comics as a tool for teaching: comics can be used to teach. they are good as a tool for teaching. they are useful in cases like teaching

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916690 New Character Character Is a new character, but doesn't have a entry thus far on the site 10/23/21 11:29PM 50 approved
784701 Spencer Smythe Character Fixed up the old description, updating it with proper grammar and formatting. 06/04/21 05:34PM 155 approved
777826 Carnage Character Updated and added in more detail for 1610 Carnage. 05/29/21 03:40PM 138 approved
656557 Leader Character Updated the plot section more. 01/03/21 02:55AM 369 approved
656556 New Character Character Is a established character that doesn't have a page yet from what I've seen. 01/03/21 02:46AM 50 approved
656240 Leader Character Huge plot update to the Leader page: just fixing up the narrative of it and adding in missing plot elements from older stories. 01/02/21 02:13PM 452 approved
656189 Hobgoblin (Kingsley) Character Updated a lot of new plot details, as well as correcting grammar and some minor pacing issues. 01/02/21 12:25PM 356 approved
656075 Chameleon Character Fixed up grammar and minor adjustments. 01/02/21 09:51AM 105 approved
655516 Wendigo Character Fixed up spelling mistakes and added in small plot details. 01/01/21 08:10PM 28 approved
655100 Mastermind Character Added in general improvements in grammar and plot details, as well as adding in issue of death. 12/31/20 07:54PM 246 approved
655092 Crazy Quilt (Dekker) Character Fixed up grammar and added in updated plot points. 12/31/20 07:46PM 132 approved
655059 Immortus Character Updated plot points. 12/31/20 07:15PM 244 approved
654197 Giant Baba Character Fixed up the article, adding in a small history of cameo and literal appearances in comics/manga. 12/30/20 11:29AM 150 approved
653838 Arnim Zola Character Updated plot details and added in his updated Ultimate incarnation. 12/29/20 07:50PM 221 approved
653444 Protege Character Small plot/spelling corrections. 12/29/20 10:28AM 48 approved
653433 Clock King (Tem) Character Fixing small spelling issues. 12/29/20 09:54AM 11 approved
652613 Chance Character Adding more plot details. 12/27/20 11:05PM 113 approved
652609 Finisher Character Cleaned up the main section, adding in titles, updating plot points, and putting in a Powers section as well. 12/27/20 10:18PM 228 approved
652255 Aarkus Character Updated plot details and added a Powers section. 12/27/20 10:56AM 295 approved
651268 Clock King (Tem) Character Updated page with updated details, Story Arcs, as well as a Powers section. 12/26/20 10:04AM 354 approved
649156 Lizard Character Updated the Ultimate section. 12/23/20 06:15PM 200 approved
644900 Folded Man Character Amended some plot points and added in a Powers section. 12/15/20 06:05PM 161 approved
644345 Aquarius Character Added in updated Enemies list 12/14/20 03:01PM 22 approved
644344 Aquarius Character Full Summary, plot points, and Powers section added for him. 12/14/20 03:00PM 333 approved
642887 Mother Mold Character New Description added with sections already mentioned in last edit. 12/12/20 03:14PM 263 approved
642635 Mother Mold Character Added in new Powers, a basic outline of Mother's Origin, Creation, and Story Arcs, as well as a updated Powers section on top. 12/12/20 09:22AM 4 approved
642513 Mother Mold Character Added in extra Friends/Enemies feature. Will add more in time. 12/12/20 03:20AM 24 approved
640567 Agamotto Character Updated plot details. 12/08/20 03:35AM 103 approved
640561 Thinker Character 12/08/20 02:12AM 2 approved
640000 Wizard Character Updated details and grammar changes. 12/07/20 04:54AM 188 approved
639723 Black Flash Character Added in updated plot points and fixed grammar. 12/06/20 12:06AM 161 approved
639722 Crimson Dynamo Armor Object Updated details and added in more information about stats. 12/05/20 11:44PM 178 approved
639631 Destroyer Character Detailed corrections to the article, including plot details, links added, grammar corrections, and updated information. 12/05/20 06:52PM 149 approved
631830 Thinker Character Updated plot details and added more info, as well as a new Powers section. 11/26/20 12:46PM 194 approved
630614 Knull Character Added in the rest of Knull's plotline up to current events. 11/25/20 08:11AM 254 approved
627756 Green Door Location Updated plot details. 11/23/20 11:45AM 50 approved
625854 Magnetic Man Character Minor grammar corrections. 11/20/20 06:15PM 27 approved
625817 Xemnu Character Added Immortal Hulk plotline, updated Powers section, as well as a issue for his Death section. 11/20/20 04:11PM 279 approved
625816 Dead Ringer Character Minor grammar details amended. 11/20/20 04:08PM 11 approved
542927 Half-Face Character Corrected grammar, as well as added in new section. 09/03/20 08:40PM 56 approved