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Stalin's List of really powerful dudes who you may not have heard of

Another list, some guys have a RT, and some don't, but all of them are epic

List items

  • Basically, Aron is a good demonstration of how busted Watchers are, and exactly why they are forbidden to interfere.

    Aron created Pocket Universes out of nothing, defeated the Molecule Man, and could casually bring back anyone he wished out of time and space itself. While he was eventually defeated by Uatu, the energy needed to do so was described as of "infinite realities".

    That alone is enough to show how powerful Aron really was.

  • A guy who became so enlightened by his own technology that he no longer even needs to fight, let alone struggle. With the ability to warp temporal waves throughout time, Yandroth can make anything he wants happen thanks to highly complex mathematical equations.

    Even before then, he was creating devices that could manipulate the very essence of reality itself, destroy Doctor Strange instantly, and mind control devices that gave people his personality. There's a good reason why he's known as the Scientist Supreme.

  • Highly impressive alien capable of fighting and defeating the Defenders by himself, while in a form that was stated to only contain less than half of his full powers, due to the fact that he uses them to warp his body into a more handsome persona.

    In his real form, he has stomped Immortal Hulk and taken over the body of a Celestial.

  • It's a living Cosmic Cube. Need I say more?

  • While unremarkable by himself, Imus's benefits come from the fact that his wealth and genius intellect have allowed him to obtain many artefacts, like the Wand of Watoomb, The Staff of the death god Seth, upgraded Wonder Gauntlets from the Wizard, and a personal forcefield capable of tanking the likes of Thor himself. Add all that and his training with Hawkeye to become a master sharpshooter, and you have a nice recipe for disaster.

  • Easily one of the greatest Magical users in all of Marvel, to the point that even Doctor Doom was traveling back in time to learn from her personally. She's sealed Elder Gods for centuries, cheats the rules of time casually and even got one over Doctor Strange himself.

  • New God war machine designed to wipe planets clean by driving them all mad with the very essence of it. The Mageddon is a telepathic monster that not even the likes of the Martian Manhunter could hope to defeat, and it has killed hundreds of beings with Superman's stats and capabilities.

  • Basically DC's Scarlet Witch, but not as smart. The guy can make bad things happen around him, and literally sees the strings of Chaos as he does so, which allows him to more precisely use his powers to give someone instant heart attacks, or generate a mass dancing panic throughout a entire city.

    His only weakness is that he's stupid and doesn't know his full potential.

  • Godlike tank that can casually slap around guys like Nova with ease, and once managed to warp all of Earth back into ancient times with half of his full power. Definitely worthy of respect.

  • I like this guy. Basically, he can reality warp and the only thing that restricts him is his perception of what he is reading at the time, so if he reads the word "death" he kills anything around him. If he reads "rewrite" he can manipulate a person's backstory and history to make them a different person.

    The only thing that restricts him is that the process takes a lot of stamina out of him, and his power will half in effectiveness every time he uses it. This can be fixed by sleeping and getting rest, which makes him still broken, but not to a extreme point.

  • Ok, so Growing Man's gimmick is that, well, he grows. Thing is, he grows faster when people attack him, which allows it to absorb the energy within the attack and keep getting stronger. Even the likes of Thor have had to work around his powers due to the fact that they can't physically put it down. Pretty up there if you ask me.