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Stalin's List of Wack Psychics

Psychics are good hax options....until they aren't. Here's a quick list of em

List items

  • Localised TP to only one dude, plus it's only mind reading, and it can also get bypassed in numerous ways. It's a lame gimmick.

  • All hype, but nothing really featwise stands out, he's garbage in potency and skill. Only worthwhile feats are him amped up on tech or whatnot. People say he's "top tier" because it's mostly wishful thinking.

  • He's kinda ass. Best feats are stuff like "making dudes with basic resistance do dumb stuff" or blocking Emma Frost like one time. Sure, he can be alright, but this is pretty rare and he's mostly more known for his actually solid prep capabilities.

  • Not only is this guy just a massive bootleg of Absorbing Man, but all he can do is mind-read, lol. It's pretty weak overall, I don't want to see this guy popping up again.

  • He'd be better if he USED IT MORE THAN TWO TIMES. Seid sucks, but the fact that he can be placed on here because he used TP a few times is quite depressing.

  • The successor to the OG Thinker, Cliff did his best to be as utterly useless as possible, with him having a really basic "Purple Man" gimmick and getting his ass beat by Batman and resisted multiple times. Pretty useless overall and got killed by a regular dude shooting him.

  • Now, let's be clear: Quire has some pretty awesome feats as I've covered him before, but for a guy who's supposed to be a Omega, the cream of the crop, he's terribly underwhelming. I can count on one hand the amount of feats that were actually Omega tier, the rest are really basic and/or anti feats.

  • Is basically the budget Raven in terms of how she's treated as a glass cannon....minus the feats that, you know, make Raven a useful glass cannon. Boring update to the N52 version of the Titans and was basically dumped afterwards. Stinky

  • Is described as being immensely powerful....his best feats are making basic ass illusions, reading people's emotions (???) and controlling a Brainiac ship for a bit. Not hard to see why he's here, all hype.

  • Makes people feel can just make them go on VsBattles and you'd get the same effect.