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404544 New Team Team It's a existing group that has been in multiple issues and established to be around. 03/31/20 05:38PM 50 approved
404511 Mother Mold Character Added some basic details. 03/31/20 05:28PM 20 approved
404510 New Character Character It's a established character that appeared multiple times and doesn't have a page. 03/31/20 05:27PM 50 approved
348509 Xena Character minor grammar corrections 01/01/20 11:32PM 1 approved
348496 Dead Ringer Character minor grammar corrections. 01/01/20 09:55PM 3 approved
348489 Mysterion Character Added in a full overview of the character with plot and powers added in as well. 01/01/20 08:17PM 219 approved
348459 Gizmo Character Added grammar corrections and minor plot details. 01/01/20 05:52PM 36 approved
347250 Persuader (Parker) Character Added his creator and full plot and capabilities of the character. 12/28/19 07:15PM 362 approved
347223 Persuader (Kimble) Character Added plot details and a new section on her fighting capabilities. 12/28/19 03:42PM 83 approved
345894 Darius Dax Character Minor corrections on grammar errors. 12/23/19 06:05PM 5 approved
345528 Wizard Character Added plot details and fixed grammar. 12/22/19 10:28AM 73 approved
345161 Mandroid Armor Object Added basic outline and updated it with a full lowdown on the stats of the mech. 12/21/19 12:40PM 261 approved
345152 Detroit Steel Character Added in a section detailing the suit and capabilities of it. 12/21/19 11:45AM 141 approved
345146 Detroit Steel Character Updated plot details. 12/21/19 10:09AM 134 approved
343344 Iron Man Armor Mk. XVII Object Fixed grammar and added information. 12/17/19 05:15PM 51 approved
339803 Titanium Man Armor Object Added in the rest of plot details, as well as a full lowdown on the suit's capabilities. 12/13/19 05:36PM 417 approved
337476 Below-Place Location Added Overview and details. 12/09/19 09:16AM 175 approved
337471 Below-Place Location 12/09/19 08:57AM 6 approved
337222 Nebulon Character Cleaned up the plot details a bit, grammar adjustments and fixes. 12/08/19 06:36PM 17 approved
337180 D'Spayre Character Fixed Grammar, added in a Powers section as well as extra detail on his appearances 12/08/19 06:01PM 218 approved
337038 Slyde Character Added minor changes and a few grammar adjustments. 12/08/19 08:38AM 22 approved
336141 Top's Trick Tops Object Added more tops that were missed out. 12/06/19 07:50PM 50 approved
336131 Thane Character Wrote the rest of his backstory, added in some details. Powers updated. 12/06/19 07:38PM 349 approved
335799 Fusion Character Minor grammar corrections. 12/06/19 10:38AM 4 approved
335776 Aron the Rogue Watcher Character 12/06/19 10:07AM 2 approved
335141 One Below All Character Basically done the standard format for it, considering there was no information on it before. 12/05/19 12:52PM 490 approved
334719 New Character Character Character that existed and has been established in comics. 12/04/19 03:12PM 0 denied
334704 Green Door Location Literally just added the Below-Place link. 12/04/19 02:59PM 1 approved
334627 New Location Location It's a established location that has been seen at least more than once. 12/04/19 12:58PM 50 approved
334617 The Steel Throne Issue Added in new location. 12/04/19 12:46PM 2 approved
334616 A Booth In the Midwest Issue Added in new locations. 12/04/19 12:44PM 6 approved
334615 All On That Day Issue Added in some new locations. 12/04/19 12:44PM 4 approved
334613 This World Our Hell Issue Added in new location. 12/04/19 12:43PM 2 approved
334612 Thaumiel Issue Added in new location. 12/04/19 12:41PM 2 approved
334609 Green Door Location Added in the Overview section, essentially how it works, functions, etc. 12/04/19 12:38PM 228 approved
334567 Green Door Location Added some characters relating to the location. 12/04/19 11:31AM 8 approved
334546 New Location Location It's a established concept that has been showcased multiple times at this point. Would be nice to add now. 12/04/19 11:08AM 50 approved
334139 Brian Banner Character Added in his Immortal Hulk backstory: minor grammar corrections. 12/03/19 04:18PM 222 approved
333397 Odysseus Character Full background and standard format (story arc, powers, etc) 12/02/19 04:59PM 440 approved
333358 Black Flash Character Added in some of his other incarnations. 12/02/19 02:59PM 168 approved