can last for several minutes or until it comes into contact with an object. Raptora's nuclear payload can only become active once she intiitates certain brain wave signals that would then make the missiles active, the detonation mode can vary from contact detonation...remote detonation...manual detonation...motion detonation and finally a timer based detonation which gives Pronoia Gomez a wide variety of approaches to use these when the call for it arises.

-Soundwave Projector

The Soundwave Projector is Pronoia's opening move for combat within the Raptora armor, a very advanced piece of sonic equipment is installed deep with in the armor to which she can use to induce sensory overload by generating variable sound frequencies over a wide area or use it as a ranged attack by creating focused sound waved through the palms of her power armor's hands or chest.

The soundwave projector is very powerful being capable of inducing shock waves that cause a wide area of effect damage or direct focused blasts that do even more damage but only within a small area rather than large one, the soundwave projector can also mimic the voices or sounds of both animals and humans.


The Raptora armor is airtight allowing Pronoia to operate safely at the bottom of the sea or outside in radiated space, the suit contains an Oxygen supply of 90 minutes with an emergency reserve of 10 minutes.

However it is only airtight if she has her helmet available {Since the helmet seals the suit}

-Remote Control/Autopilot

Raptora is not the only set of flying power armor that Pronoia Gomez has in fact she has many sets of flying power armor all of which are linked to an artificial intelligence capable of operating her sets of armor remotely. Her armors are all linked to an A.I called as Selina, the A.I has the privilege via a protocol to cease control over all Raptora armors should Pronoia or one of her suits should either or become compromised by an enemy yet Selina is also able to gain control of an armor if commanded by Pronoia but typically this is only the case if Pronoia needs a suit to fly into her position or if she needs the A.I to take control over the armor and engage on Pronoia's behalf.

Through the remote control feature Pronoia Gomez is able to use the A.I's exponentially faster reaction speed to effectively engage against metahumans she can not react to with her excellent but normal human reflexes, despite this feature Pronoia prefers to only use this against foes she is outmatched as the A.I's combat programs lack the human ingenuity and creativity Pronoia puts into her fights in comparison to the methodical and somewhat predictable counters Selina would perform.


A Heads Up Display that monitors the various systems of her armor and total ammunition available.

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I am Deadeye (CVU/CVNU Canon)

Mathematics, I was always fascinated by it when I was little but never quite had what you would call the intelligence to understand its many advanced variations let alone have the education required to comprehend it as I was conceived in some backwater village located some where in what is now known today as Eurasia, numbers...math it's the only thing I've ever appreciated during my long life span.

Think about this for a moment, how many other individuals would never come into being because you were the one that won the lottery a biological lottery where you and many millions of others had the odds of succeeding being as small as 0.000000005 percent. Such an astronomically small chance yet you are here and I...I am here in Argentina, the humidity in the air so thick that it makes me sweat but I never lose focus as to why I am here and the reason why is because I am going to end your life today.

What are the odds?

Argentina [4:00 A.M]

Times have changed but I never changed I always remained so goal oriented, complete my tasks the missions yet there really were no missions left not ever since that fateful day. Now I was a free woman, everyone I knew gone only remains being names at that back of my head that mean nothing to anyone else who drew breath on this god forsaken planet. However after everything that has happened to me my weak spot my heart like clockwork had a habit of dragging me back into trouble just when I thought I was through with it all, two Asian syndicate factions both rivals and hating each others guts were on a warpath that was going to end by my hand.

I normally wouldn't take sides it was unwise I knew this during my time as 'The' Athena since the balance of power could change the landscape and lives of untold many, it was also better for everyone in general if both sides ended up bleeding each other dry but I couldn't let this issue go because the difference between the Syndicate I was helping now and the one I'm going up against is that the man from the opposite Syndicate is the Kingpin of a sex trafficking ring that abducts thousands of women every year across all of Asia and forces them to go through something I don't want any other woman to experience. "What are we doing in South America?" One of my temporary over seerers questioned me, I responded by giving him a wait gesture and pulling out a single 7.62 mm caliber sized round from my coat pocket but this wasn't unlike any other round "killing your bosses rival, from this position" I finally reply back rather casually before tinkering with the bullet making sure all the modifications to the custom made round were in the correct order "but he's in Asia, there's no gun that can reach that sort of distance" I nodded my head in agreement with him and retorted softly "I understand and I agree with you but all I asked is for the transportation to be covered and some faith in payment for this service, I will hold my end of the bargain rest assured"

My Mandarin associate was correct, the distance between where I was and my target was nineteen thousand and eight hundred and thirty seven kilometers. Even artillery platforms had only effective ranges around a hundred kilometers and even then it was not accurate enough to reliably hit man sized targets however I took into consideration of this factor hours before arriving here. "He has an army of metahumans and a physical body made out of Vibranium or Adamantium while inside a advanced fortress type facility, getting any where near him is too much of a risk" I began my attempts to reassure him as I finished making last adjustments to my round and loaded it into a sniper rifle that was locked into a specific position by a tripod. "However the information given to me by your leader was invaluable for my calculations, the layout of his facility and daily schedule was really important" I rested my hand on the trigger and took a specific stance to help me hold the rifle that was pointing at the ground perfectly still, what I was attempting was statistically impossible with normal weapons however that would change to be only merely improbable if they were abnormal which in my case they were due to me combining Alien technology with human weaponry.

