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Stalin's List of Overrated/Crap Characters

Yea, it's another list boi

I kinda base this list off of the quantity and the quality of their wank- how much are they pushed up to, and is there ANY logic to their over-hyping?

If a character is highly wanked + has next to nothing supporting said wank = Prime Example. Sounds simple?

List items

  • Legit, I've never been impressed by a Darkseid feat ANYWHERE. All of his stuff is either way below his standards or just hopelessly weak. Doesn't help that some of his author's think he's not even physically on the same level as Superman, lol.

    Despite this, many people dub him a teambuster despite having done no reading on the guy.

    Physical stats? Inconsistent and he gets slapped by Superman.

    Speed? Two feats, and one isn't even a combat speed one.

    Durability? Also inconsistent.

    Omega Beams? Go from a one shot kill to being easily blocked by rubble.

    He's bad. People just don't like hearing it.

  • I would say something potent here but as TR exists beyond the comic and can beat up people in real life, I'm not going to take my chances.

  • God, just trying to comprehend the arguments made by some people arguing she's like multiversal based on beating one random no name bad guy is just insulting. She's a impressive mid tier with some versatile feats, that's it. She's a glass cannon that gets dropped by any high tier easily, and gets clowned on by people like War Machine or even things like Doombots. She's a cool character, but all this "muh synapse" nonsense drags her down.

  • Awesome character with some impressive feats, but she gets wayy highballed by certain users that seem to White Knight her like she can never lose a match ever because muh speed or magic.

    Apparently people say she gets "lowballed" because CV users are sexist? lol, ok then.

    Seriously, read the whole MCU Mysterio vs WW thread again, and see exactly why she's on the list. That was a whole lot of fun.

  • Sadly, even today people wank and use out of context scans to essentially amp this guy wayy beyond his clear capabilities. Yes, he's a tank, yes, he hits hard, but he can't shatter reality with his strikes normally, he can't beat up guys like Mxy unless they were completely depowered (which he was) and he can't "blitz" anything. He's a slow plodding tank that hits really hard. Not that deep, but then again, this is CV after all.

  • People keep saying he's high tier.....yeah, not seeing it at all. Every person trying to argue as such has failed in convincing me and usually have to rely on hyperbole and "he's actually Thanos busting tier but he needs to be serious!!!" despite being shown what he can do when he's actually trying to fight.

    Believe it or not, but being the strongest hero in a universe full of mid tiers ain't exactly amazing. Just ask Hyperion.

  • Seems to suck in everything I've read thus far. Even when she was current and had understood the true nature of her powers, she still couldn't fight the guy who lost to Savage Hulk....yet some say she's herald+ level? Yeah, I can't see it. Add to that her horrifically bad durability and tons of low showings and she's really not all that.

  • I like debating the guy, but people have and still do wank him beyond rationality. Half of the time he's wanked using his Twin Snakes feats (which are hilariously inconistent with the series in general) as well as the infamous "mach 13+ reflexes" wank created by his feat of accidentally dodging a railgun while old and out of his prime. Stuff like that just ruins the point of debating him, to be honest.

  • Lame character, lame stats, lame feats, lame origin, and very lame wanking. Only things that are decent about the guy is his Death Seed feats, which actually don't suck.

    Still lame tho

  • Sucks in the books, sucks in the movies. Rubbish character that people think was actually competent in fights and wasn't all over the place.

    Honestly, he's terrible. Never seen the hype.

  • Not wanked these days, but people used to overhype her as the TOAA martial artist that could beat anyone cuz she had all those skillz

    Of course, as the feats dried up and she really didn't do much remarkable, this wank kinda vanished, and it's more of a relic than anything else. Cool to look back on, and maybe a glint of hope that maybe these above ten will fade as she did into Limbo.