Favorite Antagonists

What would the fictional realm be without antagonists of imaginative quality? For as long as I can remember, i've rooted for the antagonists (depending on the story).  These are just some examples of the antagonists which make reading and playing so much fun.

List items

  • A true Machiavellian, with allegiance to no one but himself. A product of "The Wesker Project," conducted by Umbrella co-founder Lord Spencer, he is, quite literally, considered homo superior in his abilities. Top of the list of my all time favorite villains.

  • Ingenious geneticist and closest companion of Albert Wesker, William Birkin was the prominent villain of the hit video game Resident Evil 2. Once my absolute favorite video game villain, I still hold him dear even with him now deceased.

  • Hands down the King o' Mean has always been one of my favorite Marvel Comics villains, ever since I was a child. Physically imposing, viciously feral, orchestrator of psychological mind games, his enemies are just another victim to him. My favorite story arc involving Creed was "Sabretooth: Death Hunt."

  • Introduced during the 295 dimension arc named The Age of Apocalypse, once a beautiful man called Nemesis, he never intended to become the monster now known as Holocaust, until he was mangled for life by Magneto. One of Apocalypse's most loyal followers. His clash against 295 forever became one of my most favorite moments in comic history.

  • Extreme zealot to Magneto and the dream of Magneto that mutants would one day become the next step in evolution, Bennet du Paris is a mutant with extreme psionic abilities, as well as physical invulnerability. One of his most notable battles was against Holocaust, a battle which destroyed Asteroid M. Always one of my favorite villains, mostly due to the passion & conviction of his actions.

  • Created with the dominant genes of the legendary Big Boss, Liquid held a vengeful grudge against his twin brother for believing himself to be inferior in genetic make-up, while his twin, Solid Snake, was the favored. Perhaps the only villain to ever actually defeat Solid Snake, if it hadn't been for the virus FOXDIE, Liquid may have come out of the original Metal Gear Solid as the sole surviving Snake.

  • Former fictional President of the United States under the thumb of the Patriots, Solidus was the 3rd clone to the Twin Snakes, and closest clone to Big Boss ever created. His worth was proven when he used his governmental power suit, twin katanas, and Snake Arms to stamp himself as the main villain of Metal Gear Solid 2. Great character, with a great end to his story.

  • Perhaps one of the greatest trick-shots in the fictional realm, Revolver Ocelot was a character who seemingly had allegiance to no one but himself (much like Albert Wesker), however, his emotional end in Metal Gear Solid 4 showed that there was more to Adamska that met the eye. Always entertaining, this spaghetti-western Russki is a very underrated character.

  • One of the most notorious bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe, decked out in Mandalorian armor, a man whose actions speak louder than words, even as a child the Fettman was a wonderful character to me. To this day, he's considered one of my favorite fictional characters, and I doubt that shall ever change.