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Stalin's list of Teambusters that bust your uncle (DC)

This is basically a DC version of my Marvel list etc. Nothing much else to say tbh. I'm not adding guys who are jobbers ofc

You can find the RT's for everyone here in the Conglomeration bar Alan Scott (at the moment, anyway)

List items

  • Probably one of the best DC Teambusters ever. Great consistency, really strong showings and a very high bar for his copying abilities. Amazo usually gets defeated either by some good luck or background stuff going on because otherwise he's blitzing you at Wally West speeds with Superman level strikes with the skill of Batman on top.

  • Terrifying to deal with. Dee might not be the best physically but his reality warping and his dream manipulation allow him to basically attack from two fronts, while also having pretty solid tech to fall back on as well.

  • Probably is a teambuster if we count Pre Crisis stuff. Really good prep guy who has actually completely killed the League at one point before they got saved by Phantom Stranger etc. He's a great master when it comes to mind control as well, making commands that not even the wills of the JLA could resist.

  • Sliver Age edition of the character. This version of Weapon-Master drained the Green Lantern Prime Battery with just a single ring for access (the Battery fuels millions of members) and he's also got access to Q-Energy, which is busted BS that basically one shots SA Sups etc. Add in planetary mind control devices and time grenades that trap people in time voids and you've got a lot of power within a character maybe three people know.

  • Fernus. This version of J'onn was able to casually beat up the League multiple times over using TP, his own stats, hax that regular Manhunter doesn't even use, and everything else in-between. Fernus is basically J'onn without the jobbing or the morals that usually make him worse than Superman.

  • Starfish boi is always a favourite of mine. He's just a really big starfish that has really good physical stats, can swarm the field with millions of baby starfishes that can bully high tiers and control them if they get on the face.

  • Probably one of DC's greatest bricks ever. Not only strong enough to clear through the Justice League multiple times, was only stalemated by a literal identical clone of itself, not even them doing anything lol. Sure it got kinda nerfed in Post Crisis with the General persona not being particularly fantastic beyond having great regen, but regardless, you can't really knock it down THAT much considering the high standards it has.

  • Controversial, but Turtle's powers at full tilt kinda make teams completely useless, as he can drain all of their kinetic energy and leave them as drooling statues. Even FTL speedsters like Wally West are pretty hopeless against the guy, and hax doesn't work if you can't actually use it in the first place. Turtle can also use internal attacks via stopping blood flow to the heart, and can cause it to blow up. A underrated problem to deal with.

  • Great stats with strong energy manipulation (enough to control the Emotional Entities, including Parallax) Krona has the power of a Guardian while also being far less of a jobber. He also has access to great technological stuff as well as having TP and TK to fall back on if all of that doesn't work.

  • The coolest weird alien/warthog combination around, Larfleeze is not only a nearly unstoppable tank, but he's a really potent threat in terms of his construct absorbing, allowing him to add people to his one man Corps and steal their powers as well. Add really strong energy projection on top and there's a lot to handle.

  • Not putting Zoom here because while his powers are strong, his striking is pretty shitty. Eobard on the other hand has far better potency when it comes to striking, while also being fast enough to make top speedsters look like complete chumps. He's smart enough to use all of the things usual speedsters don't do, and his ability to change time without consequence and Negative Speed Force hax make him a hard hitter that'll rush through people before they even blink.

  • NOT N52. Wotan before then was a very potent magician, equal to Fate himself and at times his superior, making him already pretty great, but he also has lots of soul hax and can literally eat people's souls as is, completely ignoring their physical stats. Combine that with mind control spells and lots of slippery magic tricks up his sleeve and you have a dude who can go though a lot of people.

  • Hax Pre Crisis villain that has a unique gimmick in that he'll make everyone equal: as in, equal in stats, equal in powers, etc etc. This doesn't seem like a lot but he made a whole planet equal to a single normal dude: and they all became normal, including Hawkman who was there at the time. Not only massive range, but he's got great defence, with him easily batting away combined JLA attacks all at once. Heroes only won when they figured out he basically had super OCD and made him equal himself out.

  • Big robot dude that was strong enough to swat away the JLA members like flies and could also drain their own energy sources (including Wonder Woman's magic stuff) to make itself stronger. The dude who built it also fed off the energy it made via disasters to make himself completely indestructible.

  • Starheart Alan Scott was a beast who actually cleared through the JSA and JLA at full power, so no question why he's on here.