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Stalin's list of underestimated prep dudes

Yeah, it's a list. Don't get all excited, lads

List items

  • Bruh, this dude is actually pretty busted with prep. Capable of dimensional travel, robotic replicas that can fight as well as their flesh and blood counterparts, FTL guns, gases that can make bloody Thor and a number of people with high TP/willpower frozen in fear, and access to Octo-bots that can do a number of technological miracles. Don't forget standard holograms that can be spamed, and a range of various abilities that can throw any sane person off their game. In all seriousness, you'd be a fool to underestimate him.

  • Again, dude is busted with a prep gameplan. Capable of manipulating space-time to give people in the present deadly diseases to kill them in the past (this was a basic base defence mechanism) tons of genetic modification and clones that basically makes him unbeatable unless you take out every engine pumping them out, and Fin Fang Boom.....enough said. People in general just downplay him.

  • One of the smartest OG's in Marvel, yet everyone overlooks him. Dark Beast is a example of McCoy's prepping skills- able to travel through dimensions and manipulate multiple people into doing his dirty work, yet his normal self has a damn ton of tech accessible to him. Bio chemicals capable of wiping out entire species. A "Phoenix gun" that one shot Ego. Handheld devices that remove gravity with ease. Matter manipulation guns. Time travel tech that shouldn't been invented in decades. All this, plus a ton more make Beast one of the most impressive prep characters around. Despite this, he's overlooked, for reasons that I can't possibly comprehend.

  • His tech is busted. That's all I ever need to say about him.

  • Excuse the picture, this is ACTUALLY CW's version of the character. Basically, dude's plan worked perfectly. Every attempt to stop him failed, and he was able to calculate thousands of variables over multiple universes perfectly to achieve his victory. Not only that, but a range of technological devices, offensive robots, and grenades capable of disabling superhuman powers. It's a shame not many people use him, even after all the crap he's been shown to be capable of doing.

  • He's such a stupid character, but actually, he's pretty damn smart when he's actually taken seriously. His mechanical knowledge (building robots capable of fighting Hulk, Iron Man, and surviving entire bases collapsing on them) and his genetic knowledge actually make him a rough force to deal with, as long as he has enough prep to do so.

  • People write him off as the dude with TP, when actually, his technological knowledge and excellent planning skills make him a very effective prep dude with the right stuff in place. Sure, he basically was pretty useless most of the time, but his abilities and resources make him a underrated but still decent pick.

  • I've only seen one person ever use him in a prep setting. Which is bizarre given how insane his capabilities are and how much he can do in terms of swarming the field, hacking, and overall just being a annoying foe to fight against.

  • Broken hax, as well as a base outside reality. Throw that in with a bunch of tech designed to kill people in the most unfair ways, AND full knowledge plus methods of stomping most DC superheroes, and you've got a recipe for some good fun. People don't go for him because he's a human with no powers, but what you get in place for that is totally worth it.

  • He's a Gorilla with TP. That's how far most people know him, but in actual fact, his tech can boost not only his stats, but seriously annoy his foe in the process. If you want a dude that isn't great at planning but fantastic at creating simply annoying tech, go for him, I guess.