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Stalin's List of really powerful dudes who you may not have heard of Vol 2

By popular demand!

List items

  • A living planet that's a entire Lantern Corps of its own, Umbrax is usually kept trapped in the outer cosmos for how dangerous it is. It's not only completely invisible to the naked eye and all tech, but it can convert people into Corps members against their will, amp them up like crazy, and is a huge problem for other Lantern Corp members as it counters their ring energies with its own. Survive all of that, Umbrax has its own galaxy and can nuke your planet with other planets corrupted and added to it, so you either join or get blown up.

  • Quantum is pretty beefy by himself, but he has a nasty trick in his ability to Quantimize himself: meaning that he can multiply himself to the naked eye when he's actually just teleporting so fast that he creates other versions of himself in their own probability field. This means you aren't just dealing with a army, but one where you can't stop them cloning, but you also can't beat them all collectively as Quantum exists in different moments depending on which teleportation he is.

  • Avenger X is able to amp people via life-force energy, but had a hidden catch that the Avengers didn't know about when they hired her for the team: she needs to get that energy somewhere and does so by killing people with the same powers. This is a really potent ability as well, she basically carried the entire Avengers team by amping them at the right moments: namely destroying a army of Awesome Andy robots, or being able to go toe to toe with the Stranger when they were initially completely stomped, but she can also kick ass offensively, beating a good few powerhouses with her powers. She's not even a mutant, so what is she? Idk

  • Ellis was some weirdo who was really into Black Canary: amazingly at the same time he also got weird plot powers that allowed him to create storylines in which he could manipulate them anyway he liked, making himself into Superman, Batman, etc etc. There was no limit to his powers as long as it narratively made sense. Better than Mxy tbh

  • Don't let the goofy appearance or name fool you, Ro is a beast in tech and prep. Some of his best showings are stuff like brainwashing the entire Earth, or getting the JLA's powers for himself, or using star radiation to become 3x as powerful as Superman! There's a lot to cover but no one seems to actually know who the poor guy is.

  • His powers are pretty simple: he copies the abilities and energies of those around him, sometimes multiple at a time. Unlike other characters, his aren't static and change depending on who's around him at the time. Even stuff with tech can be replicated as well with no issue. The only problem is inexperience but hey, this is easily solved by anyone who knows their stuff.

  • Ult verse Superman who, instead of going to Earth and becoming the mama's boy we all don't care about today, got lost and went through a million suns. At once. While as a small child. You can imagine what came out afterwards wasn't exactly full of kindness and rainbows.

  • Merked Spectre and corrupts entire dimensions by hanging around them due to being made out of Anti-Matter. You can't really say he doesn't belong here just with those feats alone.

  • Dumb design but a silly power keeps this guy on the list rather easily. He's a psionic being, meaning that physical attacks don't work on him, but he can also take control of any material or substance by transferring himself to it, morphing a body usually from that substance. This has no real limit: stuff like Lantern Power Batteries weren't safe and there's no defence to this either, it's not hacking or matter manipulation in that strict sense. Unironically, it's also a great counter for guys like Ultron as they can't transfer consciousness and have no protections against something like this. He can also switch minds using the same method, but that's also NOT TP as it works on good telepaths like Manhunter with no issues and is just a extension of his mind-essence trick.

  • Messiah is basically how CV argues Surfer: he actually uses his damn hax for once. He's a evil clone of Surfer that's outright better than regular Surfer, beating him in combat and outhaxing him. Facing a brick in Thing, he doesn't brawl or fire energy beams like a dumbass, he just turned the guy into raw energy and left him.