comics as a tool for teaching: comics can be used to teach. they are good as a tool for teaching. they are useful in cases like teaching

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Spider-Man is massively dumb 2

Ok, so this is the second issue of Civil War that I'm covering. If you haven't read the one for the first issue, I'd suggest you do so you don't get confused reading this as I might bring up plot details from the first issue.Now that the conflict has started, SHIELD are in full force pushing through a hideout of villains that have been beaten down and left for them. Maria Hill, despite openly stating that the anti reg side would quickly group together against the Act, states only now that Capta...

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A Depressing Start 2

Civil War is a pretty bad title all things considered. I don't really like it after multiple readings, and to be honest, it was one of the first comics that I flat out didn't like. Regardless, it made the most money Marvel has ever seen out of a major event title in the history of the business, so obviously it was marketed pretty damn well and a lot of people thought it was good.Most event titles are made or broken by their first initial issue. This is the turning point where the reader is eith...

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