The round I loaded in moments ago was something I referred to as a 'Drill Round' it worked under the same concept as monomolecular weapon but in this case my round had a triple delivery system, the first was the outer layer which looked almost like an ordinary bullet but once fired its external mechanisms would create a vibrating effect through out the whole projectile allowing it to a limited extent phase through matter which would further allow my bullet to lose very little energy as it pierces through the Earths core and continental plates, the second system would reveal itself after the timer on the first system expired which would then release the payload of a molecular shaped tip only a single molecule wide and that is when the term drill comes into play as the monomolecular projectile will be performing a three hundred and sixty degree rotation thousands of times a second whilst in flight giving it extra piercing effectiveness. The final third system was an uncommon add, the miniscule sized yet mighty power source which allowed the bullet to maintain both its velocity and phasing was attached to the tail end of the second pay load and would work to expend the remnants of its energy in a shaped charge upon contact with target, the add served to increase the probability of a fatality.

"After I fire the round, call your boss and tell him to call his rival" I told the man loomimg behind me in a stern voice before he scrunched up his face and asked why "so you can get a confirmed kill" he nodded his head to me and I let out a slow sigh as my focus returned to the weapon. Everything seemed to freeze as my mind virtually instaneously reviewed the perfectly precise calculations required to perform this advanced feat of marksmanship, thousands upon thousands of factors had to be taken into consideration such a complex formula that even a crack team of mathematicians would take months to accomplish just a fraction of it but I accomplished the whole formula and reviewed it flawlessly a thousand times over mentally and in less than a second. I place my eye on the scope even though all I could see was the ground but that is what I needed, I saw my mark and tilted the barrel a fraction of a degree southwards and pulled the trigger.


Beijing [3:00 P.M]

The Mandarin Kingpin with skin appearing to consist of a silvery metallic like substance was enjoying a meal in his living quarters when he received a phone call, he pulled out his mobile phone and picked it up to hear the voice of his rival. The two began to exchange in Mandarin dialect for some time but as it drew it became increasingly aggresive and roughly one minute into the conversation and on the verge of hanging up...


A molecular edged shard parted through the tile flooring of the Kingpin's room and elegantly crafted table before piercing directly underneath his chin effortlesely and reaching as far as into his cerebal cortex before it traveled no further, there was momentary silence before the Kingpin's hand dropped the phone and slumped back into his chair with a frozen facial expression.


Athena's last payload activated releasing quark plasma that a microsecond later vaporized half of her targets body in a brilliant flash of neon blue light.

Days Later...

Stories of Athena's achievement of a Continental distanced assassination shook the criminal underworld and earned her the moniker of 'Deadeye' such a shot was considered impossible by many but because of its supposed impossibility being accomplished did it get so much attention, many other individuals would begin to search for the Deadeye and recruit her for their own hits or even recruit her so no one would use her against them but the cyan haired shooter could not be found to make a bargain with

And that frightened many...

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Athena Reborn

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Over 2,500 years ago a young woman <Pronoia> and her village were attacked by a contingent of alien forces known as the Precursors, these aliens attacked hundreds of villages and killed tens of thousands however those who died in the intial assault were the lucky ones as an unfortunate amount of survivors numbered in the high hundreds were captured and experimented upon through various physiological tests headed by the alien leader.

All test subjects involved in the experiments eventually expired however the Precursor test was a success and over several dozen human beings had their consciousness extracted from their biological bodies and transferred into a cyber world where most of their memories were deleted and their mental states reformed to better suit the new change however human creativity still remained present post transfer and reformation. Then the new project commenced <A Deity> all the human turned V.I's were uploaded into celestial machine bodies created by the Precursors and ordered to under go the pretense as Greek Gods so as to influence human leader ship.

This is when the Eurasia girl's personality earned her the position of Athena Goddess of Wisdom. Centuries would go by as Athena and other human turned into machine individuals served their alien over lords through fear and self preservation however as time went by so did their alien superiors in a mysterious manner until one day only one remained, it was during this time that Athena led a coup against the last Precusor however not all <Deity> canidates supported her and a grand civil war took place aboard an alien battle station.

The end battle was inconclusive however Athena survived her battle and transferred her consciousness into a semi-synthetic replica of her original body before the stasis pod launched it out of a self destructing battle station, many hundreds of years later Athena's pod would be discovered by the Umbrella Corporation in Africa and transferred to the United States where a failed hijacking would reawake her from stasis in the state of Montana

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Physique
  1. [<10 Ton lifting and striking Strength>]
  2. [<Below Attosecond reaction time at Peak, Nanosecond reaction time at base>]
  3. [<Mach 5 movement speed at Peak, however burst speed with maximum sustainable duration sixty seconds>]
  4. [<High Resistance to forces that can inflict over 10,000 PSI>]
  5. [<Can perceive sounds ranging from 80 kilohertz to below 10 hertz>]
  • Technopathy

[<Celestial Nanites generated and commanded from Athena's artifical/cybernetic core grant her the ability to alter extremely rresilient or complex molecular structures and seize control of advanced technological devices both via touch almost instaneously however Celestial Nanites have short life spans that can not be extended as well as high energy demands which forces Athena to be conservative with them or risk enough strain on her body that would result in death>]

  • Celestial Shielding

[<Athena's core has a section dedicated to housing a shield generator designed and manufactured by a Tier III civilization, its field generation the epitome of shielding technology .

  • Enhanced Intellect
  • Precursor Tech Creation
  • Omni Vision

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